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4K video clip for $9.95 on Shutterstock Subscription

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And you get your royalty from $9.95 for a 4K video.  That's like $2.99 for me.  I just can't allow anybody to sell my 4K or HD video for such a ridiculous price.  It's a suicide for us contributors. You could've sold it for more than 10x.  Loss is huge.  I unlicensed my videos and photos yesterday because I want to control my price to protect my business.   I can make like $60 commission on a 4k video sale on Pond5 and Adobe Stock.  $2.99 is 1/20 of it.  You are losing your potential revenue if you continue to allow Shutterstock sell your 4k clip (and HD clip) for $9.95.

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 7.46.29 AM.png

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