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Intellectual property rejection for vector of Aristotle

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I have created a vector of the ancient philosopher, Aristotle, because I need it for an educational project.

The original drawing was from an compilation of ancient statues of him. I actually took parts of him, like his eyes, from people I know, but the whole thing is what I imagine he looked like. (I am creating a course on Logic and Aristotle's Triangle.)

Shutterstock has many pictures of his statue and sketches, etc. of him, and they are not editorial. I have submitted pictures of ancient Greek statues and have had them accepted before.

And I included my original sketch as a reference document. But I was rejected for intellectual property. I could submit it as editorial. What would you do? Wait for a new reviewer or just accept that restriction?

Thanks for any advice. (And yes, I am a beginner illustrator. I'll get better....)

Aristotles head in color with blue robe and golden pin.jpg

Aristotle head.jpg

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Maybe just too close to one that already exists?


Or a Romulan from Star Trek? 😁


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