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Reviewers have lost their minds

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I don't know why I even bothered uploading anything. This is absolute bullshit anymore.

Shutterstock, you need to train / oversee those reviewers. They are wasting our time in a most egregious way, and people will stop trying to add new content. @Kate Shutterstock


First submission, rejected for incorrect editorial caption:

(and yes, "River Kern Beach" is the name of that place.)





Second submission, now with the "previously submitted" box checked:



Non-licensable content? Seriously??!


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12 hours ago, njene said:

Yeah but c'mon, you can at least make 34 cents with a video!

had to give you a laugh emoji Steve..needed cheering up...have been shot down so often about rediculous review decisions for months and what ever I tried came to zero acceptance after having most accepted for past few years...now being accepted on AS and DT who seem to have their own preferred style of image needs and share between the two and then remove from SS one by one just leaving here a core of mostly editorials from my iPhone...and reaching my next payout will be a challenge that I am willing to accept as the constant rejections here for every conceivable reason has beaten me down...but as you say hey pennies make pounds ! IMHO

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