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I seriously cannot believe my eyes

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6 hours ago, Steven Tritton said:

I just sold 33 x $5.22 videos in a clip pack smashing my previous BME by almost double! 

Damn! That's nice!


(And how awesome would it have been had you gotten the "old normal" of $23 per clip, or $60, or $180.... whoah)



I do hope your video sales keep on going strong. Mine stopped already again :P



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21 minutes ago, Philippe Clement said:

$5.22 for video ...... AND YOU'RE HAPPY ??????? I'm not surprised they lowered their prices for pictures to 10 cents with all those naive contributors who are sooooo easily pleased. No wonder this photography business is going down the drain. You're as much respected as cheap crack whores.

Isn't she a little mean this remark?

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21 hours ago, Doug Jensen said:

The reality is . . .


Screen Shot 2020-06-30 at 5.33.01 PM.png

Curious, did you somehow escape the flurry of < $1 sales? And if you didn't, did it seem like it was many of the same clips being sold, as if this is some sort of streaming license, where people pay every time someone plays the video?

I have very limited data, but out of my 5 sales of this sort, it's been 2 clips selling 3 x and 2 x respectively. Which is strange, because neither of these clips had ever sold before, so the sudden popularity makes no sense.


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