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Black and white photos labels grainy

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I'm new to photography, still learning it all, so some of my color photos are approved but many are not.  EVERY black and white photos, on the same camera that they approve color photos from, is denied stating it's grainy or has noise or is out of focus. Is it harder to get black and white approved?


FYI I'm using an EOS 2000D. 

I can't be adding noise as Im having trouble with darkroom and their support, so I can't even edit in there.



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Postprocessing might help. There are many free yet very capable software packages out there. But my question is, why would you even want to submit these in monochrome? Sorry to say but they are not so "exciting" in black and white that you would make many (any?) sales if them. You need superb tones and contrasts in mono to sell. But up to you. If it entertains you... At the bridge photo the tree branches encroaching into the scene from the bottom do not help the overall composition. Just my humble little note. I would chop it off or clone them out (in the color version if you submit it). Might help sales. 

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