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4 hours ago, Jose HERNANDEZ Camera 51 said:

I really love my life, I am not rich, but I travel, I love my job and I do whatever I want, for me it's more than enough, I will not complain.
And I agree with you, this is not the life I wish for someone, no house, no roots, all the time in travel, no family life, no dog or real friends , all the time on hot spots, and even sometimes in war zones like in Palestine, or with riots and stones that rain everywhere, tear gas, bulletproof, helmet and work in the street, in airports, in the big cities, Tel Aviv, Rome, Athene, Paris, Amsterdam ... And doing keywording, Lightroom, finding the right internet connection, being entirely nomadic is not for everyone, But it suits me, it it's not office work, I don't even count the hours of work, it would amount to you being paid 5 dollars an hour, but when you choose this life you cannot reduce it to a normal salary report, for me it is priceless and frankly we are a few with this work to live like that but we are still not a lot, And finally I do not consider myself an artist or a great photographer but I still do well, published daily in newspapers around the world, I found my niche and its amazing, lucky me


I've read some of your posts. And some of them I didn't agree with.

But for this very honest contribution, unembellished and very real, you get sympathy points from me. That would not be my life. And therefore my life would not be yours either. But that was a very honest answer. For that you get my respect!

Whatever crisis area you're in, stay healthy! :) And the most important thing: If the way you live makes you really happy, then you are probably doing many things right in your life.

Regards, Wilm


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I am getting this message as well, only for video, I seem to have no limit on image submissions, I have uploaded and submitted hundreds over the last few days, maybe a bug, I have not had this happen yet. Could be all the people out of a job are trying to do microstocks and overwhelming the market , I am probably dead on. Guess it is time to title some pond5 stuff, not leaving SS just bored :) . Anyone doing images on pond5? I have only uploaded videos and so far most are being approved where SS would not and they are protest videos so it seems they'd want that no matter, guess not.

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On 6/14/2020 at 12:08 PM, Jose HERNANDEZ Camera 51 said:

Agree with you, often in the street I make a tripod with an empty can, a glass of coffee to take away, the roof of a car or anything as long as it gives a different angle of view,

this photo is made with a empty beer can

Jerusalem Israel May 31, 2018 View of the street of the old city of Jerusalem from the ground in the night

very good.

It looks as though people will have to upload a huge amount of images to overcome the latest rate cut by SS to 10c per download

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4 hours ago, Tony Dunn said:

very good.

It looks as though people will have to upload a huge amount of images to overcome the latest rate cut by SS to 10c per download

I dont now, i dont do this calculation, i only look the price per download and its almost same since years but you right with a lot of photos sold

MARS 0.61
APRIL 0.54
MAI 0.50
JUNE 0.66

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On 1/7/2021 at 3:02 PM, viktorov.pro said:

Hello shutterstock!

Your upload limit is very annoying

Out of 100 uploaded videos, only 5 were accepted because you are not accepting the original resolution from Mavic Mini 2. What??

Get right, be kind, do it nice!

What resolution is that being set at when you take them?


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On 6/14/2020 at 7:52 AM, Jose HERNANDEZ Camera 51 said:

You have reached your account's submission limit for images. Please wait 24 hours to submit more content."

Hey Shutterstock,

Can you tell us when the limit will be removed ?

Not yet submitted  4281



I just quickly scanned the replies so sorry if I'm repeating what has already been said.

The limits (presuming nothing has changed) are 100 videos and 500 images per 7 day period. 

It says wait 24 hours before trying to submit more but that only works if you have been submitting daily and a few dropped off from 7 days ago, then you can fill that gap upto the limit again. If you submitted 500 images on 1 day you'll have to wait the full 7 days before you can submit again. Hope that makes sense.

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