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Dear Shutterstock,

How can you do this to us? The photographers who supply you with photos and videos. Reducing earnings with 75%! Without a clear notice. Yes, you told us that something would change but in a sneaky manner. Tell the truth that you are cutting your providers to the bone. Instead of $0,38 now just to $0,10. On a level 4. I wonder what the earnings will be on January 1st with level 1: $0,02? It's a disgrace! It's looting! It's theft.

I always used to promote Shutterstock in all ways. To buy photos from or to contribute. Now I have told already to 3 people that Shutterstock is a bunch of crooks. And I will continue to do so.

21,560 downloads so far with almost 1,800 photos. I won't put new photos on your site anymore. I will look for different ways. When I have I will dismantle my portfolio on Shutterstock.

Shame on you! Do you even care? Do you even read the messages?


Richard de Bruijn


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I create vector images. I was just beginning to get to the point where I was making enough from my work to feel it was substantial. It seems to be about a 75% drop in income so far this month. I am at level 5 and when I see that I have 16 downloads and only earn a little over a dollar, that is simply not worth it to me. I don't think that Shutterstock's profits have dropped, so why should my income from it drop? If Shutterstock does not do something about this, I will be compelled to pull all my images and drop out of my account. Come on, Shutterstock! Do the right thing. If your loyal contributors are treated this way by you, there is something wrong here. Please fix this unfair situation.

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