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Join the petition if you are not agree with the payout change

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  • Alexandre Patchine changed the title to Join the petition if you are not agree with the payout change

I signed it yesterday. It was at 3000 signatures last night.  Now it is almost 5000.  I put up a post about the petition on the forums last night, but it seems like to me SS has done something to make sure posts about the petition don't show up in the forum unless you specifically search for the posts.   

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Signed 😉

Because of

1:  opportunistic timing of implementing this change in the middle of a period when most people are in destress and are searching for a glimpse of hope, not a kick in the face when they are already down. 

2. A big decision such as this one, by a (new) CEO, should be announced to the suppliers by the CEO in person, and the reasons should be explained. That would be more respectful. Eventhough the executive decision  is made, we all need a bit of respect. We are humans not equity or AI.

3. A pay cut could be justified by financial problems, but SS seems to be doing great. I have worked for a company that rewarded employees, encouraged them and showed them respect. “Business is people” - No.1 incentive...I miss that company. 

4.I feel like a cash cow on the internet. Or a dog chasing bate. Even signing the petition is generating some pennies for the website. It did not accept my ‘no’ to the newsletter. And is SS no longer making money on the assets but basically on the clicks, personal info, Google deal, views ? The pay per image is far below cost price. This could only work for a non-professional, a hobbyist, or a robot that can produce 10k images per minute of products - though there is price tag on the robot, but any human seems to be worth zero these days. I am lost in this new world.🤔

5. I am the low earning beginner contributor. But I do believe there is a value to my images when they sell. And it confirms, it doesn’t need to be the ‘new images we love’ to make a sale. Having a sale makes me feel better about my effords. But I am still basing the feeling on two minimum payouts, which I received, but the future doesn’t sound good. And learning from other contributors on the forum keeps me going and inspires me to continue and improve. Now I feel many of the inspiring forum members no longer want to share there knowledge or post on the forum. And beautiful images will be gone from the database. A big waste. 

6. In 11 months, I learnt to lower my expectations from : “if I really commit to this, I might be able to accept a new job with lower pay and fill the gap in my income by doing something I love” to “Be honest with yourself, and only do this when it gives you energy and doesn’t drain you”. 


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