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New earnings structure for Contributors

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2 hours ago, Wilm Ihlenfeld said:

On the subject of respect:

Yes, it is certainly right that we should all treat each other with respect - among ourselves and also towards shutterstock. This also includes a respectful tone.
We certainly also have to show respect to our shareholders, because they have financially supported shutterstock.

I think that we contrubutors, the actual capital of the company, also deserve to be treated with respect, because without our images and videos, the company would not exist. To this respect I would count, for example, that we are finally told the truth based on tables and facts and not just talk about percentages.

The shareholders do not permanently buy additional shares in order to then hold the same value in their hands as before the purchase. They expect the value of the shares they have bought to increase without having to invest more permanently.

Our "shares" are our images or videos. We have invested in them - our time. And we too have a right to expect that this investment will pay off. We too want to see an increase in value.

If I were to tell shareholders that their shares are hardly worth anything at the beginning of each year, but that they could only reach their original value in the middle of the year (or whenever), no one would invest in shares anymore. And rightly so!

On the subject of work, investment and sales:

Yes, it is also certainly true that the people who work for shutterstock are hard-working people who do their best to ensure good sales every single day by providing and maintaining the infrastructure to make this possible.

These people do not do it for nothing. They make money doing it. And the money they earn, if all goes well, they have earned it honestly.

My opinion is that we contributors are also hard-working and thus also make sure that we generate good sales every single day.

I can't imagine that a company will work if the employees who have been with us for 10 years have their salaries cut at the beginning of the year to such an extent that they - maybe - no longer even earn what they had 10 years before. Combined with the argument: If you are hard-working, you will be back to the level of before in a few months - and with a lot of hard work, maybe for 3 months you can earn more than before. A questionable model. I can hardly imagine that you can win new employees in this way.  Especially not if you don't tell them in clear figures how much they could earn one day.

On the subject of working hard:

Yes, it's certainly possible to sell a million images if you work hard. Work harder. The decisive question is not how many pictures you could sell. Nobody cares if the payment is not right. What interests the sellers is how much you can earn with each sale.
If I only earn a cent per picture, 1 million downloads are worth nothing.

I only have a small portfolio. Maybe because I'm "lazy" - maybe. But I certainly won't be more diligent if I'm - probably - paid less. And I don't know anybody who is willing to work more if they are told they will earn less. If there are other examples here, I am very curious to hear about them.

My small portfolio, put together by a lazy person, has brought shutterstock six-figure income - my share of this has already been deducted.

Shutterstock sold nearly 190 million images ("6 per second") last year. There are more than "1+ million" contributors. So every contributor sold less than 190 images a year on average.
The "RPD is 3.43 US$". That leaves shutterstock at just under 3 US$.
At least 15,500 - maybe 20,000 or more - average contributors are needed to finance the salaries of 4 executives. Unfortunately we do not know how many contributors we will need in the future for these 4 salaries, because we are not provided with transparent figures.

And now a remark I can't get my head around. I cannot see your portfolio. And I cannot verify that you are one of the hard working people who will earn more money in the future.
At the same time I realize that this is your first post ever in the forum. There's an aura of mystery about you. I - personally - wonder if you are a secret weapon of marketing.


well said, Wilm - thank you!


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In an email that is going out today, we are announcing that we will be updating the earnings structure that determines how much you get paid when customers license your work. We are making this adjust

This is just a joke. 10 years with SS and now I'll be getting 20% commission on my footage clips??? No lifetime sales tier, just what you sold last year/this year.... To get to the curr

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4 minutes ago, Ammit Jack said:

is there a list of partner sites ?


I dont know but will be' better understand more.. or we disable something that continue selling on others partners site.. better write this question before disable portfolio.. before I belive on Ss now only God know about what they can think.

And another question,  USA dont have lower about  slavery and rules about protect workers like us? Is it possible one company change royalty without no check if is regular about work respect?

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Just now, mgallar said:

I dont know but will be' better understand more.. or we disable something that continue selling on others partners site.. better write this question before disable portfolio.. before I belive on Ss now only God know about what they can think.

And another question,  USA dont have lower about  slavery and rules about protect workers like us? Is it possible one company change royalty without no check if is regular about work respect?

:)) time to start keywording in madarin

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shutter stock is out of control.
youtube pays 51% of revenue to contributors and then here we have stock agencies selling pics and videos for less and less and then cutting contributors down so much its a joke.
most people will be stuck in 15-20% for a long ass time!, that makes it not worth my time and many others as well.
I don't think I'm going to bother any more.

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The Stock Submitters Coalition is now up to 524 members and represents a portfolio of over 7.25 million. If you haven't signed up yet you can do so here: https://forms.gle/h6kPuy9u1CcV6tYC6 . The Stock Submitter Coalition Facebook Group has also been created and you can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261369748434285/ . For those who have joined but aren't receiving the emails it because we are getting hundreds of emails bouncing back as failed to deliver. You can get the same information on the facebook group page.

Remember to disable your content licensing by June 1'st. It's time we showed them how we are capable of standing together. Spread the word.

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7 minutes ago, Ibooo7 said:

Can you explain 30% from what?
Now I have .33 per download, how much will be with 30%?
It doesn't clear

I hear the bulk of sales are from the 350 images pack so at 30% your looking at getting 12-17 cents, plus your % get reset at the start of the year and you have to build your way back up.
shutter stock is doing this to pay us less money

shutterstock 27-05-_2020_09-27-18.jpg

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11 hours ago, 0meer said:

Subscription's will be our nightmares. If customer choose 750 images, will pay $0.33 and then I will get %25 of it.
This equals $0.0825, they said min. payout will be $0.10.

If l reach Level 6 (%40), maximum earning will $0.13 instead of $0.38. 

This is end of all hope. No need to be active on SS.

Ekran Resmi 2020-05-31 16.40.25.png

So SS knowing that they would lose money selling images this way is a recipe for failure. And once that reality hit, they thought holy crap and decided to take the earnings away from contributors for their own stupid pricing. I suspect the 350/750 images package became popular which SS hadn't anticipated and then knew they were in a downward spiral and realized we can't keep paying 38 cents to contributors, we are losing money...duh! Contributors should have a say in pricing before this kind of crap goes down.

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53 minutes ago, stockphotofan1 said:

If X contributors leave, does that increase the chance that my photos will sell? ;)


Many are speculating about that. Let's face it. The Coalition (which, BTW, I signed) claims to represent a portfolio of 7.5 million images. That means that as of tomorrow, if everyone does what I did and disable sales, Shutterstock will have 319 million images instead of 326 million. Don't think we'll really make a difference. What will make a difference is several thousand people not uploading any more pictures, no more fresh content.

Now to your question, no. For the same reason you're not likely to see a boost in your sales when we retrieve our pictures from the market. The reality is that some people sale more for several reasons, among them: better keywording (I would say this one is top), really big and consistent portfolios, excellent quality content. If my pictures aren't selling now is probably because of lousy keywording and lots of pictures of overdone subjects. No wonder my sales are mostly editorial, and among all my pictures most sales come from a few of them. Don't think that staying my sales would be much better. Besides, with thousands of contributors, you'll need quite a lot to leave to see an impact, and clients are likely to go look elsewhere if they don't get what they want in the search box, which sends us again to keywording...


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Just found instructions on MicroStkGrp website...

- Go to your contributor account page
- In the right top corner go into the dropdown menu under your contributor Name and select Account Settings
- From here you can enable/disable the License Options for images and videos by selecting the checkmark Yes/No next to image sales and footage sales. Selecting No will obviously disable the portfolio. From what I have noticed is that this will take a few days so keep that in mind.

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aaaand we are OFF.

Funnily enough I took a rare trip to my local supermarket tonight, and noticed my bestselling wheat vector all over S'bury's cereal packs, and also seen another of mine on Asda biscuits. 

Big clients such as these will now no longer find them on here. Your loss ShStock.

Thankyou and goodnight.

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