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New earnings structure for Contributors

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In an email that is going out today, we are announcing that we will be updating the earnings structure that determines how much you get paid when customers license your work. We are making this adjust

This space will be updated to address frequently asked questions.  My email shows different counts for videos than are shown above. Which is correct? Apologies. The email to video contributo

Just when you think Shutterstock couldn't completely and utterly screw the contributors and more you've gone and done it. Effectively with a January reset everybody gets a cut of 20% or more of e

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1 hour ago, DIRK VAN DER VEN MEDIA said:

The people responsible:


These are the people that treat you worthless. Remember their faces, remember their names.

Actually there's an article in Forbes about a restructuring... https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevenbertoni/2020/02/13/shutterstock-founder-and-ceo-jon-oringer-to-step-down-in-april/#2e3153ec7e8b

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21 hours ago, Aaron of L.A. Photography said:

If people want to leave, leave more money for others. If you actually did the calculation you will see the difference. Base on the subscription model that customers pay for. I will be making over a dollar now. I am happy with that. 

Someone is in for a nasty shock come 01 June when they realize that the vast majority of subscription downloads will only earn contributors 10c/image in revenue. 

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The company is worth a billion dollars. I'm sure they knew contributors would be unhappy about this but probably figured they'd gain new contributors anyway. We are expendable to them. 

The market is flooded with photos and photographers. I think if someone wants to make decent money at it, you'll have to branch out on your own, find your niche. Be your own Shutterstock. 

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22 hours ago, CFH DESIGN said:

This is just a joke.

10 years with SS and now I'll be getting 20% commission on my footage clips???

No lifetime sales tier, just what you sold last year/this year....

To get to the current % you would need to sell OVER 2500 clips in a year !!! This is not just INSANE, but absolutely the last straw.

My portfolio will be deleted as soon as I can.


I agree with you!

This is f***ng crazy! 
This is a "genocide" of small stokers.

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1 hour ago, Zhitkov Boris said:

Just curious. Is there anybody who selling 25000 videos per year? :)

Not even close. I was reading about this on MSG - P5 has an advanced search that lets you narrow search results to show only videos that have sold etc..

From what I understand, BlackBoxGuild, the biggest video contributor, made 11k sales in a year on a portfolio of 1.5 million on P5. Their portfolio here is half the size, so maybe 5.5k sales a year, assuming the same rate of sales. And, remember, BlackBoxGuild is actually thousands of different contributors on the same account.

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9 minutes ago, Rimma Bondarenko said:

@Kate Shutterstock you dumped percent information on us that gives nothing. Without understanding that it will be at all. And they disappeared for a day, not answering questions. Are you still alive??? Are you here with us???  Please return to the topic and answer our questions.

Indicate the ratio of subscriptions from customers. How much will we get than minimum amounts, what are the chances of getting big. Without this, RPI is simply not clear. And it is not clear whether it makes sense to work with the SS further for all of us.

You wrote about a minimum of 10 cents, but this does not give a real idea of what other. This will be the amount for the sale at the minimum level, but what about other levels? Will it really be min in 11,12c, or something more adequate?

Indicate the expected prices on different subscriptions, for different levels. You definitely have such data, without this you would not have made such a decision.

And the sickest, real crazy sick moment, dropping the level every year, it is simply a mockery. Even for stockers who restore level 5 in a month or less, this is critical shot. And I doubt very much that there are those who can return to their usual level in a day and takes it as a trifle. I really hope that you change it in this moment. And make a rating by evaluating each last year.

it's pretty easy to calculate...90% of package are the lowest....so you will get 10 cent mostly for subs...take your sub earning for this month divide per 0,38 and multiple per 0,1 and you will see....probably till next year you won't see lost on od single and enhanced.

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