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New earnings structure for Contributors

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In an email that is going out today, we are announcing that we will be updating the earnings structure that determines how much you get paid when customers license your work. We are making this adjust

This space will be updated to address frequently asked questions.  My email shows different counts for videos than are shown above. Which is correct? Apologies. The email to video contributo

Just when you think Shutterstock couldn't completely and utterly screw the contributors and more you've gone and done it. Effectively with a January reset everybody gets a cut of 20% or more of e

Posted Images

Shutterstock makes a living out of the blood, sweat and tears of all the content creators. For all the hard work, investments and efforts made by photographers and creative artists, SS was paying them a lot less than what we deserve. Now, all of our works are further devalued so that they can earn more from what we upload. Shutterstock must have forgotten that its our work for which they make their profit from. If we can make them rich we can bring them down to the streets. I stand with all of the contributors and ready to disable my contents, although I have a tiny portfolio which I have just recently working to increase, encouraged by some sales. This is a biggest blow as I start out. 

If they cant value contributors and keep feeding their greed with this form of modern slavery, it's time to show them who we all are collectively. If a company dies because they cannot give value to its contributors, let them be closed. Lets SS learn a hard way and other stock sites learn that contributors are not worthless. We are way more worthy than the 0.10$. I would rather have my photos stored in hard drive than handing them out for free and someone is making money from my works. It would have been acceptable if the rules of joining and contributing were stricter. If quantity was discouraged for quality, it would have been acceptable. Instead SS devalued contributors to feed shareholders, which is totally unacceptable.

Let the SS remember that they are for content creators and we are not creating content for them. Lets give this message loud and clear to them. Lets unite. I am with all of us.

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This is just ridiculous. If they pretend us to obey and do nothing in regards to this greedy capitalistic move they are sooooo wrong. 
I will disable my portfolio on the 1st of June like everybody's doing  and already signed today to AdobeSock and Pond5.  
No problem pulling my entire portfolio if I earn ridiculous amounts from what I earn now.

We can make the difference to us.

Just #boycottshutterstock  
Just do it.

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[my feedback] ...as a SS 10+ years contributor with almost 15k sells, from the last summer (2019), I have started to realize that AS is outperforming SS, AS is becoming my number 1 stock agency, so said, many years it was just opposite... so now with new rules you posted on 26th of May, you will start biting the hand that feeds you.... If my sells will be dropping more and more, I will lose motivation (!!!) to regularly upload more, eventually will do it only occasionally and then will stop completely... and I am sure, many independent photographers and videographers will do the same... as the result, SS will not have enough fresh content, and if continued like that it will eventually dry out of the market leaders forever... 

...you are biting the hand that feeds you!!! Without your fellow contributors SS does not exist!!!

Vary sad and disappointing move!!!

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If this was a rolling systems that did not reset then the email would actually make sense. Each year contributors who do well stay earning higher royalties. Resetting each year will simply make ShutterStock pointless for the vast majority of contributor.

They have still never resolved the enormous amount of crap on SS, they might have been more profitable if they concentrated on that, rather than ripping off the people who's content they represent.

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The answer on the following message came via chat in which a also contributor just told me how to cancel my account!

Hi there,
I am a contributor since 2013 and I have earned more than 34 000 U$
You know what your share was for the time of our cooperation.
I am not accepting the new rules, especially the fact every January the accounts are reset and everybody starts with 15%
it might sound good regarding YOUR earnings, but is on the costs of your hard working contributors.
The argument you want to contributors to submit fresh content, which is hot to day and probably dead by tomorrow.
I am submitting mainly underwater stock footage ...high quality content.
This is a market which always works, even and especially in times of change.
But you are setting the rules and I simply cannot accept them.
I never accepted exclusivity deals ...and what just happens is exactly the reason, ...never ever get dependent on one agency!
I am selling on pond 5, adobe stocks, naturefootage, framepool and 2 smaller ones, who give by the way a better share than the 65/35
By withdrawing my footage from shutterstock will make me more money with my other partners. Why should I accept 15% ?
Why should I kill my own business with other partners?
If you are not coming up with a new fresh idea ...a fair share as we agreed on before, ... my portfolio will be taken off the platform by the 1st of June.
By the way, I have another complaint active.
My experience recently, ...the staff reviewing content is highly incompetent or probably not motivated for reasons you know better than I do.
My opinion, you are killing your own business!
“Be the change you want to see in the world”
here the answer from Steve shutterstock ;O)
Hi Peter

I'm Stephen and I'm a Shutterstock contributor and expert user.
I don't have access to your images, account or your personal data but I am here to help answer your questions.

To completely delete your account and all personal information send your request to:

best regards
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6 hours ago, samoyloff said:

10c for most of your sales. There are several spreadsheets in this topic showing calculations based on this new model. For most popular packages you will not get more than 23c even at rank 6. Most people will be getting 10c from now on.

Thanks for replying. When IS/GI did this they crashed from being market leaders to an irrelevant bunch of losers. SS should have seen that as a warning, not an example to follow 

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