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New earnings structure for Contributors

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In an email that is going out today, we are announcing that we will be updating the earnings structure that determines how much you get paid when customers license your work. We are making this adjust

This space will be updated to address frequently asked questions.  My email shows different counts for videos than are shown above. Which is correct? Apologies. The email to video contributo

Just when you think Shutterstock couldn't completely and utterly screw the contributors and more you've gone and done it. Effectively with a January reset everybody gets a cut of 20% or more of e

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Friends, in General, it is clear that this is inevitable. In five years, generative content will be available in General. shatterstock will make a strict sorting - only the TOP super-authors will be left, so that there will be someone to train the neural network on new trends. And everything else will be generated. Most likely, image search itself will become a thing of the past, because it will become a very archaic action - it will become very expensive for the user to sit for half a day searching for the desired image. It seems to me that there will be something like a tick - you choose the author's style, type in keywords, and get the result.
Even now, Shutterstock is a model of a neural network in which individual neurons (people) look at trends and generate similar variations. It's just that people are doing it now and it seems that there is some meaning in it. And in fact - the business model of drains is ideal for AI. And this applies not only to the vector, but also to photos and video content. And vector images in this list are first in line. Shutterstock itself will soon implement a neural network in its engine. Imagine how many problems they have will be gone - no need to think about the community of designers to pay them money. You don't need to track legal issues on images, on models, the use of trademarks in images...
And if Shutterstock doesn't do it in time, someone else will do it and throw him off Olympus. Good day to all!

Друзья, в целом же понятно, что это неизбежно. Через пять лет вообще генеративный контент будет долю на рынке. Шаттерсток сделает жесткую сортировку - оставят только ТОП супер-авторов, чтобы было кому нейронную сетку обучать на новых трендах. А все остальное будет генерироваться. Скорее всего сам поиск изображений уйдет в прошлое, т.к. это станет очень архаичным действием - это станет очень дорогим удовольствием для пользователя сидеть пол дня искать нужную картинку. Что-то типа такого будет, мне кажется - выбираешь стилистику автора, вбиваешь ключевые слова, получаешь результат.
Уже сейчас шаттерсток представляют из себя модель нейронной сети, в которой отдельные нейроны (люди) смотрят на тренды и генерируют похожие вариации. Просто сейчас это делают люди и кажется, что в этом есть какая-то осмысленность. А по сути - бизнес-модель стоков идеально подходит для AI. И касается это не только вектора, но и фотографий и видео контента. А векторные изображения в этом списке первые на очереди. Сам шаттерсток скоро внедрит нейронную сеть в свой движок. Представь сколько проблем у них пропадет - не надо думать о сообществе дизайнеров, платить им деньги. Не надо отслеживать правовые вопросы на картинки, на моделей, использование торговых марок в изображениях...
А если Шаттерсток это вовремя не сделает, это сделает кто-то другой и сбросит его с Олимпа. Всем доброго дня!

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Добро пожаловать!
Я нахожусь на акциях недавно, и портфель еще не очень большой. Но ситуация меня тоже беспокоит.
Возможно, нам следует объединиться в большое сообщество и дифференцировать акции для заработка. Отгружайте выбранные рабочие места в хорошо зарабатываемые акции, а все остальное в freepik shutterstock и аналогичные низкооплачиваемые банки

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The new conditions are killing new authors and will make the lives of major suppliers much harder against the backdrop of a decline in sales. Photographers and illustrators become slaves who work for food. I think that many talented ones will leave the stocks forever and it will be worse for the stock itself in the long run

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Well, I understand why does SS making this changes: 
- Mstock industry has changed long time ago and SS is no longer "the daddy"
- High amount of damping nano-stocks
- Increasing worldwide amount of contributors
- SS's income decreses from year to year
- Global financial crisis is on the way of embracing the world
- SS knows that most of contributors will not delete their accs or stop contributing
- SS knows that most of those who will do this - will return in some time
- SS knows that most of contributars are already selling their content for 10 cents or less on other mstks
- etc.

This changes really makes sense but only with floating rating (without resetting every year)
In fact I thing that floating rating will be better for the contributor's motivation since mstocks are no such a passive income as it was time ago
I think that SS has floating rating as the prepeared trade-off (and as usually informs contributors few days before lauch). I hope it has. If not.. I mean, why in the heaven not?

At the end of the day SS risks turning into the mstock dump with the high amount of low quality content and as consequence - the inability to propose any professional content to its customers

We'll wait and see
The show is already started and we have the prime seats

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Hello again! This is my cry for help! I am a vector artist and each of my images takes a very long time. I can't physically upload a huge number of images and under the new policy I will become bankrupt. Shutterstock and Adobe are my main income. If I stop uploading to Shutterstock (and there is no other way out) , I will lose 50% of my revenue. Please tell me which agencies I can still contact with my vector graphics. My email is in my portfolio. I will be very very grateful for your advice!!!

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