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New earnings structure for Contributors

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I would assume, and hope, that it means your previous year's performance dictates your coming year's pay rate.

My other concern is, pay levels are now all % based and not set on a value. For example, previously if someone bought a sub pack for 200 images for $100, on my current level I would receive $0.38 for each image I sold within that pack. Does it now mean that I will receive 35% dependent on how many images are actually purchased within that pack, or is it 35% of $0.50 per image, giving me $0.15 per image instead of $0.38?

Same applies to ELs, SODs and anything other than subs I guess so we will be well out of pocket.

If Adobe offer exclusivity now SS could well go under.

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In an email that is going out today, we are announcing that we will be updating the earnings structure that determines how much you get paid when customers license your work. We are making this adjust

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Shutterstock are pretty much taking everyone’s earnings in January as everyone is reset to level one. There is no incentive here, build up your portfolio only know your going to loose that the next year, they don’t have to do this bit.

This is the reality of a corporation away from the Public Relations guffing on about how they support creativity, support the creative if you do, if it’s about making more money just say that, they will make more money supporting and encouraging creativity- we all need to eat and pay our bills, a company should grow caring about the people they need to build it, and we will care in turn about that company, don’t shoot down the creatives for a quick buck, I feel terrible for those that rely on this service, for me it’s extra cash but for those that have invested time and care here I hope they alter things to be more fair.




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@Kate Shutterstock

Can you please get someone to run some figures for us? Give us some scenarios of real world change to earnings based on these changes = obviously these have been calculated already, which is what supported the decision, and it obviously works in SS favor but people need to be able to see how it effects them individually.

Very difficult to try and calculate % when we don't know the selling prices, and they are subject to change at the whim of SS.

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5 minutes ago, LongJon said:

we must do something advertise this..it's a giant shame in a period of depression...where every industry , every industry in the world try to help workers, and this company is cutting contributors earning by 90%...including the subscription of videos...there are many who make you read who live hard life and you are simply killing them.

Well said bravo 


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3 minutes ago, Steve Boice said:

Wow.  Shutterstock now wants to be Getty.  Garbage royalties means garbage content.  I refuse to put quality content on here at these rates.

In 2019, I made 3 usd per image per year with my exclusive port at Getty (not istock) while they pay only 20% and less than 1 usd at SS. With the new structure here, I know where I will continue to upload and it's not here

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