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New earnings structure for Contributors

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In an email that is going out today, we are announcing that we will be updating the earnings structure that determines how much you get paid when customers license your work. We are making this adjust

This is just a joke. 10 years with SS and now I'll be getting 20% commission on my footage clips??? No lifetime sales tier, just what you sold last year/this year.... To get to the curr

This space will be updated to address frequently asked questions.  My email shows different counts for videos than are shown above. Which is correct? Apologies. The email to video contributo

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On 6/2/2020 at 10:29 AM, Mirko Rosenau said:


How do I deactivate/delete my contributor account?

We provide the options below to deactivate/delete your contributor account:
Opting out of sales (recommended option)
Opting out of sales will remove your content from online display, but keeps your account active and ensures that your earnings payment will be made when you reach the minimum payout level. Your referral earnings will also continue to accumulate. Opting in or out of sales allows you to quickly reinstate your previously approved content if you decide to return to Shutterstock in the future.
To opt out of sales, log into your account and navigate to the Account Settings page from the drop-down menu under your name in the top right corner of the page. Scroll down to the section How can we license your work? and select No for the sales options.
Deleting your account
You have the right to access and correct, or delete your Personal Information and privacy preferences at any time. You can immediately change your profile here or request a deletion of your personal information from our privacy team - Privacy@shutterstock.com. Deleting your account will permanently remove your content from online display, bar access to your account and participation in our forums. You can find detailed information on our Privacy Policy.
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Interesting, ...I deactivated my account the 1st of June to set a sign against the new policy (I also send messages to shutterstock and of cours just got this paste and copy sh...t answers, ...when I told them this copy and paste answers are diserespectful, no answers at all anymore. But I did not expect anything else to be honest) . My sales with other agencies went up. In the middle of June I activated it again and had some good sales on shutterstock, but sales with others went down. Ok, it is obviously not a coincident ;O) Why did I activated my account again, ...simply I wanted to find out what happens and with my sales I was at 25%, stock footage is a big part of my icome too! So I thought, ok, I will not upload any new footage, but be oportunistic and take advantage and cash as much as I can until the end of this year. Now, .... most of my sales are package/subscriptiomn sales now... earning 5-7U$ per clip. So Shutterstock is obviously running down the whole market. It will collapse as it makes no sense for contributers anymore to produce stock footage. My plan, to stay with shutterstock until the end of the year is not working out. So thanks shutterstock for the good times we had in the past, but killing your cash cows is not a smart move. I really thought all the protests and comments ...and contributors dectivating their portfolio wakes you up, but obviously you don't care at all about what we have to say. So before I got starved to death by your greed, I move on and let you wake up alone. 

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On 6/26/2020 at 9:03 PM, Oleg Kovtun Hydrobio said:

On June 25th I already disabled the entire portfolio with 2,500 photos, but I have a main portfolio of 17,500 videos, which brings the main income. After selling videos for 6.52, I will turn off my video portfolio. Shutterstock died, not one self-respecting video operator will not sell his work so cheaply. I do underwater video, the cost of such a video is very large. I will not sell at Shattestock, let this business die from its greed and stupidity. At the end of the month, I will turn off my video portfolio on Shutterstock. Viva stupidity and stupidity of its leaders, they dug up their grave.

Без имени-1.jpg

same same .... since the 24th of June I only sell videos through subscriptions .... 

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Gee wiz. I was planning to increase my video capture this year. You know, add to the bottom line. It is looking like it isn't worth the effort uploading them here.

A little food for thought. Everything I've uploaded over the past 3 years has done fairly well considering my subject matter and image count. That work is done. There's nothing more to do than let them sit and collect earnings, but in lieu of the new "profit skimming" payment structure, it's really of no benefit to me to add to the collection here. All work after the change reduces the amount of income on "new" work from my view of the road. I calculate my time and expenses for every shoot and that factors in to what I upload and how much return I have to see to make it worthwhile. Everything up to June 1st is paid for and accounted for. Everything after June 1st is fresh work and my return has been cut in half while my expenses and time have remained the same. This is it for now. I stop contributing and let what's already been done coast on in with what ever it earns. Free money from this point on. The new stuff will go to other agencies where I'm getting good sales and returns. I'll leave my catalog online until the sponge goes dry.

No new material for you Shutterstock. You made it unprofitable for me to contribute material from this point on. Hope your shareholders don't mind. I'm sure Adobe's won't.

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8 minutes ago, jjmillan said:


if shutterstock is satisfied? I guess they could be better, but I'm pretty sure they are just waiting some time till people gives up or calm down, because the people that decided this can't acknowledge they made a mistake, or maybe they already thought the complains would come. I think they were in front of a graph with how much they pay to contributors per number of downloads, what were the percentage of contributors under some level, what would be the benefit for them if they were cutting payment at the beginning of every year, etc. and based on these numbers, they decided, maybe considering contributors would complain, but who cares? As they say, if you don't agree, take your stuff and go.

I think for big producers the loss isn't that big, they will complain a little and carry on, but for small ones, it's really not worth the effort. I thin for big ones, it won't be worth soon if they tolerate this, because next will come soon.

I asked to deactivate my account on tuesday and still have access here and they didn't pay me yet... why is it taking so long?

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On 6/26/2020 at 9:34 PM, AKaiser said:

They just banned @Wilm Ihlenfeld from posting to the forums for "hijacking other peoples' threads to share his negative views about Shutterstock".
This is ... just ridiculous. 
I don't know *any* person in this world being more factual and objective than Wilm. 
Censorship at its best.

What a shame. Beyond ridiculous.

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8 minutes ago, lydiarei said:

When i was level 2, i got $0.10  per download.

Now i'm in level 3, i still get $0.10 per download.

Can anyone please tell me why?

How was the calculation made..?

You will get 0.10 even if you will reach level 5. It's simple SS greed. 

Only way to fight it — join strike and disable sales here.

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Just realized I have sold few HD clips fot peanuts, sorry, for $0.34. 

I contacted with support and someone named Borna told me:



Shutterstock offers promotional deals or bulk packages from time to time. This sale is part of that program. Your commission for these sales is determined by your LEVEL in Shutterstock. The higher the level, the higher your earning.

Here’s an article in this regard:
How Shutterstock Is Representing Your Interests by Expanding the Footage Marketplace

Unfortunately, there is no way to opt out of these sales, but at least this will help to raise that footage in the search engine placement.




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On 6/28/2020 at 2:48 AM, Phillip W. Kirkland said:

Why doesn't any of the Shutterstock moderators have the guts to respond to so many that have made comments concerning the screwing your giving the faithful contributors to your business?  

Propably they got fired to save some money. And new ones can't write in English yet.

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Dreamstime did do some increase after Shutterstock cut, but not sure how long that is for.

Now a full month since disabling here.

My sales on DT seem to have improved this month. AS sales are rubbish like always for me.

But I think I have decided to pull from microstock entirely, and probably just focus on Alamy. Just less time managing photos.


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