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New earnings structure for Contributors

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In an email that is going out today, we are announcing that we will be updating the earnings structure that determines how much you get paid when customers license your work. We are making this adjust

This is just a joke. 10 years with SS and now I'll be getting 20% commission on my footage clips??? No lifetime sales tier, just what you sold last year/this year.... To get to the curr

This space will be updated to address frequently asked questions.  My email shows different counts for videos than are shown above. Which is correct? Apologies. The email to video contributo

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El problema para los colaboradores no es si es más o menos justo el problema es si merece la pena.

En otras plataformas con menos contenidos y menores ventas son rentables pagando más por lo cual podemos deducir que el problema esta en la gestión, si no son capaces de ser atractivos para los colaboradores tendrán que tomar una decisión o dimitir o cerrar. 

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The comments from Oringer above is exactly the attitude we feared they were having.  Shutterstock paid out 1B to the collective body of contributors, imagine what they were making!
Being in the corporate world for over twenty years, I can tell you that they are not working harding than we are and their employees make considerably more than we do (to be expected kind of).  

The industry as a whole needs to reset, shrink and charge more, but the greed and competition between companies is keeping them from seeing the big picture.  In their pursuit for wealth, they have forgotten about the little guy and their success 20 years from now.  Corporations in today's world are short sighted, and only worrying about their petty lives, never a consideration for their future generations.

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7 hours ago, mpessaris said:

60% less this month at leat... i haven't earned this little for at least 7 or 8 years and i've been at it for 10...

i will  deactivate at the end of the month...even though i need every PENNY

what pisses me off is that SS hasn't said a f***ing word !! even though the number of images is slowly decreasing...i feel like one of those crowdsource workers, that get paid 0,10 or less for data entry and stuff...the difference is that i put money into my work and energy, i am not just sitting at my desk ticking boxes or clicking images...SS used to be the stock agency that paid me the most..it s a huge hit for me...politics and capitalism have ruined this world !!

I agree.

Before rushing into things, I thought I would give June a chance and see what happened. Well, the results are in (almost) and with a 70% drop in earnings this month and my lowest monthly earnings with SS in the last EIGHT YEARS coming up (out of the 10 years that I've been with them), I think there is only one possible outcome. I know that there are people who make less than we do on SS and that you should be grateful and not greedy for what you get, but really this is enough. Photography at this level is a skilled profession, not a hobby and we should be paid as such, not thrown a few scraps to try and keep us interested. Its a bloody insult after all the years I've put in building up my portfolio and getting to what was previously the top level with SS.

Five more days just to stick it out and give them a 'fair' chance to prove me wrong and then I'm just going to be sticking with the agencies that show more appreciation for the quality and effort that we put in to this industry.

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40 minutes ago, Paul Vinten said:

Estoy de acuerdo.

Antes de apresurarme en las cosas, pensé en darle una oportunidad a June y ver qué pasaba. Bueno, los resultados están en (casi) y con una caída del 70% en las ganancias este mes y mis ingresos mensuales más bajos con SS en los últimos OCHO AÑOS (de los 10 años que he estado con ellos), creo solo hay un resultado posible. Sé que hay personas que ganan menos que nosotros en SS y que debes estar agradecido y no codicioso por lo que obtienes, pero realmente esto es suficiente. La fotografía a este nivel es una profesión calificada, no un hobby y se nos debe pagar como tal, no arrojar algunos pedazos para tratar de mantenernos interesados. Es un insulto sangriento después de todos los años que he dedicado a construir mi cartera y llegar a lo que antes era el nivel superior con SS.

Cinco días más solo para resistir y darles una oportunidad 'justa' de demostrar que estoy equivocado y luego me quedaré con las agencias que muestran más aprecio por la calidad y el esfuerzo que ponemos en esta industria.

no te olvides, DIA D, HORA H.

Muchos ya hemos iniciado el desembarco.


Por un salario justo.


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8 hours ago, Stefan Mokrzecki said:

It all seems a short term solution, that is not sustainable in the long term. ShutterStock is is in the business of selling content and the success of the company rests on the supply of fresh quality content to meet client needs. If it is not sustainable for contributors, then the business model will not be sustainable for ShutterStock. Successful businesses know the importance of looking after the supply chain, so how is SS getting it so wrong? The phrase "A House Of Cards" comes to mind.

I had less than 300 photos on SS before disabling my account so wasn’t financially tied to it, it just kept me in new gear.

I do wonder if, like many industries, once a competitor makes a move like this that other stock sites may look at doing the same thing.  Would hate to think this is a tread.
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44 minutes ago, Andrew Rybalko said:

Shutterstock now has a censorship. They have removed my icon with the crossed out 10 cents. And also was deleted an explanation where to find a new content.

I will upload the protest icon again. It’s not difficult for me. Check your profile, guys!


Yep, my "subtitle" was also removed where I described that new content will be only available on other fair agencies. They are putting in a lot of effort!

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In my view, SS with this move is downgrading to compete with smaller stock agencies. It seems the competition from Adobe hit them hard. So they repositioned to compete with smaller fish in the pond. It's like an animal with the tail between its legs running for safety. It is curious that Adobe immediately after changed its icon to black and white (same as Getty and Alamy), SO AS TO INDICATE: We are aiming higher now!

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13 minutes ago, BobNoah said:

I have a question, do the images in Bigstock are sold through SS as well? 

They are still paying 29 cents. How does this work?  Any comments? 

Well brace your self...


 10 images per day €0,26 / image


Looks like its run by the same idiots. How braininess you have to be to offer that kind of subscription is beyond me.

It will change soon for sure

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37 minutes ago, Przemek Iciak said:

Bueno, prepárate ...


 10 imágenes por día  € 0,26 / imagen


Parece que está dirigido por los mismos idiotas. La capacidad mental que tienes que ser para ofrecer ese tipo de suscripción me supera.

Cambiará pronto seguro

Yo llevo unos años en Big, es como una filial de SS. llevo más de 1 año esperando llegar a 30 $ para cerrar la cuenta. si te quieres ir no te pagan si no llegas a 30$. tengo miles de fotos iguales en las 2 agencias, en SS las vendo y en Big no.

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