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New earnings structure for Contributors

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In an email that is going out today, we are announcing that we will be updating the earnings structure that determines how much you get paid when customers license your work. We are making this adjust

This space will be updated to address frequently asked questions.  My email shows different counts for videos than are shown above. Which is correct? Apologies. The email to video contributo

Just when you think Shutterstock couldn't completely and utterly screw the contributors and more you've gone and done it. Effectively with a January reset everybody gets a cut of 20% or more of e

Posted Images

"All contributors reset to level 1 for both images and videos every year on January 1st."

I'm hoping you mean that each year you start counting on the 1st of January through to 31st of December... and the total for that year is used to determine what % you will earn for the next year? @Kate Shutterstock could you confirm whether this is the case because if you have to work through each layer every year, I'll be pulling my port and concentrating on dealing with Adobe Stock.

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clearly they have now a big incentive also to make everybody not reaching the next level capping your sales...like they now have....in practice since now with the new scheme I'm losing 50 % of sales....considering that sales lever is falling down due to covid and all...it's clear that thi sbusiness is finished. times to sell all gears and move on. 

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3 minutes ago, Richard Whitcombe said:

You reset to level 1 every January so drop from 30,35% or whatever down to 15%.  Then have to claw your way up over the next few months to the level you were before.
Which means the first period of the year most people are going to earn *significantly* less.

Worse, video and images are separated out and dont help each other.

This is going to make a HUGE amount of money for SS as for the start of the year they're going to be paying out 50% or so less commissions.

How wonderful, people can fight on less month for months to finally get to the earning tree they were on previously then Bang!  Jan 1st arrives and they're booted off the ladder back to 15% to start clawing back up again.

If anyone doubted the complete and utter contempt SS now has for its contributors this has to remove all doubt.  They've gone full iStock - gleefully winning the race to the bottom.

and people are getting 5 DAYS notice of a pay cut.  At a time when sales are at an all time low anyway.  Great.

At least they didnt even try to start the email with "Exciting news!" this time.

much worst than istock

for me exclusivity at stock is not more an impossible option....ss is losing market and they need money...they are on stock market...they need to squeeze any dollar..

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Can you give an example with numbers on how this new structure will infect all of us.
A big disappointment after all these years.... Anyway...
But you found the right solution to gain back lost money after the pandemic by cutting royalties from contributors...
Wise choice! 👏
I am not sure if worth to submit new content after these changes on royalties structure... :(

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Looking at my numbers and i think videos are where most people will lose income because of where the tiers are split.

Currently video makes up 40% of my earnings.  Thats could to over half working things out.

*EVERYONE* currently gets 30% of video apparently.  Everyone is going to get that cut to 15% and for non volume sellings not recover.

The tiers are huge, i suspect designed to prevent almost everyone going from level 5 to level 6.

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I would assume, and hope, that it means your previous year's performance dictates your coming year's pay rate.

My other concern is, pay levels are now all % based and not set on a value. For example, previously if someone bought a sub pack for 200 images for $100, on my current level I would receive $0.38 for each image I sold within that pack. Does it now mean that I will receive 35% dependent on how many images are actually purchased within that pack, or is it 35% of $0.50 per image, giving me $0.15 per image instead of $0.38?

Same applies to ELs, SODs and anything other than subs I guess so we will be well out of pocket.

If Adobe offer exclusivity now SS could well go under.

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Shutterstock are pretty much taking everyone’s earnings in January as everyone is reset to level one. There is no incentive here, build up your portfolio only know your going to loose that the next year, they don’t have to do this bit.

This is the reality of a corporation away from the Public Relations guffing on about how they support creativity, support the creative if you do, if it’s about making more money just say that, they will make more money supporting and encouraging creativity- we all need to eat and pay our bills, a company should grow caring about the people they need to build it, and we will care in turn about that company, don’t shoot down the creatives for a quick buck, I feel terrible for those that rely on this service, for me it’s extra cash but for those that have invested time and care here I hope they alter things to be more fair.




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