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New earnings structure for Contributors

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7 minutes ago, saiko3p said:

I do not upload new images. If there are no changes - I'll stop sales of my 20.000+ photos. boitano, good idea with a change in profile, I support this. Everybody, you can do it here https://submit.shutterstock.com/account/public?language=en


What are you waiting for ? Disable now ! it's the only way.

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In an email that is going out today, we are announcing that we will be updating the earnings structure that determines how much you get paid when customers license your work. We are making this adjust

This is just a joke. 10 years with SS and now I'll be getting 20% commission on my footage clips??? No lifetime sales tier, just what you sold last year/this year.... To get to the curr

This space will be updated to address frequently asked questions.  My email shows different counts for videos than are shown above. Which is correct? Apologies. The email to video contributo

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Для меня шаттерсток был основным заработком последние 4 года. Я люблю снимать качественный контент с профессиональными моделями. Но теперь я не вижу смысла вкладывать деньги в сьемки, если фотографии продаются за  такие копейки. Да и вообще я ценю свой труд.  Мне очень грустно из за этого. 

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13 hours ago, Kate Shutterstock said:


There were two issues some of you reported that should now be resolved.  

  1. Downloads showing in the Single & Other column instead of in the Subscriptions column. The tech and product team worked to fix this yesterday, however we saw that it didn’t entirely resolve the issue. Having made some additional fixes, the categorization appears to be working correctly now. Let us know if you see further issues relating to this. 
  2. Image download count exceeding lifetime download count on the dashboard. Some historic (pre-2018) downloads from your referred contributors were included in the image downloads count in error. This issue is also now resolved. You may need to refresh the page to see the corrected amounts. 

Many of you are also asking how a contributor in the higher earning levels can get a 10¢ commission. Shutterstock makes your content available to our global customers, via partnerships and other promotions, and through API partners and resellers who may have a different package and pricing plans based on volume commitments than what’s offered to eCommerce customers. As a result, any contributor can see 10¢ royalties when their content is being licensed through these opportunities. 


would you be kind enough to answer two questions?

1. SODs
Since the beginning of 2019 I have had an average of 11.8 SODs per month. 
Now I have had 13 in just 2 days. Is the technical problem solved now? And, if so, why is this not displayed correctly?

2. API Partner
By contract, if we offer here, we have no way to stop the distribution of our images to API partners. Okay.
But now the question: Does shutterstock prohibit API partners, global customers and partnerships from sub-licensing our images to other API partners, global customers and partnerships and other promotions? 
Or are they allowed to do what they want with the images?


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I'm a buyer as well as a contibutor. This years bought subscription package, enhanced licences and single downloads will be the last shutterstock gets from me. I'll just use up what I have already payed for- with regrets, that  I couldn't do it earlier when you would have had a bigger share, this change was simply too fast.
After that I'll leave for another agency. Did a search already, most of my favorite artists are on other stockphoto agencies as well.

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1 minute ago, mikroman6 said:

Stopping upload files will change nothing at all, the only effective way is to delete whole content,  customers have to see not decreased amount of new files but  Disappearing a Big chunk of 326,201,838 ONLY THEN SITUATION CAN BE CHANGED TO OUR FAVOR.

Right now there are 325.236.762 images in the database.

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Only about 4K replies and about 380K views. Devide with 10 to get real (close to) realistic interest of unique number of authors and views of this thread and you will see real interest in new structure of earnings. It's, sorry, close to 0.xxx% among author pond of SS. All others agree with it or do not want to speak about it loud. Correct?

Even $ 0.36 or $ 0.38 was nothing for a photo, $0.10 is not worth to speak about, only if volume of sales would increase. Clips, however were so far selling timely great!

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In my 10 years as a Shutterstock contributor, I took my work very seriously. I learned from successful contributors, read all of Shutterstock blog posts and did everything to produce the best content I could. I believed that the success of SS was the success of its contributors.

My Shutterstock earnings were an important part of my income, and I relied on them. I worked hard for 10 years so that my portfolio becomes my valuable earning asset.

Now my asset is simply snatched away from me. Just because Shutterstock made a greedy decision on the account of those who worked days and nights to produce what the buyers are here for.

How can I not feel betrayed? For 10 years I thought my investment was leading me towards growth. I Didn’t think that I was putting all this effort just to see SS take it all to themselves in the end.

This is notgiving equal opportunities” or “rewarding better performances” or whatever embarrassing nonsense we saw in the announcement email. “Levels” that go back to square one every January!? You just made sure no one can ever make progress again.

I’m looking at my most popular images being sold for a commission of 10 cents. The number of sales go up and the number of dollars barely changes. And this is ‘level 5’, so on January it will become even worse.

Of course, I cannot upload anymore images like this. It feels like throwing my illustrations to the trash. I will focus on the other websites.

Shutterstock, we are your suppliers. Give us a reason to keep creating for you. Give us a reason to let you use our best assets. Why should we still strive for your success?

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3 minutes ago, mikroman6 said:

This is exactly my observation as well, the negative reaction is close to nothing so lets forget about this, They simply already won.

Something like that. Just hope for better sale volume. Nothing else, I guess. It should be very fair that management would work on better sale result per author. We will see ...

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7 minutes ago, ayelet-keshet said:

This is notgiving equal opportunities” or “rewarding better performances” or whatever embarrassing nonsense we saw in the announcement email. “Levels” that go back to square one every January!? You just made sure no one can ever make progress again.

Your illustrations are great. I actually bought some of your children vectors through my studio's account before. You surely deserve to be paid and not given spare change for your art.

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