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New earnings structure for Contributors

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In an email that is going out today, we are announcing that we will be updating the earnings structure that determines how much you get paid when customers license your work. We are making this adjust

This is just a joke. 10 years with SS and now I'll be getting 20% commission on my footage clips??? No lifetime sales tier, just what you sold last year/this year.... To get to the curr

This space will be updated to address frequently asked questions.  My email shows different counts for videos than are shown above. Which is correct? Apologies. The email to video contributo

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21 hours ago, Jane Rix said:

Following the update to the contributor homepage, I am now seeing my total all time earnings, with all time downloads underneath. The all time download figure is 138922, which tallies with my earnings summary.

To the right, the panel shows a breakdown of my footage and image sales. @Kate Shutterstock can I check why there is a discrepancy of some 4000 images? Can I also ask whether I'm owed commission for these images, as they haven't been accounted for in my earnings to date?1696176022_Screenshot2020-06-02at20_40_47.thumb.png.11f95034c19533abe3d1f0921300e2bf.png

Same here. I contacted support few days ago. Still no answer.

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1 hour ago, Tomsickova Tatyana said:

I just had a look and I see this: 


325,330,584 stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free.

Ok, I reduced it to only photos and the numbers are going down

213,070,382 stock photos and photography are available royalty-free.

Still huge amount, i am afraid SS won't feel any difference


They will if the images pulled are the ones that sell regularly. There must be tens of thousands on the site that are just padding.

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"£6500 GBP for a new Canon EOS1Dx and 10c for an image taken with it. £6000+ for a trip to Kenya and 10c for an image taken there. The mathematics no longer work..."


I've read a comments like this, but it is bizarro world logic IMO. Any stock photo company has never been responsible for the camera and trips you take, meals you eat while there, etc., nor should they be.



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15 hours ago, SvetlanaSF said:

So I'm a level 4. And for the last 2 days I'm seeing nothing but subs at $0.1 and a bunch of SOD at <$0.15. Based on this statistic (high propensity of minimal payout on subs due to the popularity of large packs over the small, high payout packs), it appears that it really DOESN'T matter if you are a level 1 or a level 4. Does Shutterstock see this as acceptable reward of their top performers, @Kate Shutterstock

Seems like I don't have to wait until Jan 1st to loose >70% of my earnings. 

Exactly. Most at 0.10c and i'm at level 4 

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9 minutes ago, Roman Malanchuk said:

More than 1 000 000 images was already deactivated during 3 days. Quantity of images on Shutterstock on June 1:


and on June 3:


Sadly impressive. Like a painting about war or earthquakes.

This could have been handled differently. 

It still can. If only somebody would come out and talk to people.

Silence is rocket fuel on a fire. :(

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5 hours ago, Photoroyalty said:

@Kate Shutterstock

Can you please respond about this issue, how im i getting this low sales in on demand and im level 5, what On-demand packs give these sales ???




7 hours ago, William Perugini said:

@Kate Shutterstock do you ever do any check on buyers? It amazes me to see so many "single users" buying 350/750 images per month...

Also, considering that I'm level 5, to get 0.10$
- from a sale made in the US it means the buyer has a single user 750/month subscription with annual contract.... and looks like there are many of them, the majority... WOW! 
- from a sale made in EUR it means the buyer has a single user 350/750 per month subscription, which is less weird than the US case, but still veeeery weird...
(unfortunately it's not worth checking the price from every single country, though I'm sure other examples would come out...)


@Kate Shutterstock two level 5 contributors, not complaining but asking thoughtful questions... can we kindly get an answer to those questions?

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Well, SS have been selling 350 and 750 packages for long time now, resulting in around 20 cents pro image, but we still were paid 0.25-0.38 cents. Not because SS paid us 150%, but because they just calculated an average with other packages, with up to $4.90 per image. Let aside the fact that those 20 cents could become actually little more if the clients would buy not all the images they could.

Now with the new earning structure I would expect nearly the same income. Sure, you get some (and not a few) sells for 10 cents, but then some for 30 cents, 65 cents and up to calculatory $1.72 per subscription. And even with those 10 cents SS gives us 50% from 20 cent they get from buyers, so the actual percentage should be even higher as supposed by the level. So, the average is what matters, not minimum or maximum price.

Today I sold 54 images on subscription, making $12.65 revenue, or 23.5 cents per image. Given old 38 cents price, it would result in $20.52. So for me today is a 40% loss on subscriptions. We can't judge only on one day, so we have to wait for some time to see the whole picture. And we should also take in consideration the fact that due to corona crisis many smaller buyers, who actually pay more per image, are not buying right now, and the percentage of cheaper sells is higher than usual. But, nevertheless, the trend is alarming. And we have till now no explanations from SS, and it's even more alarming.

And what upsets me most, is the ridiculous rule of setting the levels back on January 1. Here they just steal money from us. If you are in Level 5, you will lose 57% income for the first 100 images, 43% for the next 150, 28.5% for the next 250 and 14.3% for the next 2000! That means on average 19% for the first 2500 images you sell in a year. If you sell it for (optimistical) 30 cents on average, it makes $150. Each year! Every one! Gives 150 dollars to SS for nothing! For those in Level 6 it's even $1050 (one thousand fifty dollars, given loss of 14% for the first 25000 images)!!! In this calculation, time doesn't matter. It's only the amount of images that you need to hit your highest level in one given year. So saying "this only takes a month to get to Level 5" doesn't makes anything better, you just will loose 150 bucks quicker.

Why not to calculate the level each month for the last 12 monthes? This would be more fair. Or get compensated the difference each time we arrive a new level.

As for now, I'm still waiting and calculating. I stopped all uploads. I started looking around for other stocking sites.

Good job, SS! Congratulations!

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26 minutes ago, s_oleg said:

I am fulltime. I am outraged, and stop uploads. The new prices will not allow me to earn money for living, but only to have it as a hobby. But wasting time on a hobby like Shutterstock is stupid. I spent 12 years on Shutterstock , portfolio 35000 photos.

We are being robbed, looted and mislead! They are crooks!


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How to deactivate / delete contributor account?

Opting out of sales (recommended option)
Opting out of sales will remove your content from online display, but keeps your account active and ensures that your earnings payment will be made when you reach the minimum payout level. Your referral earnings will also continue to accumulate. Opting in or out of sales allows you to quickly reinstate your previously approved content if you decide to return to Shutterstock in the future.
To opt out of sales, log into your account and navigate to the Account Settings page from the drop-down menu under your name in the top right corner of the page. Scroll down to the section How can we license your work? and select No for the sales options.
Deactivating your account
Deactivating your account removes your content from online display and bars you from access to your account and participation in our forums. If you wish to return at a later time, the account can usually be reactivated with the help of our care team. We will pay any outstanding earnings above $1, but you will need to contact us in advance to process this payment. 

Contact us if you wish to deactivate your account or if you wish to reactivate an old account. Please do not create another account without contacting us first, as this is not permitted per the Contributor Terms of Service.

Deleting your account
You have the right to access and correct, or delete your Personal Information and privacy preferences at any time. You can immediately change your profile here or request a deletion of your personal information from our privacy team - Privacy@shutterstock.com. Deleting your account will permanently remove your content from online display, bar access to your account and participation in our forums. You can find detailed information on our Privacy Policy.
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Well, ironically received the email for May payment of $506 and reached $35 for June today. So, 7 years, 36000+ downloads I have deactivated my portfolio. The treatment of it contributor "employees" and the lack of honesty will eventually destroy this company. Customers will soon notice the difference and then Shareholders. The Emperor has no clothes.

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