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New earnings structure for Contributors

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In an email that is going out today, we are announcing that we will be updating the earnings structure that determines how much you get paid when customers license your work. We are making this adjust

This is just a joke. 10 years with SS and now I'll be getting 20% commission on my footage clips??? No lifetime sales tier, just what you sold last year/this year.... To get to the curr

This space will be updated to address frequently asked questions.  My email shows different counts for videos than are shown above. Which is correct? Apologies. The email to video contributo

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7 hours ago, TBT Honest said:

@Puffin's Pictures

True hero, I feel bad for your romantic view of photography combined with the stock industry, I don’t see any of that trouble you go through or say you go through in your portfolio. No romance in stock photography, even amazing sunsets or crazy protests lose all romance when you shoot stock.


And by the way, stay safe, my best selling clip on SS with over 1000 downloads and 30K$ Was shot 5 minutes from my home while wearing flip flops and I live in the most boring place known to mankind. Stay safe, adjust your romantic concept for photography and integrate a business approach to it.




Appearances can be deceiving--if you feel it's a quality issue, the determination of hard work cannot always be so easily judged. I freelance for a newspaper as a photojournalist, doing what I love, and have been in tense situations that can't be seen on here because I wasn't the story. But a few idiots won't scare me. As a colleague said that night, "attack one of us and you attack us all." Likewise knowing I and many others here are worth more than 10¢ or 15% IS business. For Shutterstock, it's greed.

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I see several sales on the new system. 0.11 and 0.14. They are placed in the singles column. At the same time, I have level 5.
If now this is a new reality, my income will fall by 2-3 times.

This is exactly what you wanted, Shutterstock? All these years I have preferred you. But now I have a feeling that you have betrayed us all.

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Stocker answered Him: John! with you I am ready to go to jail and death. But the Great John Oringer said: I tell you, Stoker, the cock will not sing today, as you deny three times that you do not know Me. And you will exchange me for eleven cents of demons and you will throw me all evil spirits ...
And the Stocker promised by John punishment did not pass Stocker, and a widespread change of tariffs followed at noon. On the first noon of summer, Stan Pavlovsky struck everyone with a fire sword, sent a great pestilence on them, turned the models into toads, painted bank accounts red and the stockers combed his hair and ran bitten dogs, the pestilence began among keywordists and retouchers, and there was a great darkness in small studios, and stockers covered with ulcers and abscesses combing themselves different places, in thoughts of the future, thunder and lightning woke up on the heads of the infotsigan, who took 300 American silver coins yesterday for a story about paradise life on the drains ....
 10 executions of the Egyptian
And all the stockers who were around them run at their cry, so that they would speak, and the earth would not swallow us. And they ran through the brainchild of Adob and Dmitry Sergeyev, right up to the forgotten ovule and the lazy Russian primate from the Loriev family
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1 hour ago, WhiteBarbie said:

This is crazy. How can I do 25000 per year? Why the jump from lvl 5 to 6 is sooooo big. Is it even legal? 25000 images? And I should get them in a first 1-2 month to get my lvl that I've been working for 6 years... Indian shitterstock simillars will flood the market as they do for last 2 years. Well done. 

Do adobe stock has exclusive programme?

The base of our income, i think, comes from the subs... And these levels don't have (much) influence on this... Only on the expensive sales. So, in the end, these levels are good for the show.

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In general, ALL THIS looks like a trying to save the company from bankruptcy. Shutterstock is concerned only about financial performance and relations with shareholders. Not contributors. Yes, you get a tactical victory, but strategically you shoot yourself in both legs. Congratulations.

I will wait 1 month and compare the size of the new income with last year’s, June income. After that I will make the final decision.

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Goodbye SS!!

I have worked too hard the last few years to sell and make it up to the next tier level to have my income halved by this new payout schedule! Not worth my time to upload. I hope everyone stops loading content and removes their account, maybe you will be fair. Our equipment, expenses and time should not be paid mere pennies so that you can reap all the profit!!

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Well, I waited until today to see what June 1st would bring and I was shocked, to say the least.  If "Level 5" is this bad I can't imagine what January 1, 2021 would look like.  Apparently, I would owe THEM money for selling my hard work.  So after 14 years, it's time to say "Goodbye, SS".  You can sell somebody else's photos for 14 cents, but not mine.  I'll disable my portfolio of about 2000 medical photos for now, but if nothing changes, my account will be gone on Jan 1.  

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