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Found 6 results

  1. I want to publish my videos on YouTube to promote my videos and link them to my ShutterStock for sale. I was wondering what type of copyright should I use on YouTube to do that? Standard YouTube License or Creative Commons? Because our videos are royalty free, but at the same time when it is in YouTube they still haven't paid for that. I will share my videos on YouTube with ShutterStock or my watermark. But I don't know what happens when someone buy my footage and they use it on their own YouTube channel. Would YouTube consider that as a copyrighted content if I choose the Standard YouTube License?
  2. This query is for the experts and anyone who creates video tuts for youtube etc. I'm looking for decent screen capture software for the PC. It would be awesome if the software included things like highlighted cursor, etc.If it posted shortcut keystrokes onscreen as it went that would be awesome although I'm thinking its likely no one has that. Any sharing of your knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Me and my wife last year decided to start a youtube photography travel channel and I was wondering if anyone here also has one? We've both been microstock contributors for about 10 years now and wanted to try something new. If you're a youtuber have you any tips or questions? Share your channel on this thread Here's our latest
  4. I am a beginner at stock and photography in general. So just had some questions. I have been posting some pics and will soon start posting short video clips. I was wondering if I can still use these pics on instagram or other social media. Same with video clips. Can I use them in videos on my youtube channel ? Other tips for newcomers is most welcome !
  5. Do you have any experience? If you do it, how? Thanks:)
  6. Hi everyone, First of all sorry if it is in the wrong thread but I didn't know quite exactly where I should post this. Searching for stuff on youtube I recently went over this little thingy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EIypQF1yogk Some of you probably don't speak french but I'm sure if you watch it you'll get to the point. Basically, it's showing people how to download free images by facebook ads through some king of bug I think. Can someone from the shutterstock staff confirm this issue? Have a great selling day everyone,
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