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Found 14 results

  1. beautiful verditer flycatcher juvanile( eumyias thalassinus) bird.
  2. FMPhotos


    From the album: Kittens & Cats

    Hope keeps a watchful eye while her brother sleeps inside the cat tower.

    © Faleshia Mary Photography

  3. FMPhotos


    From the album: Kittens & Cats

    While one keeps a watchful eye the other kitten drifts off to sleep.

    © Faleshia Mary Photography

  4. From the album: Kittens & Cats

    These two kittens are brother and sister and love being with one another.

    © Faleshia Mary Photography

  5. FMPhotos

    sleeping kitten

    From the album: Kittens & Cats

    Young kitten sleeping inside his hut.

    © Faleshia Mary Photography

  6. FMPhotos


    From the album: Kittens & Cats

    Cute black and white kitten posing for his close up.

    © Faleshia Mary Photography

  7. FMPhotos

    Sleepy Kitty

    From the album: Kittens & Cats

    Sleeping black and white kitten inside the igloo of the cat tower.
  8. FMPhotos

    Fluffy Kitten

    From the album: Kittens & Cats

    Young black and white kitten waiting to cuddle

    © Faleshia Mary Photography

  9. FMPhotos


    From the album: Kittens & Cats

    This cute and cuddly kitten loves to follow your every step and keep watch over you.

    © Faleshia Mary Photography

  10. FMPhotos


    From the album: Kittens & Cats

    This uniquely beautiful kitty loves playing with all the yarn she can.

    © Faleshia Mary Photography

  11. Shot this young Yoga instructor in the park. Canon 5dsr, 70-200, profoto b1 for fill against the rising sun. Will be uploading the set shortly

    © Felix Mizioznikov

  12. Sooo.... as the schools are starting again, and everyone and their brother is taking pics of their kids (or g'kids) on their way to school on the first day of the semester. My question is - how many of all us "old folks" have pics of ourselves going to school? Graduation pics are not eligible. Did your parents shoot you? Is there proof you ever carried your bag or backpack, or is it just i-m-a-g-i-n-a-t-i-o-n? And no, there are no pics of me going to school. Nobody ever thought that one up.
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