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Found 3 results

  1. I recently started using xpiks to upload my pictures. The first time it went smooth. The second time around, after describing and keywording about 32 images, I uploaded them and noticed that the keywords and descriptions were missing for the images. Also, the first time I added keywords and descriptions with xpiks, I noticed after saving that the title space for each picture was automatically filled with what I put as the description for the image. And after saving, I noticed that xpiks saved a document next to the images in the folder they were located probably containing the keywords and description for each image, although this didn't happen for all the images I keyworded the first time around, but when I uploaded the pictures all the images had their keywords. This time around, the title space is still empty, and those files beside the images in their folder aren't there. But if I open up the images in xpiks, the keywords and description I added still show up I need assistance.
  2. Hello, I was wondering if any of you that use Xpiks have the same problem as I do and if anyone has found a solution. When I click on suggest keywords, the window opens but it rarely works properly. It will work maybe for the first two pictures or so and afterward it seems to have a conflict with my wireless adaptor and it shuts my internet down for a couple of seconds, up to a minute. After that it works again for a couple of pictures and then it shuts the internet down again. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Thanks! Emil
  3. Hello guys I was wondering if anyone knows how I can get software keywords for footage. For example for a photo, I use Xpiks. but i need for footage Thanks Have Nice Day Gaith
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