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Found 26 results

  1. © Billijs

  2. effects of fire in the forest

    © Viktor Yelantsev

  3. A second version
  4. Gmgadani

    Wood texture

    I know this image doesn't have a place in stock. Would just like to get some feedback. Thanks

    © Gmgadani

  5. Steele Shot


    From the album: Metal and Wood

  6. Steele Shot

    Staple hold

    From the album: Metal and Wood

  7. Steele Shot

    Held up

    From the album: Metal and Wood

  8. From the album: Metal and Wood

  9. Trying different things please help
  10. This image got Overuse Rejection: "Overuse--Image has excessive noise reduction and/or excessive sharpening effects applied". This is composite image. It contains a background image, which has been already approved by Shutterstock (I just flipped it horizontal) and a image of wood plate created by using a wood plank texture and PS layer styles. I can't find out which part of the image seems to have overuse in sharpening or noise reduction - background or the wood plate? May be the blurring the plate is not enough or overall the high dept of the field seems to be unnatural? I uploaded 100% crops of the background and foreground. I would be grateful if you could let me know.

    © Borphy

  11. Chalermchai C

    DSC 0926

    From the album: Nature

    © Chalermchai.C

  12. Chalermchai C

    DSC 0795

    From the album: Nature

    © Chalermchai.C

  13. Polished wood and rich leather greet travelers on this passenger car from the 1950s.

    © Michael Broadway

  14. Roulette with ball on Black 13

    © Scott Baker Photography

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