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Found 66 results

  1. I am sure almost everybody has some pix of that kind. Not so many sales usually but we love them! So let's share our not-so-commercial live treasures! 1-3 images, for example... And share how many sales the images had (optional!). Thanks in advance! I'll start. --- 1. This is a dusky leaf monkey. The number of sales - 0. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/dusky-leaf-monkey-trachypithecus-obscurus-known-618670070 2. Macaque kids playing. The number of sales - 5! https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/two-baby-macaques-playing-fighting-each-316673669 3. A tortoise in the water (with space! for someone's logo ). Sales - 0. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/freshwater-turtle-looks-out-water-dainty-562164355
  2. A Spot-billed Pelican perched on the branch of a dead tree, shows the courage of standing alone even in the hardest time.
  3. Hi everyone! I live in Peru and I’m working with a company that have eco lodges in the national reserve of tambopata, Madre de Dios. It’s a pristine undisturbed place to see a loooot of wildlife, And filming wildlife full time is my gol. So I’m thinking about stook footage as an income and doing what I love. I have a good relationship with the founder and owner of the lodges and we are evaluating a company option. He will finance equipment, flight tickets to tambopata, food, transport, lodging, permits, etc. In exchange I will put my time as camera man, editing the clips and upload them. So this is great as you can see, but he as the investor want to know how the money will eventually return (we both know this is a long term project). I’ve already made a cash flow but there is just one data missing to be more realistic. And that is: in one month, how many clips do you guys sell from the clips you have upload, and what was the income for that month? I could find in the web only the $income for the number of sold clips, but is missing the number of clips been uploaded in total and for that month. Knowing that number, I could estimate roughly the number of clips I need to make per month to see an income in the x year. Please notice this is for footage, not photos. I know this is a valuable information and I would really appreciate it since this is an exception opportunity for me, please can you guys give me a hand with this? Thanks in advance!
  4. We are entering the dark time of year where we be lucky to see a sunny day before March. But I still want to go outside and take photos. The thing I want to take photos of are mostly chickens (as practice for future wildlife). But, I haven't figured out how to take good photos of chickens with a slow shutter speed (they move too much). Which means, taking the choke off my ISO so that it can go high enough to get the right exposure. Which makes noise. So even if I get the composition and focus right, the image isn't technically good enough for my purpose (some stock, but mostly for a personal project I'm working on) I'm getting frustrated. Use noise canceling software and the image doesn't look in focus (or possibly the word I want is sharp) anymore. I apply sharpening software and it makes more artifacts. It's like the two things are fighting against each other. There's something I need to learn but I don't know what it is. Can you help point me in the right direction for what to learn next? Do I need to improve my camera handling so I can lower the shutterspeed? But how do I keep the chickens still? Is there something special I can learn about post production? Is it something else? Is asking to take low-ish light images of chickens that are technically good impossible? If you could just give me some words I can plug into google, that would be a huge help!
  5. beautiful common mime male(papilio clytia) butterfly.
  6. amazing asian male wild cat (felis catus) or feral cat.
  7. beautiful male common mormon ( papilio polytes) butterfly.
  8. beautiful common mormon female(papilio polytes) butterfly.
  9. beautiful common mormon (papilio polytes) butterfly.
  10. This image was rejected as "only acceptable for editorial use". Will all submissions for commercial use be rejected without model/ property releases? How would you handle a commercial submission of wildlife?
  11. Do wildlife photos sell on Shutterstock at all? If so, what types (in-context, close-in, etc.) and from what regions of the world? As a landscape photographer I have some wildlife photography opportunities, but none of the wildlife photos have had a single download. I am anticipating some unique wildlife photography opportunities, and want to know if there are certain types of photos I would do well to try to get.
  12. Recently I have a great interest in wildlife photography. I am curious to see if any pf you sell well this tipe of image. Thanks
  13. Hi all, Merry Chrismas as the day approaches. I have been using Sony hvr z5u for all my wildlife and nature footages, which i do exclusively. I see the camera has been overtaken by events and i now need a 4k camera that is light, easy to carry around, but able to shoot quality footages for stock. i have done some reserches and things seem to point to mirrorless cameras. please help in determining which is the best, under 1300usd, which i have saved for such eventuality. is the sony alfa 6300 good enough? is anyone here using it? the question of overheating, that i read in a forum, does it still exist? what do you think of the long term use? as in... will things change so soon to render the morrorless..4k systems obsolete or can they last another 10 years like HD? this constant changes of gear can be costly if not well thought. any input please?
  14. From the album: AMARJEETSINH JHALA

    Eurasian Hoopoe (Upupa epops). The species is highly distinctive, with a long, thin tapering bill that is black with a fawn base. The strengthened musculature of the head allows the bill to be opened when probing inside the soil.
  15. From the album: AMARJEETSINH JHALA

    Indian pond heron (Ardeola grayii). Its appearance is transformed from their dull colors when they take to flight, when the white of the wings makes them very prominent.
  16. From the album: AMARJEETSINH JHALA

    Painted stork (Mycteria leucocephala). This large stork has a heavy yellow beak with a down-curved tip that gives it a resemblance to an ibis. The head of the adult is bare and orange or reddish in color.
  17. Male pencilled greyish, with chestnut head and a broad metallic green band running backward from eye to nape, bordered above and below by whitish lines. A tricoloured wing speculum-black, green and buff particularly conspicuous in flight. Female mottle.
  18. Hi All I’m brand new to Shutterstock and to the forum. I like to take nature photos and love my trips to Kruger in South Africa. I’ve had nearly 100 photos accepted so far and had 2 downloads since Wed. What top tips do people have for getting going that they’d be willing to share? TIA Gemma
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