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Found 29 results

  1. I have a lot of slides that I have scanned with a good scanner and at an excellent resolution. I tried to send them but, with some exceptions, they are rejected for focus or noise or grain.For some it was quite shareable but for others it was not.It is natural that the scan file, if brought to 200%, shows some traces of imperfect sharpness but this is due to the grain of the slide itself. And they are slides 50 or at most 100 ASA!Furthermore, if they are prior to 1990, they must have a release and certification that are owned by me, but it is not clear where to make this release on editorial content!I am sending some examples. In my opinion they have no serious focus or grain defects but maybe I'm wrong!Can anyone help me with some advice?
  2. Below is a screenshot of some recent submissions that were rejected. Unacceptable Editorial Caption is the reason and I'm just not sure what the exact criteria is? On right under "description" you can see one example of a description I attempted that was not approved. All these photos are from the 1950's (don't have exact date - month/year) from my family printing business now in it's third generation. I restored them and would like to share - just need to figure out how to put an apt caption? Any ideas or help?
  3. vintage camera close up , chrome and leather , selective focus on lens
  4. So I have some artifacts that are not vintage - ancient Egyptian, or Medieval, etc. Are these even allowed on SS? Or would they be auto rejected, also anyone know what kind of release I would need? Or would I submit as editorial? Any help is appreciated
  5. One of the things I do is rescue very old photographs in poor condition from barn sales and estate sales and what not. I then scan them in and perform image restoration to make the photographs look almost new. These images are clearly in the public domain, and both the photographer and subjects in them are long gone. But the restoration is all my work. So the question arises, would these require releases? How would one secure releases from models or property owners who are long deceased, or indeed for property that may no longer exist? What would be the proper procedure here?
  6. I've got Fashionable Vintage photos of my relative, do I need a model release from her to post this photos of her young days iat the disco style of 60s, 70s ? Or this kind of photos are not commercial and are used only for Rd? Ok, so do I need a model release from her if they were made by her in 1965 + year? P.S. Tried to search, but "Vintage" tag is always in a something like "Show your latest photo " topic
  7. From the album: Submitted for approval

    Hi all! I submitted for approval and were rejected. Image contains quality issues due to isolation, or other post-production techniques. You could show me the right direction? I know the isolation is old-school, but not this was the problem. Thank you.

    © Gábos Albin

  8. I know the max length of videos is one minute, but are there exceptions for edited vintage, home movies? I've seen some currently on SS as long as three minutes but they may have been uploaded prior to new guidelines.
  9. I know that SS doesn't accept 'isolated' cars for commercial use. Is there anyway that, for example, this photo will be accepted (excepted haha) for editorial use? I mean, something like: February, 18. MALAGA, SPAIN. Ford Galaxie 500 in a exhibition of vintage classic muscle car. Should work? Recently I uploaded a classic spanish car (seat 600) and the rejection reason was: Unacceptable Editorial Caption -- Caption is either missing factual who, what, when and where information, is too vague, contains inaccuracies or is not relevant to the subject matter. And the title looks ALMOST the same as one that is already in SS. Thanks in advance.
  10. From the album: Southeast Asia Art Design

    skull with floral giant face vector illustration, image, tattoo / southeast Asia art design / based on Halloween Day

    © Soukthavy SAYASOUK

  11. From the album: Southeast Asia Art Design

    skull with floral giant face vector illustration, image, tattoo / southeast Asia art design / based on Halloween Day

    © Soukthavy SAYASOUK

  12. An old photograph of a rusty shed and a gasless truck.

    © Shane St. Louis

  13. Angel, flowers, butterflies, vintage, frame, retro, drawing, engraving, Baroque, Victorian. Made in Adobe Illustrator without a tablet. In the style of engravings.
  14. Can I take photo's of classic cars at shows and send them in to Shutterstock and get them approved in some way, the photo's pass but is it because the cars are not my property that I get them rejected. I do not understand the reason they give me, something to do with "artwork and infringements etc".
  15. I have some vintage b&w photos shot a few decades ago by my father. I've been meaning to upload them here to SS, but before I do that, I know I need a property release. And that is okay, my father can and will sign it for me. However, I would like to know whether I can get a "cumulative" property release for all the photos, or do I have to make him sign dozens of releases for each photo (and there are a lot! ) And if I can get a single release for all of them, what would you suggest me to put in the "Description of property" field? Thanks in advance!
  16. kyogesh01


    From the album: kumar yogesh photography

    © kumar yogesh photography

  17. Hi, I'm relatively new to stock photography, less than a year, and I've still to get my head around the do's and don'ts when it comes to what I can, or can't upload to Shutterstock. One area I would like help understanding is that of antique and vintage photographs. I have emailed support twice on this matter but to date I've had no reply. I have a modest collection, around 600, of antique and vintage negatives dating from 1898 to 1960 which I have purchased along with the copyright mainly from 'an online auction website'. The negatives cover a wide range of subject matter including landscapes, daily life, portraiture etc. To the best of my knowledge there are no copies of any of the negatives nor have they been published except on my website. When I get the negatives I clean them, make a high quality scan, then in Photoshop I remove dust spots, scratches and obvious damage before correcting any exposure problems. Would these be of interest to Shutterstock as editorial images, if so how do I submit them? Is there a market for such images? Some of the images are on my website at www.bramalls.co.uk Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer. Regards Steve Bramall
  18. From the album: Hodag Not Serious

    Ben Franklin

    © Expired

  19. I have this refused for intellectual property... I guess that is because of the design on the wall. Is there a chance to have it approved without the release?

    © Bogdan Vija

  20. From the album: My Pics

    Old store in Brazoria, Texas.

    © Michael D Winters 2015

  21. Hi Guys! Sorry, maybe the problem is my English, but i do not understand the expression mentioned above. I have uploaded a batch of images of Venice, Carneval and the city as well from 1999. The were shot on flim and film scanned in high resolution. All of them were rejected with this rerason: Vintage Content Property Release. What do I need to do so? Thanks! Attila
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