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Found 33 results

  1. sky blue in high with a stunning texture Cloud while on shot
  2. This is a view of clouds from the park
  3. This is a low angle pic of sand
  4. Hi everyone, I have been doing aerial photography with a drone but I have not had good results so far although I would like to invest more time. What do you think of the current photos I've done so far? Here is the link: www.shutterstock.com/sets/106129262-drone-photography.html?rid=162882788 Thank you.
  5. Outline View / Pixel View -- Vector must not open in outline view / pixel preview. Anyone knows how this work why my vectors are not approwed... I upload 200 vectors before and i never get this i faild with upload 50 vectors... Thanks
  6. Just curious on what people think about this one. I feel it maybe a tad over processed ?

    © Keith Donegan

  7. hello! i am new here and my question is how can i see viewing statistics not selling. if nothing is sold how can i know if anyone looked at my work? couldnt find this topic here any where! thanks
  8. Hi. Where can I see the statistics of the images in the website? Because I want to see how many times they have been viewed, how many times they have been downloaded and in what categories they are. Thank you.
  9. Greetings everyone, August has been a good month for me sales wise. No complaints. Curious, rather, that I haven't shown a single portfolio view all month (pretty sure, at least). Anyone else? andy
  10. So far i think one of my best works, what do you think ?
  11. Sorry about posting this but I have attempted to contact Contributor "support" but I have never heard back from anyone. I am truly confused. It appears I have two...maybe THREE separate and independent portfolios....one for FOOTAGE/VIDEOS and two for images. How is that possible and why are they separated? When I go to my profile link http://shutterstock.com/g/pitompkins only my IMAGES are showing. THEN I actually have two completely different galleries. http://www.shutterstock.com/g/Tompkins+Photo for my IMAGES and http://www.shutterstock.com/video/gallery/575902/ for my FOOTAGE. All three appear separate. How can these be combined into one. Why are they separate? Thanks.
  12. joanna sobon


    From the album: Spain

  13. joanna sobon


    From the album: Spain

    © joanna sobon

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