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Found 138 results

  1. Hello there, since photo JPG is not supported what is the best settings for encoding video? what settings do you use? is h2.64 mp4 2 vbr pass target 150 bitrate ok? with quicktime (for a mov file) what are the best settings now that Photojpg ius gone? can't seem to find something that works with quicktime....or should i move to prores? And what prores is best for microstock? thx in advance...
  2. Hello all, I am a photo contributor since almost one year ago. On february I decided to start uploading videos and what I found is that video review works very bad here on Shutterstock and not in other similar stock platforms. My history, 1. 4th February I started to upload videos on the platform, I sent around 200 videos to review. 2. 21th February, nobody review 87 videos and since nobody review it the platform decided to delete it as the period for review is equally to the period that we have for submitting content 3 weeks. 3. 4th March, I upload again all the content plus additional videos, the latest videos sent, no matter if there were from the first batch, were reviewed but still pending 118 videos 4. 14th March, today I have still 118 pending videos that are going to be deleted the 21st March if nobody review it I would like to know why Shutterstock can delete the items without being reviewed, I found that not so professional and not good for us as contributors, if at the end we are the ones that create the content on Shutterstock, why do we received these technical support from them? no technical support since I don't have been answered by a technical expert in all my communications with Shutterstock just with people that said is going to a higher level to be reviewed. Is there anybody facing the same problem? Kind regards, Javier Ramos (abriendomundo)
  3. Hello All, This Thread is created to show your latest video clip downloaded today. Share your video clip.
  4. Hi, I'm new to shutterstock! I've uploaded several video clips, but I can't seem to be able to change the titles after they were uploaded. Is there some way I can do it I haven't found yet? Can you do it after they are approved?
  5. Quite regularly my videos are rejected because of "Clip exhibits issues related to frame rate or shutter speed." I believe that in rare cases the curator noticed something like a jello effect after occasional tripod shake and therefore made such a decision. But in most cases, I'm just puzzled. I've got rejections of both camera footage and CGI compositions, with the same explanation about "issues related to frame rate or shutter speed". Recently made a set of shots in a room with studio lighting, totally motionless tripod and theoretically ideal shutter. They were rejected for the same reason. Yes, I carefully read guidelines. As far as I can tell, I followed all these recommendations long before I started contributing. Since all my clips play on my computers without "jerky motion or visible ghosting", I guess why curators see it differently. Maybe they really stop the video on individual frames to make sure that there are "no ghosting"? Example with the keyboard from guidelines just claims ghosting "unacceptable" not taking into account neither the frame rate nor the speed of the fingers of a person who types on the keyboard. But the usual practice for cinema is to leave some motion blur on moving subjects. To be precise, exactly such a blur, which is obtained at a shutter speed equal to half the frame rate (1/48 for 24 fps). Is it ok for Shutterstock, or really curators were instructed to review each video frame by frame to eliminate any ghosting? My other guess is that it is 4K clips (both ProRes and h.264) are maybe just not playing smoothly on the curators' computers?
  6. Me and my wife last year decided to start a youtube photography travel channel and I was wondering if anyone here also has one? We've both been microstock contributors for about 10 years now and wanted to try something new. If you're a youtuber have you any tips or questions? Share your channel on this thread Here's our latest
  7. I've had a video in the pending review section for a few weeks now. I've had stuff reviewed since this one was submitted. Its ref number is 1024518029. Any advice?
  8. Hello, I was trying to upload videos in m4v format using FileZilla previously and Cyberduck today - failed both times. I don't see my videos in the Content Editor. Any suggestions why this happens? Thanks, Mindaugas
  9. Greetings pro! I'm new here. For the time being, even Shutterstock did not activate my portfolio and did not sell anything. I wanted to know the opinion on the video "winking gopher." Perhaps such questions appear in many. winking gopher I uploaded it as a whole, maybe these videos should be divided into two parts - 1. the gopher grabs the camera 2. the gopher winks (slow) Or did I do everything correctly, didn’t I cut the video? Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! (PS I apologize for my Google translator))
  10. Hallo everybody, these days I've some problems with my video portfolio link as it does not work correctly: it is linked to the general video contributors page and not to mine. Anyone has already experienced the same issue? Already written to the SS contributors help center three times but no answer or fixing yet. Many thanks in advance. Massimiliano i.e. https://www.shutterstock.com/it/video/clip-1022746879 (ma3d) wrongly lands to this https://www.shutterstock.com/it/video/search?contributor=ma3d
  11. When will it be possible to share our Portfolio on Facebook? Galleries can not be saved. It always gives me error.
  12. We are excited to announce that as part of our ongoing site upgrades, approved video clips will now be visible and accessible via the Catalog Manager. This will allow you to perform all the functions currently available for images (sorting and filtering), except for creating Sets. We plan to introduce Sets for video clips later this year. Clips that are pending review and that were rejected can still be viewed on the Approval Status page. Improvements for the Approval Status pages are also in the works and will be coming shortly -- stay tuned!
  13. Shutterstock doesn't display the tech info about files from the preview pages. Now I have sales support people writing to me to ask if files are for sale in ProRes. ProRes is the file format I've used for all clips on Shutterstock. Shutterstock can and should display this information on the file page, especially if customers are asking.
  14. Rejected tab is now Reviewed tab By popular demand we’ve replaced the "Rejected" tab with the "Reviewed" tab. Your rejected and approved content from the last 21 days will now be in one easy place to find. As an added bonus, you also have the ability to filter for just Approved or just Rejected content! Keyword Suggestions for Videos We also want to introduce the auto keyword tool for videos. Suggested keywords can be applied to videos you are submitting, or to your previously approved clips. Whenever you create or edit metadata for your content, remember to keep in mind our Title and Keyword Guidelines.
  15. Hello! For about 3 years, I uploaded video on the Shutterstock with the following parameters: File Format - QuickTime .mov Frame Rates - 30 Resolution - 1920х1080 Channels - RGB+Alpha channel Codec - PNG Until October 2018 there were no problems with these videos. For almost 2 months now, when trying to upload such videos to Shutterstock, they do not appear in pending, but an error message appears: "We do not currently support the codec of your video. Please re-export to one of our accepted codecs. Learn more about our technical requirements." I did not change anything in the render settings of my videos. And on all other microstock this files are uploaded without any problems. I tried to upload those videos that are ALREADY in my portfolio, but nothing changes. Video does not appear in pending, and I see the same error. I have contacted Shutterstock technical support 3 times already. I am constantly asked to read the technical requirements that I know and do everything in accordance with them. When I send details with screenshots about how I make videos, they tell me "I would like to inform you that your case has been escalated to the concerned department on priority basis and I will get back to you as soon as I get the update and assist you further." And this is all - further silence and ignore. I sent an example of such a video to tech support so that they could tell what technical requirement was not met. But there is no answer and probably will not be. Why am I sure that the problem is on the side of Shutterstock: 1 - I uploaded these videos for about 3 years - no problem. I haven't changed anything in settings since then. 2 - Even previously approved similar videos are not uploaded - the same error. 3 - There are no problems with all the other leading microstocks (Pond5, Adobe, Videohive, 123rf). I just want to ask if anyone has encountered this problem? If so, maybe you solved it somehow? Thanks
  16. Hello. I've been experiencing some problems with uploading my video clips. The video files are less than 1GB, however, it takes more than an hour to upload them lately. It used to be quick, like just 15 minutes or so before. So I'm wondering why it becomes so slow. Moreover, even an hour later of uploading the videos, I receive error messages on the submit content page. Somehow some video clips failed to be uploaded or were uploaded twice at a time. So it seems like something is wrong with the system. When I upload the same files to other websites, there is no problem. I hope you could help me solve this problem. Kind regards.
  17. Most popular tab for video shows Crossroads portfolio on first pages, if you use keyword "man" then in first places you can see Crossroads footages on the top (even drone footages without people)
  18. Excuse me, what does the CSV file mean? Is it mandatory to insert it?
  19. I have 65+ videos in my port and have never sold one. Can you edit footage keywords afterwards. Any other suggestions would be welcome.
  20. Just a question. How do I submit my video content to my profile listing?
  21. I am new to video upload. I'm using FileZilla to uploading my videos. Video is 6 seconds long (3.5megabytes). When the video is uploaded completely I refresh the submit content window. But my videos don't show there. I'm using Adobe Media Encoder for Encoding my files. The settings are H.264 3860x2160, 60fps, Progressive, CBR 240, No Audio. I need to know how to properly upload? Is there anything wrong with my settings? How do I fix this Problem? Thanks.
  22. Hey everyone. I submitted 7 clips in MOV format about three hours ago. They all were transferred successfully using the ftp.shutterstock.com connection, using Filezilla. None of those files are appearing in my contributor dashboard in the "Submit Content" section. Am I doing something wrong or is it the wait time that is very big until the video files show up for tagging and submit? It's the first time I'm trying to upload videos so I'm not sure if I'm doing everything correctly. Do I need to upload the files to a specific folder in the FTP server or is the root folder the right one? I uploaded to the root folder but I noticed that there is a "release" folder there also. Should I upload there instead? Any tips would be very appreciated, thank you! Best regards Rui
  23. I have 4K footage I want to upload to my portfolio but not sure if I should compress them using H.264, Apple ProRes 422, or Uncompressed 8-bit/10-bit ? Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi, the link to the "Active videos" page in dashboard only redirects me to search on SS video library. That separate page where only my active videos are shown is for me no longer accessible. The link to "Active images" is fine, only the link to "Active videos" is somehow wrong. I can only see the videos overview in Catalog Manager. It is only my problem, or is it a bug in dashboard? This is a link to Active videos: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/gallery/196128110?language=en and here I am always redirected: https://www.shutterstock.com/cs/video/search?contributor=Pavel Rumlena Edit. Now I noticed that if I want to look at anyone's video portfolio, the same thing happens and I'm not able to see only the videos of that particular author. There is definitely a bug in the system.
  25. I mainly come from the stock PHOTO side, but recently acquired a gopro hero6 and may look into adding extra clips purely for stock. Any advice for using the gopro/video for SS? For example.. - Should I shoot in 4K? I am not sure if the 4K is "good enough" but I imagine a resized 4K to 1080p also looks better than native 1080p? - Is high FPS (slow motion) content valuable? Is it even supported on SS? Appreciate any insights or advice you guys may have!
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