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Found 123 results

  1. Antony McAulay

    Show your YouTube Videos!

    Me and my wife last year decided to start a youtube photography travel channel and I was wondering if anyone here also has one? We've both been microstock contributors for about 10 years now and wanted to try something new. If you're a youtuber have you any tips or questions? Share your channel on this thread Here's our latest
  2. Rejected tab is now Reviewed tab By popular demand we’ve replaced the "Rejected" tab with the "Reviewed" tab. Your rejected and approved content from the last 21 days will now be in one easy place to find. As an added bonus, you also have the ability to filter for just Approved or just Rejected content! Keyword Suggestions for Videos We also want to introduce the auto keyword tool for videos. Suggested keywords can be applied to videos you are submitting, or to your previously approved clips. Whenever you create or edit metadata for your content, remember to keep in mind our Title and Keyword Guidelines.
  3. Just a question. How do I submit my video content to my profile listing?
  4. I am new to video upload. I'm using FileZilla to uploading my videos. Video is 6 seconds long (3.5megabytes). When the video is uploaded completely I refresh the submit content window. But my videos don't show there. I'm using Adobe Media Encoder for Encoding my files. The settings are H.264 3860x2160, 60fps, Progressive, CBR 240, No Audio. I need to know how to properly upload? Is there anything wrong with my settings? How do I fix this Problem? Thanks.
  5. Hey everyone. I submitted 7 clips in MOV format about three hours ago. They all were transferred successfully using the ftp.shutterstock.com connection, using Filezilla. None of those files are appearing in my contributor dashboard in the "Submit Content" section. Am I doing something wrong or is it the wait time that is very big until the video files show up for tagging and submit? It's the first time I'm trying to upload videos so I'm not sure if I'm doing everything correctly. Do I need to upload the files to a specific folder in the FTP server or is the root folder the right one? I uploaded to the root folder but I noticed that there is a "release" folder there also. Should I upload there instead? Any tips would be very appreciated, thank you! Best regards Rui
  6. LuisTV

    4K video compression?

    I have 4K footage I want to upload to my portfolio but not sure if I should compress them using H.264, Apple ProRes 422, or Uncompressed 8-bit/10-bit ? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, the link to the "Active videos" page in dashboard only redirects me to search on SS video library. That separate page where only my active videos are shown is for me no longer accessible. The link to "Active images" is fine, only the link to "Active videos" is somehow wrong. I can only see the videos overview in Catalog Manager. It is only my problem, or is it a bug in dashboard? This is a link to Active videos: https://www.shutterstock.com/video/gallery/196128110?language=en and here I am always redirected: https://www.shutterstock.com/cs/video/search?contributor=Pavel Rumlena Edit. Now I noticed that if I want to look at anyone's video portfolio, the same thing happens and I'm not able to see only the videos of that particular author. There is definitely a bug in the system.
  8. Kaitlyn McLachlan

    GoPro footage questions

    I mainly come from the stock PHOTO side, but recently acquired a gopro hero6 and may look into adding extra clips purely for stock. Any advice for using the gopro/video for SS? For example.. - Should I shoot in 4K? I am not sure if the 4K is "good enough" but I imagine a resized 4K to 1080p also looks better than native 1080p? - Is high FPS (slow motion) content valuable? Is it even supported on SS? Appreciate any insights or advice you guys may have!
  9. Ronald Plett

    my videos are gone

    I cant see my video. i actually only have one but its gone. any one else having this issue or is it just me?
  10. I read somewhere that reviewers get paid based on the number of rejections. If that is true, than it is really bad.
  11. Sandymount Video

    Video Collections / Clipboxes

    I created some Collections / Clipboxes on my video portfolio a while back. In the interim, I've shot loads of content which I'd like to add to their respective collections but I just can't seem to figure it out, either from the SS landing page or the Contrib page. Can't drag and drop, no "add to collection" option / button while editing footage or after approval. It seems that once a collection is created it can't be added to. Using Safari & Chrome on Mac if that makes any difference. Video seems to be the poor relation in SS world - still no location tags on video sales, lots of bugs when trying to organise, share, promote content. Anyone experiencing the same? Tips appreciated
  12. Jonathan Mitchell Images

    Medium term revenue from Shutterstock images

    Hello to all fellow Shutterstock contributors! I've been submitting images to Shutterstock for a couple of years now, here and there and have a small portfolio of 500 or so images. These earn on a monthly average, about $10-15 or annually, I earn around $0.45 per image / per year on average (this has gone up from an average of $0.40 / per image / per year. Much of my portfolio is Editorial. I do very little Commercial model-released stock, though around 50% is wildlife and landscape images. I'm just curious as to how those with larger portfolios and a longer track-record with Shutterstock are doing? Especially those who have a fair bit of Editorial stock in their collection, as it helps me plan how much time I devote to Shutterstock in the future. To be frank, Shutterstock has a fair volume of sales, but I find that $0.25 and $1.88 licenses don't really supply me with enough money to cover the high cost of producing stock images. I would also be interested to hear from anyone who is making reasonable returns with a 50/50 editorial/commercial collection similar in subject matter to my own. Thanks in advance and look forward to reading any replies!
  13. Hey guys, does anybody know how to customize the video thumbnail? It seems i can't do it anymore.
  14. Nahlik

    Videos larger than 4 GB

    This is the question mainly to SS Staff. Some of longer 4K footages (50-60 seconds) in your preferred format (MOV, PhotoJPEG, 75% quality), are larger than 4GB (but less than 5 GB). What solution do you advise in such a case? Submitting the MP4 file in the best quality (always smaller than 1GB)? Making MOV in lower quality? Cutting the footage into 2 shorter ones? I presently submit MP4 files, which are also accepted. I’m fully conscious, that clients usually use shorter clips, but as my footages are usually aerial flyby, approaching or revealing videos of big tourist attractions, I prefer to leave a customer the choice, which part of the video best fits his/her needs. BTW, What about extending the file limit to 5GB, like in some other agencies?
  15. Hi everyone, Can anyone recommend a software that can export 4k at 60fps and HD at 180fps, something inexpensive if possible (no subscription). I don't have much to edit, just trim and mute audio, then export in the same format (MP4). I was using Premiere elements 15 for lower framerate but it can't handle more. I saw on YouTube that there is a workaround for 60fps but too complicated for me. Thank you.
  16. Hey guys, have any of you noticed a difference in your video clips being purchased at a higher rate if they've been color graded or left flat? Thanks
  17. Dear Shutterstock people, I've been trying to upload my media (specifically, footage), already keyworded in Adobe Bridge, but the keywords and descriptions are ignored by the new "To Submit" page. I am filling the IPTC fields, IPTC_Description and IPTC_Keywords, which in Bridge also fill the standard (base) keywords and description fields in the file info. Any idea why this is going on? For the staff, I now have one test file, uploaded and ready to submit, that contains metadata but which do not appear in the "To Submit" page, meaning I'd have to redo the work. Help very much appreciated! Thanks, Elio
  18. I'm very confused right now. On Saturday I uploaded 3 videos and submitted with titles and keywords. Until Monday evening, everything looked normal. The dashboard displayed 3 files under "Videos" --> "pending approval". Tuesday morning, the surprise: The dashboard shows "0" videos under "penfing approval", but the 3 videos are neither under "recent rejections" nor under "active videos". They're completely gone, untraceable, as if they never existed. Does anyone else have a similar problem? Or an idea where my videos have gone? Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator
  19. Hello! During my vacation in Asia I filmed (4K) long beach with palms, sand, sea and people on the beach. My drone my flying beside the beach (not exactly over people) at the height ~30 meters with speed ~30 km/h and many people can be seen on the video. But they are very difficult to identify, even it is difficult to see myself, that it is me, when drone flies beside that part of beach where I stand and control it. I wonder if I should submit it as an ordinary video or editorial? Thanks for help.
  20. Whiteaster

    Software for .mov

    Can anyone please recommend a software for Windows that imports/exports .mov files, doesn't freeze and doesn't cost a fortune? Just for basic editing, highlights, shadows, darken, lighten, .....PS family, Capture NX and Movie Maker excluded. Thanks.
  21. Just wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing FTP server disconnection's on large 1gb+ video uploads over the last couple of weeks? I've already contacted Shutterstock support with a log file and tried there recommendations as listed below without any luck. They suggested my antivirus might be an issue, which i think they are referring to the firewall built into the anti-virus, i just added new firewall exceptions for filezilla to be sure, but that didn't work. Sort of run out of options of what to do now, anyone else have a solution? Troubleshooting FTP errors: If you receive an error message in your FTP client about TLS settings, please turn TLS off. If the connection times out after a certain period of time, set the FTP client to Passive Mode. Go to the general settings and set the timeout in seconds value to 0, this will allow it to maintain a passive connection indefinitely. Then, go to the Site Manager, enter ftp.shutterstock.com in as the Host, Select FTP as the protocol and select Only Use Plain FTP as the encryption setting. Type in the Shutterstock Contributor username and password then, hit connect.
  22. Eduard Muzhevskyi

    My first video sale!

    So excited about it! Just woke up in the morning, checked Contributor page as usual, and BAM +$60! There's no better feeling than when your creations are appreciated. What do you think of my portfolio? How can I make it better? Thanks for your time!
  23. David Steele

    4K Video Software

    Hi All A couple of years ago I uploaded a number of HD video clips onto Shutterstock and I've enjoyed some good sales. I was working with Adobe Premiere Pro on a one-year subscription at the time. I now have an Olympus OMD EM1 Mk II and am starting to shoot 4K video with it. My question is, 'Can any one recommend some good, inexpensive video-editing Mac software that's capable of outputting in 4K?' I'm talking about simple video clips so I do not need a lot of sophistication (or expense!) but I do need 4K. I've noted that some agencies prefer their video clips to be pretty raw and in this case was wondering if anyone has just used Lightroom for this? Also, does anyone use Wondershare Filmora 3 for editing their clips for Shutterstock? I know DaVinci Resolve is good but the free version does not allow 4K output.
  24. David Steele

    Inexpensive 4K Video Software

    Hi All A couple of years ago I uploaded a number of HD video clips onto Shutterstock and I've enjoyed some good sales. I was working with Adobe Premiere Pro on a one-year subscription at the time. I now have an Olympus OMD EM1 Mk II and am starting to shoot 4K video with it. My question is, 'Can any one recommend some good, inexpensive video-editing software that's capable of outputting in 4K?' I'm talking about simple video clips so I do not need a lot of sophistication but I do need 4K output. I'd appreciate your advice and have looked through the forum but couldn't see anything that answered my question. . . .
  25. Hi, I am having an issue with submitting video, and I have no idea what's wrong : 1. I use the same FTP program and settings (Filezilla) as for my photos. My photos appear in "submit photos", but my video clips don't. So I suppose my upload settings are correct. 2. Clips upload in a normal way, and Filezilla reports "upload successful". 3. I wait for 24 hours, 3 days, 1 week ... the clips do not appear on the page "submit video". 4. My clips are part of a series, all rendered on the same day with the same settings, and a few months ago, I could submit them and they were accepted. They also are of the same size and length. So if 3 months ago, similar clips were OK, and my Filezilla settings are OK, what can be wrong ? I have been trying every week for more than a month now, and they never appear on the "submit video" page. Any suggestions are VERY welcome!