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Found 164 results

  1. Hi All A couple of years ago I uploaded a number of HD video clips onto Shutterstock and I've enjoyed some good sales. I was working with Adobe Premiere Pro on a one-year subscription at the time. I now have an Olympus OMD EM1 Mk II and am starting to shoot 4K video with it. My question is, 'Can any one recommend some good, inexpensive video-editing Mac software that's capable of outputting in 4K?' I'm talking about simple video clips so I do not need a lot of sophistication (or expense!) but I do need 4K. I've noted that some agencies prefer their video clips to be pretty raw and in this case was wondering if anyone has just used Lightroom for this? Also, does anyone use Wondershare Filmora 3 for editing their clips for Shutterstock? I know DaVinci Resolve is good but the free version does not allow 4K output.
  2. https://ak.picdn.ne t/shutterstock/videos/30286051/preview/stock-footage-red-marker-map-pointer-sign-isolated-on-white-falls-and-rotate-geographical-and-gps-location-video.webm
  3. Can you guys tell me, which kind of video sells better on shutterstock. Or show me your top sold video/videos on shutterstock.
  4. Hey. I have good experience with photography, but almost no experience with video. Please, help me figure it out Tell me what format is better to encode video for shutterstock. I shot in the same conditions with a tripod. But video H.264 was refused "Content contains noise, film grain, compression artifacts, pixelation, and / or posterization that detracts from the main subject." And video with the PhotoJPEG video was accepted. 1. Is it better to always use PhotoJPEG? My camera Canon mark3 if it matters 2. Do I need to delete the audio track in the editorial of the video at the shutter? 3. Is it worth correcting video by analogy with a photo (exposure, saturation, etc.) if it is not an art video. Or is it preferable to have a natural video and the buyer will change it for himself? What do you usually edit in a video? 4.Do you always use a tripod when shooting video? Did you manage to shoot high quality video without a tripod? 5.My tripod shakes near the roads because of the cars. Is this a bad tripod or is it worth hanging a backpack with stones down on the hook? 6.Which tripod head do you prefer when shooting both video and stills?
  5. Hi All A couple of years ago I uploaded a number of HD video clips onto Shutterstock and I've enjoyed some good sales. I was working with Adobe Premiere Pro on a one-year subscription at the time. I now have an Olympus OMD EM1 Mk II and am starting to shoot 4K video with it. My question is, 'Can any one recommend some good, inexpensive video-editing software that's capable of outputting in 4K?' I'm talking about simple video clips so I do not need a lot of sophistication but I do need 4K output. I'd appreciate your advice and have looked through the forum but couldn't see anything that answered my question. . . .
  6. In a few months i will start uploading PRORES because it is a pain both storage and uploading speed. So, for now, i just want to know how do you export h264 actually to get the higest quality. For this example i have a original clip 4K UHD in h264 100mbps from a sony a6400 8 bit camera. So, my export settings in Premiere after do all edit process will be: check Render at maximum depth Profile: High (i have just discovered this parameter that seems important) Level: 5.1 Bitrate: VBR, 2 pass - target: 110 (here I like to add 10 mbps more than the original clip) - max: 110 check Use maximum render quality What do you thing? And how do you do it? Regards.
  7. Can anyone please recommend a software for Windows that imports/exports .mov files, doesn't freeze and doesn't cost a fortune? Just for basic editing, highlights, shadows, darken, lighten, .....PS family, Capture NX and Movie Maker excluded. Thanks.
  8. Hello! I recently had a video sale for 0.26!!! How is that possible? I was aware of 1.5 sales but this??? Even less than an image? Please someone explain this to me.
  9. Can anybody tell me how many times they have received this with their uploads: Noise / Artifacts: Content contains noise, film grain, compression artifacts, pixelation, and/or posterization that detracts from the main subject. I uploaded 6 videos and all were rejected, yet I uploaded the same videos on competitor platforms, Pond5 and Adobe Stock and they were all accepted. I've added a screen shot of the video to this post, keep in mind the original video 2.7k so the screen shot wont be the same quality but as for the rejection who knows Any thoughts would be appreciated UPDATE: I was informed that I can try to re-submit the same videos again if I think they were rejected in error. Which would mean re-uploading through FTP yet again, Looks like Im cancelling my account
  10. Hi everyone I am new here not sure what I am doing. Any advice welcome. I am a model and have a portfolio of photographs. I have a large library of animal photography. I travelled to Mauritius and also have nice video and photo content. Any suggestions on what I can do/ sell/ gain from the above? Many thanks
  11. Nice having the video sales on the map, but from contributor perspective will be much more useful additional statistics related to the sales that pointless dots on the map. This feature was prommises few years back and still "video earnings not available". undesratnding what sold a clip will provide us better insights on customers mind therefore generating business for shutterstock AND contributors.
  12. Howdy folks, I scrambled up the NC coast for a car camping trip (literally- CR-V's make excellent tents), and to pack as lightly as I could** just brought along a static travel tripod (Manfrotto Element Large Carbon) and my Ronin-S. I executed a few pan/tilt shots when the wind wasn't terrible by keyframing with the Ronin App. Sort of a poor man's motion control. My question is about technique, as I could see it being useful in day to day shots back home: during playback, I can see that the Ronin speed ramps to get smooth motion, but I'm noticing that it's almost a bell curve: slowish to WHOA NELLY to slow again. Most of my pans were between 16-24mm on a crop body. The nodal point of the camera seemed pretty well centered. I'm wondering if this acceleration is a product of the speed ramping, bending around the distortion of a wide angle lens (I see this unintentional vertigo effect on Youtube vlogs all the time), or something else. Ungraded clip attached for an example. Anyone have experience with this behavior? I'm going to tool around the outskirts of Raleigh this week and do some testing. Plenty of time to mess around now that all media gigs are on hold. **Ok I lied. I lost my fluid head panning arm at a gig a few weeks back and haven't gotten the replacement in yet. Bodie Island Web.mp4
  13. Hi! I googled and checked the technical requirements for video, but still find it unclear if Shutterstock accepts vertical video content. Please advise. Thanks, Anton
  14. What are people’s thoughts? I have a couple videographer friends who have great footage and are not SS contributors. They would cut shots to length and label. I keyword and upload on my account. Split 50/50 with payout quarterly. I think contributors with tens of thousands of clips do something similar.
  15. Hi Is there any way to change the Thumbnail of a video clip when you are submitting? Or can you change it once accepted? Also, can you write notes to the inspectors? I've seen the standard notes but would like the option on some clips to metion things. Many thanks
  16. Greetings pro! I'm new here. For the time being, even Shutterstock did not activate my portfolio and did not sell anything. I wanted to know the opinion on the video "winking gopher." Perhaps such questions appear in many. winking gopher I uploaded it as a whole, maybe these videos should be divided into two parts - 1. the gopher grabs the camera 2. the gopher winks (slow) Or did I do everything correctly, didn’t I cut the video? Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! (PS I apologize for my Google translator))
  17. This clip might hold the record for my quickest sale. Approved and sold within 24 hours. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1041651721-seattle-washington-november-2019-people-walking-jogging This is a close second. It was very newsworthy at the time. https://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-1020097138-san-diego-california-s-november-2018-members
  18. Colleagues! Uploaded more than 700 videos. No sales yet. Show me which video you like and why. It will be great if you guess the movie that will be bought first. video portfolio
  19. Hello guys Which fps is better to shoot videos? Will the fps will affect my sales ? how and why ?
  20. Hello! When I watch a preview of my videos with alpha channel I see a double image. (This static double image is a thumbnail.) As in the screenshot. In the original video, nothing like this. I use google chrome. There are no such problems on other microstocks. tech support said: delete your contents and upload them again I upload them again - nothing changed.
  21. This query is for the experts and anyone who creates video tuts for youtube etc. I'm looking for decent screen capture software for the PC. It would be awesome if the software included things like highlighted cursor, etc.If it posted shortcut keystrokes onscreen as it went that would be awesome although I'm thinking its likely no one has that. Any sharing of your knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
  22. So Filezilla seems to upload multiple clips of the same video file, my question is there anyway to preview these before I submit it? Currently it is only giving me an option of re-downloading the file all over again which is pure waste of time since most of my files are large 4K and that is a pure waste of time to see if the file uploaded is fully done or not.
  23. I would like to delete an approved video. How can I do? Thanks, ALe
  24. Can anyone tell me if I can upscale a 1920x1080 video to 2702x1520 (2k) and upload for sale? I did it and getting rejection due to wrong aspect ratio. But I followed all the rules (H.264, 16:9 aspect ratio listed in the website, 60fps, not letterboxed or pillarboxed or matted). Can anyone tell me if I can do this? I have some decent full hd videos which i can upscale to 4k and upload.but first I want to know if it is allowed or not??
  25. I have had a batch of 5 videos rejected for containing noise, but I don't see any noise or artifacts in the clips. This happens a lot and normally it only happens with my drone footage. What is most frustrating is that the same clips were accepted by Pond 5. Not sure if it is against the rules, but I have posted a link to one of the videos on P5 if someone would like to take a look and offer any advise on how to avoid these rejections. Thanks. https://www.pond5.com/stock-footage/113534891/aerial-landscape-river.html
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