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Found 29 results

  1. Hi! So, I have a vector that keeps being rejected. A similar one, with one difference was accepted. The rejections keep being "Linked Images / Bitmaps / Raster Effects: Vectors containing linked images, bitmaps, and/or raster effects are not acceptable." I use Inkscape and when to View-> Outlines to see what was going on because there aren't any images in my vector. There is a green line showing a clipping path that I created from different colored rectangles to get a different shape. Could that be an issue? Does SS not accept clipping sets?
  2. Hello, my name is Helena and im in Shutterstock since October 2019. I upload vectors, jpg and videos, but until today I was not having sells, can you please see my work and if possible giving me hints how I can improve myself in order to have sells in the future? Thanks for your help 😊 https://www.shutterstock.com/g/Helena+de+Almeida
  3. Hey Guys i want to know is selling vector on Shutterstock really worth it because i have 5 vector stock but 2 months no sales any Guide Please.
  4. Does anyone experience issues with uploading EPS files? Every time I uploaded vector EPS files (without JPGs according latest guidlines), no matter via FTP client or website form - they just disappeared like I never uploaded them. They never appeared: empty page, no files at all. When I tried to upload vectors in old-fashion way (along with JPG preview images) I got an error "you have to mark those images as illustrations", which means basically that the system still accepts raster images, but refuses vector files for some reason, no matter if they accompanied with JPSs or not.
  5. February started horrible with 6-9 downloads per day... I contacted shutter a couple of times that I only seem to have downloads before noon, after that it's like they hit stop and for 12 hours no downloads at all, and this goes like this for weeks, this way I loose the possible customers from USA, Brasil and from the whole american continent...They always respond to my mails with the same standard email for any problem. I would like to know if anyone (who sells vectors) experienced anything similar? And if anyone who is a member for a long time has also weak download numbers like me?
  6. Hello! Are drop shadows accepted for vectors? Do they need to be expanded? TIA S:)
  7. I have this problem for several days. Uploading through browser works fine, but when I am uploading vectors through ftp, all accompanied jpg-images have the same error "Your file xxxxxxx.jpg could not be processed due to invalid format." And as a result, I can't submit any vector. What can I do or how soon will it be fixed?
  8. Hello people, I have read a lot of post here in the forum but this is my first post. I am contributing to Shutterstock for more than 2 years, my portfolio contains more than 260.000 files, and I have reached the highest level of the amount earned per download as a shutter stock contributor, which means that when shutter stock sells one of my files for their Best value (just $0.27 an image) I receive more than that, so shutter stock doesn't earn from my sales. Three days ago, in my surprise, I received an email from Jon, a member of Shutterstock Submit Department saying the following: "Hello Robert, Your Shutterstock contributor account has been terminated due to violations of our content guidelines. Your portfolio contained excessively similar images that have only minor differences. This kind of duplication creates a poor customer experience and it is not permitted. For further information, please review How is Similar Content Defined? You will receive your final payment during our next payout cycle. Regards, Jon Shutterstock Contributor Care Team" I replied in that email, saying: "Hi Jon, I read carefully the guidelines How is "Similar Content" Defined? and I would like to oppose my point of view regarding this awkward situation that came up for both of us. Please, do not consider this as an act of disrespect on your face and/or Shutterstock, but as an act of respect on our excellent collaboration up to this moment and as an act of respect to your customers, actually I am mailing you to give explanation of how I have treated your customers up to now. 1. To begin with, in that article shutterstock mentions "Submitting subtle variations of the same image can be considered content spamming and is not permitted." Well, In my case I do not create content with subtle variations that the user couldn't use. I design icons to be used in the web and at the same time on Android and iOS apps. The way that I treat my work is shown in the attached image/process. I design elements for the web and then I transform them into buttons for mobile apps, both for the inner app interface and the dropdown settings list that we all are familiar at the home screen of our mobiles. As you can see I design usable icons for our common customers, the target market I am aiming are mostly web designers and developers, in that case their main concern is to save resources needed to create their final results and I am contributing in that, and this is also the main mission for Shutterstock I think based in Shutterstock's annual report for investors where you state your mission and vision. 2. In the same article shutterstock continues saying "We continuously evaluate our collection and remove images that do not meet our policies." Well, In my case and I think in most cases our submitted content passes through a rigorous evaluation process as shutterstock mentions in your annual report. Based on that, the evaluators should have rejected these problematic files that you consider as spam and I should have been notified not to submit such files anymore. Even if this is not the case here, then based in this line on your guidelines the next expected act would have been to remove these problematic files and not terminating the account. 3. In the same article shutterstock continues saying "Intentional disregard of any of Shutterstock’s policies can result in account termination." Well, In my case As I mentioned in my email from last night, this act wasn't intentional at all, and how it should be actually? I am not an enemy or competitor of shutterstock, I am doing business with you and we both make money out of the same customers, so it is a win win situation. Why I would intentionally disrespect of this situation and harm shutterstock and my earnings in any way? 4. In the same article shutterstock continues by paying much more attention in details saying "Same image with different text. Excessive submissions of this type are not allowed." Well, In my case I do submit icons in two formats, one is an illustration and the other is a vector and this is because there are two segments in the audience I am targeting, those who have the technical knowledge of graphic design and they could handle vectors and those who they don't have the technical knowledge of graphic design and they only need an icon to add it on their code or flyer or anywhere. Both files are indicated appropreately in the attached image. I use the illustrator file as a seperate file from the same vector because some customers who do not know how to handle vector wouldn't know how to remove the tagline of vector, and on the other side I am using the vector indication so as to be recognisable by graphic designer and save them time from looking around into only jpeg illustrations. 5. In the same article shutterstock continues by paying much more attention in details saying "Same image in slightly different colors. Not allowed." well, in my case I use trendspotting methods and I base on future color trends to design my icons, I concluded in six completelly different colors which are those in the attached file. As you can see the colors are completelly different and have nothing in common compared with the previous example image that shutterstock indicates in the article. 6. In the same article shutterstock continues by paying much more attention in details saying "Simple icon with non-essential elements not meant for use by the customer. Not allowed." well in my case as explained before I do not create content with subtle variations that the user couldn't use. I am designing icons to be used in the web and at the same time on Android and iOS apps. 7. In the same article shutterstock continues by saying "Shutterstock aims to enable our customers to find exactly the content they’re looking for quickly and easily. To support this goal, Shutterstock expects contributors to submit content that positively expands the depth and breadth of our collection without unnecessary duplication." well in my case this is exactly what I try to do, I design and submit content having in mind to help the customers to find exactly the content they’re looking for quickly and easily. I don't do unnecessary duplications and this can be seen in my top performers. There as you can see by yourself users appreciate the way I work by downloading exactly the file they are looking for from my collection, for example: • Same icon but with completelly different color based on future color trends (that way they will not spend time to figure out which is the color trends and what color should they change into their vector) • Same icon but in different format illustration vs vector (illustration for not graphic designers, vector for graphic designers) (icons without the vector label doesn't afraid customers who do not know how to remove the label or what does this file is meant to be used) • Same icon but in complete different style (active, idle, on click, etc. actions buttons in most cases that most of us are using in our daily life and do not know how to design or create them) What I tried to express in this email Jon is that I appreciate our customers... I appreciate that shutterstock is there to save them resources, time and money, to show them results that will help them to find exactly the content they’re looking for quickly and easily. I do not intend to harm shutterstock in any way, I am ready to take immediate action on my portfolio to align it with your instructions, so please give me some feedback on what I should do to restore/reactivate my account and make it better and more profitable." Despite the fact that I mailed them three days ago they didn't respond. Does anyone faced the same problem with me? Thank you for your responds!
  9. Edited: How do I upload various images as a set on the Shutterstock upload page? Do I put them in a zipped file or use a special upload page? As I can't find options to upload as a set. Hello fellow contributor, I am new here. I am very happy to share the news that I just made my first $0.25 at Shutterstock. Yeah! I browsed Shutterstock vectors sections and noticed that patterns in sets of 10 are popular. Technical Question: How do I upload my vectors and images in sets? I can't find the option in my upload window. And I also see that the popular sets have a front cover that shows all the 10 patterns in the package too. That is very attractive and useful for the customers. I can design a cover too, but how do I technically upload them as such? Business Question: So selling 10 images in one set... it means the contributor gets... $0.25 for 10 images? Instead of $2.50 for 10 images? Does it make good business sense for us contributors to do that? Thank you!
  10. Hey!! So I had my first vectors approved two weeks ago. Now I have 20 vectors and still haven’t had any sales at all. Is it something really wrong with my portfolio? https://www.shutterstock.com/g/ellova I will be glad to get any feedback!
  11. To become a contributor can i upload images and vector graphics, or just one of the two (images)?
  12. From the album: First SS Vector Set Upload

    First Vectors posted on SS.... Thoughts?
  13. When submitting vectors should I expand symbols (icons) in Illustrator (i.e. Object->Expand) ?
  14. Hi, I'm a newbie to Shutterstock. I uploaded my created vector and submitted to the shutterstock. My work was rejected and got a message "Outline View / Pixel View -- Vector must not open in outline view / pixel preview." What does it mean? How to resolve it in Adobe Illustrator CS4? What are the options are available to avoid this problem? Please kindly help me in resolving this issue.
  15. Hello everyone I've been submitting vectors lately (around 5, 1 per day) and suddenly... all of them have been moved, from "In review" to "rejected images" without sending any e-mail stating the reason why. They don't even state the rejection reason in the "Rejection images" section. Should i just move on, re-submit them or wait some more for the rejection reason? Thanks in advance Héctor
  16. Hi I uploaded 175 vectors to shutter stock and unfortunately by mistake I put yes to editorial but all the submitted images are commercial. After approval when I edit them the editorial option was locked. So is there any way to change this. Thanks in advance.
  17. So on my first accoutn i tried to upload photos only a year ago it didnt pass review. Now I tried to upload vectors but the option too doesn't come up so I can't get past the review process to even get into being a shutterstock contributor.. Shutterstock also don't reply to my email on this bug.. I made another account where it did let me upload a vector / jpg as the option came up but then my id doesnt pass Thank you for submitting your ID/passport to Shutterstock. Unfortunately it wasn’t approved for the following reason: =>You already have a contributor account with Shutterstock. Creating multiple accounts is prohibited. Please respond back to this message atSUBMIT@SHUTTERSTOCK.COM if you need assistance logging into your original account. Thank you for submitting your ID/passport to Shutterstock. Unfortunately it wasn’t approved for the following reason: =>You already have a contributor account with Shutterstock. Creating multiple accounts is prohibited. Please respond back to this message atSUBMIT@SHUTTERSTOCK.COM if you need assistance logging into your original account.
  18. Hello, Do you know of a problem to upload vector to the site? When I am uploading photos and vectors to the site I am getting an error that the photos did not Uploaded with the vector. Sometimes the site upload the photos and sometimes he does not And if they both was successfully upload the site separated them And did not connect the two files Although they are exactly the same name ... When I them for review i discovered that the photos has not uploaded with the vector the files was rejected
  19. I found out that this website http://www.gfxxtra.com/ sold images from my portfolio. I already wrote to support but i dont know when i get the reply. Or what should i do with that? You all should check this site, there are many stolen vectors i think.. my was only vector illustrations. I find it so I was looking my vectors through the Google images. thank for help.
  20. Hi everyone, I had recently uploaded a vector file along with a its jpeg preview (same file name etc). It was approved a couple of days later. When I clicked to view it, I noticed that it had automatically added the preview image available for download which was quite small (800px on the long side) as I had assumed this was only going to be used as a preview rather than a downloadable JPEG. Could someone please clarify as there seems to be some conflicting guides on Shutterstock regarding uploading vectors. http://www.shutterstock.com/blog/uploading-vectors-to-shutterstock-step-by-step This is the guide I followed. It clearly says the JPEG preview should be 800px on the long side at 72 dpi. http://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006631 Now here is another one that says there is no size limit to the JPEG and should be at 300dpi. Please advice... I posted a similar topic regarding uploading a vector seamless pattern where I was advised to upload 3 files, by uploading the JPEG downloadable version with a different name? How then should I associate this with the other 2. Very confusing. Thanks in advance.
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