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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, after some guidance if posisble please. Just started using Procreate on the iPad and uploaded a few files, nothing special by any means. But it seems that I would have a much wider audience if I could upload these files as vectors. Does anyone know how, if it is posible, to convert Procreate files into vectors please? If it is only by loading into Illustrator and using image trace, I seem to remember SS saying several years ago that they were no longer accepting fulll colour trace images, only black line images due to issues with colours, fading, gradients, etc. I may be wro
  2. Just getting started here. I have a small portfolio so far. My tastes run to unique closeups. I love, love, love tweaking or going hogwild with tones and colors in LR or PS. If the quality is there - composition, sharpness, exposure, is there a problem with playing with pixels? I'm thinking in specializing in textures. Also, I had to look up what vector was. Seems like some of my wilder experiments might do better as vectors, or should I post them as both?
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