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Found 7 results

  1. The new contract will eliminate our capacity to decide that our images cannot be used in a sensitive use. For those that shoot models or family this is extremely important as I dont think any of you would like their subjects be used on tobacco alcohol sex,std,etc uses. This will not only upset many models that work now for low accounts or close to nothing but it will also open a can of worms of possible lawsuits as model releases cleary limit defamatory uses and many times sensitive uses can be considered defamatory. This is a GREAT mistake by Shutterstock and I anticipate it will disgrunt contributors models and clients as notices for take down of images will surely increase. I hope that Shutterstock is well aware of the bad decision it is taking. Nobody knows our models better than the photographers and if we stay away from sensitive uses even losing money it is for a very good reason. The huge problems that can arise from such an use do NOT compensate the few dollars that such license pays. I really hope more contributor will take a stance at this bad decision.
  2. hello, i found an Etsy store that sells stickers with my illustrations. what kind of license is required for such usage? thanks
  3. Hello to all! I would like to know (because so far and after everything I read on Shutterstock, it´s still not very clear to me) all the usage for commercial photos? Can they also be used for editorial purposes? I understand that editorial stock photography cannot be used for commercial ends, but what about the opposite? Thank you so much for your help,
  4. Hi Everyone, I wanted to know how do you follow up on how your pictures are used? Meaning, when you see your pictures in a newspaper, magazine, website, ad, etc., do you ever call up the paper/ad/site and ask them if they purchased the photo legally and for a license number? Is it appropriate to call and ask? I'm asking because I fear that a lot of places I see my photos have not purchased them legally and that they are just being passed around between people who haven't legally purchased/bought them. Any advice? Thank you in advance, David
  5. Hello Everyone, Is there a way to find out how or where a licensed photo is being used or published? Thank you. Kelly
  6. My question comes with the doubt of when a customer buys an image for use in a website for example on a article and pays a certain amount of money for that use. But then the same image is used on a poster, flyer, invitation and several other materials. Does SS have any control on that? other example is the manipulation of an image for use on a mocking way, one time i found an image of a model of mine on a website article, sprayed with "Paint" color with horns, tongues and other ridicule things. i contacted the website and threathen to participate of their misuse of my image and ridicule to the model in case, and they removed the article and image on that same day and apoligized. Is SS aware of this, do they "see" what customers do with our photos?
  7. Hi all, I've just been accepted as a contributor and already been notified that my first photo sold! I'm beyong excited to have made my first 25 cents! Having said that, it would also be cool to know how my work is being used? Is there any way to find that out? I realize it might be a crapshoot, but it would be neat to see if possible. Any thoughts! Thanks! Lindsey
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