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Found 3 results

  1. I cannot upload certain EPS documents. For example, "hoodie mockup Black 1" has a required minimum of 4 megapixels (artboard = 2000px x 2000px), which amounts to a file of over 100 megabytes (118 megabytes, to be exact). I then reduced the size of the file "hoodie mockup Black 1B-01" (even though I knew it would be useless, I did it to make a point) to 3,6 megapixels (artboard = 1300px x 1300px). That ended up a file with less than 100 megabytes total (91,9 megabytes), which allowed me to surpass the first step. But, in the final step, the upload is denied, being less than the required 4 megapixels (please see photos attached). Another situation is that I want to upload a file with specific frame measures (A4, A5, A6, 5x6 in…) in the EPS file, which of course results in a small design within an artboard of 2000px x 2000px (please see photos attached). So, I would like to know how can I send such files? Furthermore, I would like to leave the suggestion that, although this new feature is good, reducing the time for uploading, as you can well verify, it is not totally efficient. I would like to suggest keeping this functionality, but with the possibility of, if a EPS and JPEG with the same name are uploaded simultaneously, the review program would give preference to the JPEG file for “preview”, generating an “alert” for the reviewer, to ensure correct matching previews. What I mean is, hold the current procedure, but insert the possibility of using the “old method” for uploading certain EPS files. Best, Pedro Alexandre Teixeira
  2. I am currently thinking about a gear upgrade - as I am on tight budget, however, it would have to be a very modest one. I was thinking going from 700D (Rebel T5i) to 750D (Rebel T6i). Do you think it is worth it? a look in my portfolio shows what I shoot most - children sports and "studio" (if you call a table, cheapest tripod and DIY lamp a studio) food, with some insect macro here and there If you feel like suggesting some other way to go, please feel free to do so, but my budget is just high enough to cover the difference between used 700 and new 750, please keep that in mind. Thanks for any insights.
  3. So, hello! At first, sorry for my english. I know it's horrible. Now I have Canon 1100D (for 5 years). I'm used to photography dogs, but its not thing that I want do mainly in my life. About lenses, I have 50/1.8 II., 85/1.8 USM and some old ones (28-90 as a kit lens and two manual 135s). I have opportunity to upgrade my gear, but I dont know what to go for. I like 1100D, but its a little slow, not sharp as i want and also iso wasn't that good. I know, that a lot do lenses, and I want something like kit lens that I have with better quality. I'm thinking about getting something like old 5D classic with 17-40 L or 24-70 L, secondhand it was very very cheap and 5D is still 5D, after all. Or some ART sigma, they are so sharp! And, too, here is 70D and some cheaper lens, prime like 24/2.8 or some sigma. I dont like this possibility that much as 5D, but many friends told me that new would be better, in the best 6D - but if I go for 6D, I will stuck only with 50 and 85 and I can't say that I'm happy with them, it was pretty boring for me to take photos with them, but its still good combo for dogs and portrait photography. Now I too started to walking in streets and take photos of it, of monuments, buildings, interesting detailes etc. and I found it very funny, but, 28-90 is pretty un-sharp and 50/1.8 too long So for another animal photos I will still have 85 and 50 combo, and for people portraits, too. But for stock photos I want something more wide for interesting shots and maybe, if I take the old 5D, too some longer lens, prime 200/2.8 or just 70-200/4 L, for photos in ZOOs and ,,wildlife" photos and some money can go too to ligtroom and other software, or lights etc. My question is, if 5D could be good camera in 2016, it is similar to 1100D, but better image quality and full frame (50mm could be finaly 50mm, yey), so I think it can't be bad at all for me. But it will be investment for many years to future, and photography is that I want to do for some money, stock photos and portrait photos of people and animals, maybe some weddings, not sure what I will do in future at all. And with good lenses and software it could be better than just good camera without any other gear. Thanks a lot for any advice, I'm totally lost.
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