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Found 9 results

  1. Hi everyone. I'm new here. I want to add a white background to my previous content. What should I do? Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello friends, I'm trying to maintain my portfolio a bit. Some of my earlier accepted submissions have fewer keywords (they are proper and related with the images but a bit few like 19-25). And with new keywording tools it is a bit easier to manage stuff on Catalog Manager. It is okay to update keywords of earlier submissions and any other of you ever do that? I thought it may be help on optimizing search results and increase sales. I'd love to have your opinions and experiences too! And Happy New Year everyone!
  3. For those who are using one of these cameras and haven't heard already, Panasonic G9, GH5, GH5S get an important filmware update starting tomorrow, 19 November 2019. https://www.newsshooter.com/2019/11/06/panasonic-g9-gets-4k-30p-25p-422-10-bit-internal-recording/#disqus_thread Thank you Panasonic!
  4. Hello All, I am not sure if it is important but you should check your port that Category 1 gone from my earlier images.I am try update titles and tags my time is quite! And i saw many my images not has a category 1 just have Category 2.Does it have an effect on sales and where showing my old images,i do not know.Did anyone notice this? I am sorry if someone write about this subject before that i miss. Thanks.
  5. I cannot upload certain EPS documents. For example, "hoodie mockup Black 1" has a required minimum of 4 megapixels (artboard = 2000px x 2000px), which amounts to a file of over 100 megabytes (118 megabytes, to be exact). I then reduced the size of the file "hoodie mockup Black 1B-01" (even though I knew it would be useless, I did it to make a point) to 3,6 megapixels (artboard = 1300px x 1300px). That ended up a file with less than 100 megabytes total (91,9 megabytes), which allowed me to surpass the first step. But, in the final step, the upload is denied, being less than the required 4 megapixels (please see photos attached). Another situation is that I want to upload a file with specific frame measures (A4, A5, A6, 5x6 in…) in the EPS file, which of course results in a small design within an artboard of 2000px x 2000px (please see photos attached). So, I would like to know how can I send such files? Furthermore, I would like to leave the suggestion that, although this new feature is good, reducing the time for uploading, as you can well verify, it is not totally efficient. I would like to suggest keeping this functionality, but with the possibility of, if a EPS and JPEG with the same name are uploaded simultaneously, the review program would give preference to the JPEG file for “preview”, generating an “alert” for the reviewer, to ensure correct matching previews. What I mean is, hold the current procedure, but insert the possibility of using the “old method” for uploading certain EPS files. Best, Pedro Alexandre Teixeira
  6. Earning update is not working today? I've got notifications on mobile app about 2 new sales today but when I go into date there is nothing... 0 today. It's also showing sales on the map.. Any update from shutterstock?
  7. After SS updated the uploading interphase, I cannot update the keywords and/or descriptions of old still images. In the past, I was able to do this. Right now, I can still do it IF the image is a video clip BUT I cannot do it if the image is a still image ( I guess it is a side effect of the change) I wrote Support and they simply said: After the image is approved you cannot change keywords. Is this new? As I said: I used to do it and I still can in the video section. I am not satisfied with the answer. Is anyone else having this problem? Thanks
  8. Click the Facebook button in submit.shutterstock.com, it shows: Your Facebook connection is active. You can configure updates below. Then I checked this two option: V. Update Facebook automatically when new work is accepted. V. Update Facebook automatically when your work is sold. And then click the "Update Settings" button. The page refreshes, and these two options become unchecked. Why? And in my Facebook account I didn't see there is any auto-update after several days.
  9. It used to be very handy to click the little camera or video icon under someone's name and check out their portfolio to understand what they were posting about. Sometimes it was just interesting, other times it was a useful tool to see what was popular and get some ideas for new content. Now, unless I am missing something, that option has completely vanished. Clicking on the name or avatar of a user just comes up with their forum profile and the 'find content' button when hovering over their name is just for posts. The gallery page on every profile seems to be blank so I guess you have to manually add stuff to that. Seems like a stupid thing to remove with this update.
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