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Found 14 results

  1. Just curious on what people think about this one. I feel it maybe a tad over processed ?

    © Keith Donegan

  2. From the album: Wells-next-the-Sea

    The rising sun illuminates the quayside shop fronts at Wells next the Sea, Norfolk, UK.
  3. Simon Annable

    Pink Dawn

    From the album: Wells-next-the-Sea

    A pink glow at dawn tinges the sky behind small sailing boats at low tide.
  4. Ian Law


    Early morning sunrise in the Peak District, UK
  5. Hi Does anyone know (of course you do!) if (more likely when) the tax form expires? is it each year? is there a date each year? I use the W-8BEN I read this article, but didnt help http://www.shutterstock.com/contributorsupport/articles/kbat02/000006558 For some reason i didn't think it did run out, but on another site i got stung for missing the fact that my tax form had expired. Cheers Simon
  6. I have received an email from a nameless person at Shutterstock and it says that they have removed three of my images because, 'Quality Control: it is against British Law to reproduce any part of the banknote.' ​My understanding of the law in this country [uK] is that you may not photograph a complete banknote, however it is permissible to photograph part of a banknote. As I am not revealing a complete banknote in any of the three images I feel that the deleted images should be re-instated. Any contributors comments would be interesting to hear. Peter t
  7. Photograph or illustration. Rejected when submitted as illustration for being the wrong designation? Detail of a larger image
  8. Hi guys, Just thought i'd quickly introduce myself. My name is Phil Harris, I'm from the UK and I'm a part time drone operator, primarily capturing aerial video for the TV and film industry. I currently trade by the name of Aerial Insight, but that may change soon... I'm also a part time blogger and techie at a local remote control/drone shop called RC Geeks, near Gatwick airport in the UK. I've considered joining a stock footage site for a while now to earn a few pence every now and then for footage i have already shot so this is the beginning of my adventure in that sense. I look forward to sharing my footage and seeing what kind of stuff you guys capture as well. I'm always up for critique and learning All the best, Phil
  9. Hi Apologies if this has already been covered (I have searched but found differing answers) I am from the UK, run a photography business, have sold some images on here. Which tax forms do I need to complete? There seems to be so many, is it just the W8?
  10. A statue by Sir Antony Gormley at Kimmeridge in Dorset that was uprooted by the first autumn storms of 2015.

    © Mark Godden.

  11. From the album: Staithes

    The North Yorkshire village of Staithes, as seen from the beach at low tide.
  12. From the album: Staithes

    The beach at the fishing port of Staithes in North Yorkshire, England

    © 2015 Simon Annable

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