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Found 10 results

  1. Hi! I'm wondering if this style would be suitable for the Shutterstock raster illustration collection? I was going for a darkish, spooky look. I do have the reference photo, these are old graves from the 1800s. Any advise welcome.

    © (c) Doug McLean

  2. From the album: todo laboratry

    © reserved

  3. Dinner for two at upscale restaurant featuring dark woods, contemporary plates and white napkins

    © Scott Baker Photography

  4. From the album: Nature

    © Chernyakov Egor

  5. Two tennis rackets and two tennis balls resting against net of clay tennis court

    © Scott Baker Photography

  6. White contemporary restaurant with zebra plates, white napkins, and chic black & white picture soft focused in background,

    © Scott Baker Photography

  7. Two chaise lounges sitting under palapa on the white sand Caribbean beach with aquamarine water and blue sky

    © Scott Baker Photography

  8. Hello guys, Just wanted to let you know that Mircea Bezergheanu is one of the most well known photographers in Romania. He is known for his landscape and wildlife photography but also for testing Nikon high-end gear. Found his shutterstock portfolio this morning and was surprised to see he's got over 35 thousand photos and no, not all of them are wildlife and landscape . Oh and he is a straight photographer (no photo manipulation etc.), likes to get all the shots in-camera and if needed he uses Nik Tools addon for Photoshop (at least that's what he admitted he uses in one of his articles). I thought I'd share his stock with you as some of you may find his ideas useful - he's got shots from almost all categories in here. http://www.shutterstock.com/gallery-69880p1.html This is him And this is one of his landscape shots from our contry that I really like
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