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Found 4 results

  1. Son haberlere göre Paypal 6 Haziran'da Türkiye'deki hizmetlerini durduruyor. Konu hakkında düşünceleriniz ve fotoğraf satıcıları için alternatif ödeme metodları nelerdir? According to latest news, Paypal will stop its service in Turkey on 6th of June. What are your thoughts and advices for the new payment methods for contributors?
  2. Due to the new regulations, Paypal service will stop in Turkey on 6th of June. There are a lot of Turkish contributor in Shutterstock and they are waiting for Payoneer support to transfer their earnings safely. Payment methods such as Skrill was banned from Turkish banks so photographers will not prefer Skrill.This is very important case because there is no another alternative payment method in site. We need an urgent solution from Shutterstock.
  3. Hello there dear friends, newbie is here. This shot rejected due to "Noise / Artifacts / Film Grain -- Image contains excessive noise, film grain, compression artifacts" reasons. What do you think about the photo as general and what can I do for getting accepted. Thanks for your time.
  4. As you may know, Skrill stopped money transfers to Turkey after PayPal and Turkish contributors need an appropriate payment method URGENTLY. Here's what I have found in Fotolia F.A.Q. as an alternative. What do you think? ------- "My country does not support Paypal or Moneybookers. How will I be paid? If your country does not support Paypal or Moneybooker payments the only other option we offer is to send you a wire transfer. Wire transfers are very expensive and time consuming. As a result we require a member to have over 500 cashable credits before we can issue a wire transfer. In ad
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