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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I'm wondering about file formats having to be either JPEG or EPS. I am able to convert PNGs to EPS, but will the file have the same vector qualities as a work that was actually made in illustrator or similar? And why doesn't shutterstock accept PNGs whose resolution is really high, in addition to vectors/eps? Surely a png file that retains the same quality even if it's enlarged to the full size of a wall is good enough even if it's not vector, or perhaps I am missing something obvious?
  2. Hi there! I am rendering 3D letters and digits like in example below. I would like to use also half-transparent materials like glass or ice. I am using PNG format to store the transparency in background but shutterstock does not accept this one. What should I do? Just forget about transparency and convert to TIFF? Or use EPS, but my renders are rasters so it wont be possible for customer to "Scale to any size without loss of resolution.". By the way, is it better to put all digits/letters in one high res file or upload them separately (I see many people do it with 3D renders).
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