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Found 5 results

  1. Da li neko u Srbiji prebacuje novac sa skrila na pejonir?! Nama ne daje vise tu opciju i ne znamo kako da dodjemo do para!!!
  2. Can a contributor's account be relinquished to a beneficiary before a contributor dies? I think every contributor has to prepare oneself for this unwanted event. What happens to the earnings and future earnings of the contributor if death gets in the way? Does shutter stock has this preparation for his contributor?
  3. The file info (from the related submission file include description and keywords) not transferred anymore to new upload interface. What's the problem?
  4. I have been experiencing very slow upload speeds for as long as I have been contributing. I love Shutterstock, but the slow upload speed is really annoying and time consuming. For example, I get between 200 and 300 kbs on average, wich equals to seriously long upload time for 4K videos on other sites I average between 7-12 Mbit per sec, wich equals to blazing fast uploads. Does anyone have the same issue? and possibly a fix?
  5. Hey there. The site uploader is really messed up big time. I uploaded two images the first one was fine all keywords transferred and everything worked. The second image uploaded with the first at the same time had no keywords transferred with it and then when you hit clear all nothing happens same thing when you paste the keywords into it it will not let you click them so they become part of the image so when you hit submit it shows error and tells you nothing about how to fix it such as there are no keywords even though they are there they are not boxed as they usually are and there is no way for you to box them nor clear them and it just shows 0 keywords and this is a pita trying to get anything done. I am leaving my screen where it is so if need be I can copy and paste any screen shots but I have more to upload and now have no idea what to do until this gets fixed.
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