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Found 8 results

  1. Hello Friends, I have this problem since maybe three months here.I do not know if right thing or not,i do not want a mistake with my poor English.My Titles / Desciptions full copied by others especiall who came new. I will write and ask to SS but i should to know clear before write them. I have not much time for control my works all the time but just i am looking after approved my works SS where lay down them.And i saw other frames near mine,when i go to on picture i saw my titles on them. I had contact with two contributors (they were professional and large portfolio)ones sorried and he said his cousin did it and changed immediately (it was about Noah Puddings) but other one acted like it is mine false 😞 No sorried he acted like he is right.He changed a little bit and continued to use same title.But he said he did not come to my port just using a programme and bring all titles and choose one.he said he did not know English but he had a large portfolyo by many years.Wow ! I will work here until mornings with my poor English and searhing,study,try to learn and spend my time and they will come and copied by seconds my titles .that approved.And i had many problems about titles that many words non in English.Especiall for foods because different cultures.Like baklava-doner-kebab..etc. Now "gullac" there is no any English word,so we are using Ramadan dessert,Gullac Gullac (name is coming from Rose water) and i prepared a serie of images for Ramadan and i shared here.And i gave my time i prepared handmade 40 paper roses.I used them on my images with really expensive shinny tray. Now others came got my titles ! I thought take advantage for my works by detail titles but i am wrong.When i talk with my daughter this she said me "make short the titles" My titles are specific and telling my works not others.Why i will change them? I do not know if someone having this problem but this is really bother me.I do not want share my titles with others.This is professional a job,if they do not know English they should study like me (i will go to univercity next September that i pass the exam)or get hire a translator! There is four or five contributors copied my titles but i will give a link only one. Thank you for your help. Gulsen This is my work and my Title,Description, (this is not fair 😞 ) : https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/ottoman-cuisine-turkish-traditional-dessert-gullac-1337258249?src=mMVS18lMB0L0kwzCNpZ4vA-7-79 and his title,where is paper roses or shiny tray ! :Delicious,milky Ramadan dessert,Gullac in the elegant shiny tray. closeup. Traditional Turkish Ramadan Dessert Gullac,very special designed on the handmade,white color paper roses. And his link : https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/deliciousmilky-ramadan-dessertgullac-elegant-shiny-tray-1394182661
  2. Where have all the titles to images gone? I thought they used to be uploaded in still images but when looking through my and others portfolios I don't see any titles, only descriptions. Did Shutterstock do away with all the titles? I take a lot of time to use up the 200 characters available which is a combination of title and description. But after I upload I only see the characters my descriptions counted. Why is Shutterstock deleting or not uploading the titles I invested so much time in? I use photoshop elements to put my metadata in file Info. Some sites separate out titles from description, others do not. How do I make it so all my titles are used? Am I going to have to just cut and paste my titles in before beginning of description in Shutterstock in order to use all my 200 characters? Or are the titles being used somehow just without anyone seeing them? If I put title in Title field and Title at start of description in meta data Info before uploading to get title in 200 characters allowed, I will most likely be deleting it from a lot of other sites or doing a lot of cutting and pasting. Any thoughts on how to solve this? Or insight into Shutterstocks thoughts on Titles? Thanks
  3. My titles are being lost when I upload, either through the upload page or by FTP. All titles are being replaced by the file names. I'm waiting on a fix for this before I resume uploading. Fortunately, I only have a few hundred to upload, but they stack up fast.
  4. Hello all, Just for the beginners here that regular show up with the question how to make more sales. I know that most of you this is a very logic subject. I learned in the past that titles and keywording are extremely important and if not the MOST important activity while submitting images or videos. I started myself with not paying much attention to this but i learned taking care of your titles and keywords will pay off. Submitting an image with poor data is like submitting no image at all. They will be below the competition. It is better to have medium images with good captions then superb images with bad ones since nobody will find them. Next to that i also see it is better to keyword your images separate rather then in bulk. Your photos will be then better spread. And of course relevancy. It makes no sense to add the keyword "money" to an image of a cow. People that look for a money photo will not buy your cow image anyway. They will be rather frustrated. So whenever you think as a beginner that you dont make "enough" sales check first your data before you conclude something else. I know the above is for most of you the most obvious thing but it seems that it is still a problem for some. Greetz Mirco
  5. Thanks. My adopted family told me I was kicked off and they were right all along. All of mine kicked out for keywords and nothing came back up for days. Maria
  6. Hi, Just Started my relationship with Shutterstock in the last few days and it has been a very rough start... I've also reached out to support, still waiting for answer.... I've uploaded photos and pressed "Save work" (which was kind of tricky as it didn't work and I had to find in one of the forums that repeating words in tags in different pair of words will keep "Save work" disabled, which is so frustrating to start with, where is the validation process and why doesn't it kick in properly?)...Ok so I did "Save work" got to my office a day after, went into the saved work while going over some submitted images for review and all the titles changed to the the same one!! I didn't reorder the list insanely or did some major web work on those images on your website in order to get such a bug, its a major issue and an embarrassing one for such a huge service that suppose to have sophisticated tools (analytics/trending/ecommerce while can't maintaining list of titles in one array for single batch?).. Tags that didn't belong to certain images, got mixed with different images.. So I was going over those photos in the submit section, while reading why some photos were rejected and I was certain that some of the new photos I was submitting didn't have a signature (because the initial ones I tried submitting had the signature), but I see only thumbnails right? right.. How do I enlarge those photos during Submit process if I am on a different computer? Well... Maybe there is a way, I didn't find one, so I can't continue the submit until I go back home to the main computer to check which images had signature (Why can't there be a click on image and enlarge or down image a person submitted in that process?) What about questions and remarks I have regarding photos I've submitted and received information that required clarification as to the description of the failure of acceptance ? Well.. I don't see any way to respond on those photos remarks, its a list of numbers and comments and I went to look for contact us regarding submit issues to contact support, wrote the numbers and the remarks you wrote and the questions I had... Why there is no respond button for such list, in app ? There is a serial batch number, there are photo numbers, all the relationships exist, but the process right now requires the user to go look for support tickets, digging through the website to find the proper channel to ask those questions ? Its beyond me or maybe I dont understand the submit process review and feedback system (one doesn't exist? its a one way?) Maybe its just me that bring a fresh set of eyes to look at the system or maybe I am not use to microstock websites/applications.. I had a different experience in 500PX which seemed smoother but I wanted to expand and try the famous Shutterstock... Maybe I will receive answers and those issues will be in our past once this initial process for the first 10 photos will be over and with it the learning curve and the strengths and weakness of the system.
  7. Hi There Folks! Hope everyone is doing well So, I am wondering about tagging. How do mine look? I saw one of the old timers here say that "you have 200 characters for your title. USE THEM". I think this is my biggest problem. How do I use up all 200 characters for my title/description?? It seems to be an un-achievable task. I try to be descriptive with my titles.. but usually can only come up with 60-70 characters.. Any help on this will be SO welcome! Thanks so much everyone, Rebekah
  8. My submission has been accept, however the comments received on couple of images which can't be use for sale for the following reason: "Special Characters -- Special characters cannot be used in titles/descriptions or editorial captions" The editorial caption that was used for an image was as follows: "LONDON, UK – NOVEMBER 28, 2015: Police officer speaks with an unidentified woman at a protest against UK bombing Syria outside Downing Street in Whitehall." and for the second image was: "LONDON, UK - DECEMBER 2, 2015: Anti-Fracking campaigner, “Gayzer Frackman”, on the 10th day of his hunger strike opposite Downing Street protesting against fracking plans in Blackpool; he wants to discuss its impact on the community, with the Government." I would be grateful if someone could let me know what the reason for not accepting the image for sale? Thank you in advance. Dinendra
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