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Found 35 results

  1. I have submitted an image of a male Red Grouse in purple heather with just the minimum amount of words both in the Title and in the Keywords to avoid it being rejected as follows:- Title - Title must be descriptive and relevant to the subject matter and must be in English. Titles cannot contain special characters, spelling/grammar errors, or repeats words/phrases in excess. I'm pulling my hair out :). I can't see where I've gone wrong. This is my first post. And guess what? It's been rejected twice, but for the life of me I cannot see why :(
  2. Dear Shutterstock contributors, I am kind of new to Shutterstock. I have only 10 successful uploads to it. However, for the first time a photo of mine got rejected 8 times because of the title. I tried many different things, all spelled correctly (im not the best in english but I do my best when I upload, I even check the spelling in google), and nothing worked so far. Can someone give me an advice. I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks in advance. Stamen
  3. Apologies i'm new. My dog's picture rejected for the 2nd time due to title. Does it mean the Description field? This is what I said: "German pointer and Labrador cross" What is wrong with this please? What am i supposed to say? Thank you
  4. Hello Everybody, I hope you are all well? I am new to Shutterstock and I have a question, I wonder if anybody can help me? Okay so here goes... I've recently submitted a whole load of images and because they were all of similar contect I entered the details for 'multiple images, multiple description' etc. The title for these images was very generic. It did not give away to much detail but was enough to indicate the general message of the photography. I was planning on adding more detail via the catalog manager once my images had been approved. The description was on topic, spelt correctly and had no gramattical errors in it, as far as I'm concerned. However, after submitting these images the reviewer decided not to approve my images. So this means I have a whole load of unapproaved images all with the 'title' reasoning. Does anybody have an idea if we can appeal this decision? To save contributors from re-uploading their stock and having to go through the metadata input again? Hope to hear your responses soon. Many Thanks, Jade
  5. Dear guys, Glad to come to this website. I registered this at the end of Dec.2018. Now have 20 downloads, hope and welcome you to give me some advise to sell more, thanks Besides, please help to check if my title description is appropriate. I always input a very long title with many words. Is that correct? I found other contributors have short tile, but some others said it should be as detailed as possible. Can the website search photos through title words? If I put a word in title but not in keywords pool, can this photo still be searched by this word? For keywords, should I put singular or plural´╝č For example, if many apples in photo, should I put both apples and apple in keywords? Thank you and hope we all have a better selling.
  6. I just had an photo rejected for non-English text in the image. The rejection text reads; Translation Required: An English translation is required for any non-English text in the image. Translations must be entered in the title field. I know that there must be a translation for non-English text, but where is the title field. In the submission form on SS there is Description Category 1 Category 2 (optional) Options for notes to reviewer Key Words There is NO title field. So I included the translation in the description. So, why the rejection? Here is my description. Korean text says "Slippery" on glass walkway and observation platform in public park on winter day. Appreciate any help on this. Thanks.
  7. Hi all friends, my name is Umar I want to discuss about writing title disruption. Is there any tool/website which gives me the best title of an Illustration. Please must reply me. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I just got - Title -- Title must be descriptive of the subject matter and must be in English. Titles cannot contain special characters, spelling/grammar errors, or repeat words/phrases in excess. When I try to fix this after uploading it does not let me do any edits to the title. For reference the metadata that I have added is - FILE NAME: DSC02162 Male Loten's Sunbird perched 3.ARW TITLE: Male Loten's Sunbird perched 3 In the old upload, it would take the title automatically, but in the new one, it seems to take on filename instead? and the upload is not letting me fix this on your end.. Can someone help with how to fix this? I do not want to be changing my file name as it helps my library. Regards, Auggie
  9. I don't ask many questions on the forum, but this one has gotten me stumped. I have a high acceptance rate - probably well over 95% at this point - but a large batch of images were all rejected for "Title" issues. I did nothing different with these than I have the others I have submitted over the years - I state a title and then a description in the area for description. All of the photos I have in my portfolio have been submitted like that - over 4500 images. (This is only a hobby for me - I have learned so much about photography by following SS's guidelines.) Am I supposed to now change the actual title of the image when I edit on my computer, before submitting it? I have also noticed the delay in reviewing images, but it's not a huge deal to me. Since they recently made the change to allowing two categories, I have been assuming they are working on the submission page. Is this another new change to it? If so, I will change the way I submit images, but if this was just one reviewer doing things differently than all the others, I don't want to completely change the way I do things. Input appreciated! Ramona
  10. Hello, New contributor here - some of my first submissions were rejected only for the Title, and I wonder if the more experienced would be kind enough to suggest where I went wrong - and thus learn from the process. Here are the images with their titles, below. Thank you for your time and any helpful advice. "Elevated view of Loch Duich toward Invershiel, Scotland" "Overlooking the village of Stein and Loch Bay from the Waternish peninsula during a colorful sunset, Isle of Skye, Scotland "
  11. So I have been trying to upload an illustration of an 'EYE' but it get rejected and the reason for its rejection Is the title, and the title is literally 'the eye'. And I don't know what's the problem with the title.
  12. Hello there! I'm uploading my first contents and, after working on descriptions and keywords, I find myself to submit images with project names (very ugly ?). I thought I could edit the titles in Shutterstock. Am i supposed to edit them after approval or.. am I missing something? Thanks!
  13. Where have all the titles to images gone? I thought they used to be uploaded in still images but when looking through my and others portfolios I don't see any titles, only descriptions. Did Shutterstock do away with all the titles? I take a lot of time to use up the 200 characters available which is a combination of title and description. But after I upload I only see the characters my descriptions counted. Why is Shutterstock deleting or not uploading the titles I invested so much time in? I use photoshop elements to put my metadata in file Info. Some sites separate out titles from description, others do not. How do I make it so all my titles are used? Am I going to have to just cut and paste my titles in before beginning of description in Shutterstock in order to use all my 200 characters? Or are the titles being used somehow just without anyone seeing them? If I put title in Title field and Title at start of description in meta data Info before uploading to get title in 200 characters allowed, I will most likely be deleting it from a lot of other sites or doing a lot of cutting and pasting. Any thoughts on how to solve this? Or insight into Shutterstocks thoughts on Titles? Thanks
  14. I use Lightroom Classic CC to do my keywording and Titles. I upload to the contributor site by FTP sometimes and other time directly through the site. I've noticed that after the upload, when I review my images, the Titles only show the first 64 characters of what I originally wrote. If I look at the properties of the actual files on my computer (metadata), the full title is there. I'm not sure why it's getting cut off? I feel like I'm missing something obvious here, but can someone please help shed some light on this? Thank you in advance - Andrew
  15. Hi folks, I'm relatively new to stock photography, but I've been around long enough to begin to grasp how much I don't know. So far, most of my photos have focused on nature and public parks, but I'd like to venture into the local business side. I've already spoke with the owner of a coffee shop in the area and he is willing to sign a property release so I can perform my first "photo shoot". So, my question to you veterans is can the name of his business be in the photo for commercial use if he's signed a release? Also, can the shop name be in the title and keywords? Obviously, no other trade names or brands will be visible for commercial submissions. Thanks and cheers! Sam
  16. I uploaded the image of traditional Passover plate with some Hebrew words on it (like "Pesah" - Passover). The image was rejected on reason: "Translation Required -- An English translation is required for any non-English text in the image. Translations must be entered in the title field." Sorry, I really don't understand what is wrong with my upload. I saw enough similar images on Shutterstock.
  17. Hallo! I'm trying to upload my very first video and it seems that no metadata survives after the FTP upload. Am I doing something the wrong way? Adobe Bridge was used to keyword, add title, captions and so on to the MOV file. When the file appeared in the "not yet submitted" queue I went to submit it and all of my metadata disappeared so I had to copy/paste them from the files to the indexing section. I also noticed that in the "Approval Status: videos" > approved footage clips, I can find the approved clip, but if I click for details I see "Released: N" but I know that clip was model-released. Is there something I have to know? :-)
  18. Is this still possible? It seems the "Catalog Manager" doesn't allow this.
  19. Hello, I am new here at Shutterstock. Some of my approved images got the same title/caption of another image. I was trying to correct that by going to portfolio-approved photos and EDIT image but nothing happened. I thought I had to wait for some time to see the changes appear but it did not work either. Please help. Thank you.
  20. Hello everyone, I need your help for more clarification about this reason for rejecting 2 of my images: " Title / Keyword Trademark -- Title and/or keywords contain trademark issues (e.g., brand name, company name, etc). I reviewed my keywords & title and really can't find or understand where is the mistake also, when an image is rejected I can't find the keywords just an option to delete it so, where can I find keywords that I already wrote? any possible help? thanks a lot,
  21. Hello All, Can anyone help me why my all model release images are also rejected by the below reason. Unacceptable Editorial Caption : Caption is either missing factual who, what, when and where information, is too vague, contains inaccuracies or is not relevant to the subject matter. Illustrative Editorial Keyword Requirement -- The keywords "illustrative" and "editorial" or the keyword phrase "illustrative editorial" must be used for this image. Regards, Sheetal
  22. This is one of my first attempts at editorial submission, rejected twice for: Unacceptable Editorial Caption -- Caption is either missing factual who, what, when and where information, is too vague, contains inaccuracies or is not relevant to the subject matter. Unfortunately I did not record and keep the titles that I submitted, but the second attempt was something like this: "Fresh bread is displayed in an Italian bakery restaurant along with ads for Itailian ice, sandwiches, and panini". I did read the guidelines, but evidently am not getting the concept. What is missing? Is it supposed to actually say (using fake info here), "Bob's Italian bakery and restaurant on 2345 Main St in Springfield, Illinois" ? Thanks.
  23. Good afternoon shutterstock friends I've been here since 2012 and never have problems that I not get out of. It was a long way with shutterstock and photography thus teaches a lot. Now last week I can not upload anymore there seems to be a problem with keywords or title .i sent 3 emails to see what the problem is but get no response Someone with the same problem here? or what i can do I'm just a photographer
  24. Hi there ... Hopefully , you are all doing well . I am new here and just decided to upload my images here from this month ... my question is imagine if I have 5 images of a small girl who is eating fruits in the same clothes and place but with different competitions ( that gives each image a unique taste ) ... in this case , can I use the same keywords and title for them as there is no new thing to add ? Thank you for your kind help Khamkhor
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