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Found 4 results

  1. Dear Shutterstock contributors, I am kind of new to Shutterstock. I have only 10 successful uploads to it. However, for the first time a photo of mine got rejected 8 times because of the title. I tried many different things, all spelled correctly (im not the best in english but I do my best when I upload, I even check the spelling in google), and nothing worked so far. Can someone give me an advice. I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks in advance. Stamen
  2. Really basic question but uploaded a test image yesterday and got a "Title rejection." I am probably an idiot but how does one edit the title? I can add a Description in the submit window, where I can also add tags and such, but I don't even see a field called "Title." Is this the Image name, perhaps? Is there an icon I'm missing to click and have this appear? The image name, IMG_1468.JPG, isn't descriptive. Do I need to turn THAT into "Dog on the table wolfing down a box of cookies"??! Really baffled. Also surprised that I'd even have to ask this -- seems like the RIGHT way to do this would be to shoot the image back to the "Submit" with a big red "Edit THIS and try again" message. Thank you for any help.
  3. So I have been trying to upload an illustration of an 'EYE' but it get rejected and the reason for its rejection Is the title, and the title is literally 'the eye'. And I don't know what's the problem with the title.
  4. Hi, I am a SS newbie, I have had my first vector submission accepted but my second submission was rejected due to title. It is an illustration of a chicken laying an egg inside a larger egg. The title I submitted was . . ."Chicken or egg, which comes first? Concept vector illustration of causality dilemma picturing a chicken laying an egg inside a larger egg". Would the problem be that I called it a causality dilemma, (being that is an abstract concept) or perhaps the phrase "chicken or egg, which comes first?" - Or would it be better to just call it "Concept vector illustration of a chicken laying an egg inside a larger egg"? Any help appreciated as I learn how to title my illustrations correctly. Thanks, Celia
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