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Found 2 results

  1. Some days ago I have got some simple vector accepted. Everything is okay, except that the thumbnails in the portfolio appear blurred in Chrome (62% or internet users use Chrome - https://goo.gl/eK3svM ). So I have contacted Shutterstock to tell about the problem. I have been very precise, sending the images ID and a screenshot of the portfolio, as I see it. The first answer was that the ID that I sent were not correct. After a verification I can affirm that they were correct. Then in the second time they answered that “If images were blurred they want get approved” (I think they meant “won’t get approved”). Again I sent the screenshot, with this time “Blurred thumbnail” written The answer arrived: “As we have checked your account it says that all images are approved as per ShutterStock terms and conditions if you like we could forward your email for a second approval.” I am speechless…… I have the impression to speak with a wall, a deaf one!! Maybe @Alex Shutterstock can help?
  2. Hello all, After upload 4k videos and being approved, they show up in my active videos, but when i go to my video gallery the 4k videos have no thumbnails. Does anyone have or had the same problem? Thank you in advance.
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