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Found 4 results

  1. Informational text ''FACE SHILED'' from a photo in the attachment, yes or no? Its not a logo in my opinion, will it be accepted or I need to remove it?
  2. I just had an photo rejected for non-English text in the image. The rejection text reads; Translation Required: An English translation is required for any non-English text in the image. Translations must be entered in the title field. I know that there must be a translation for non-English text, but where is the title field. In the submission form on SS there is Description Category 1 Category 2 (optional) Options for notes to reviewer Key Words There is NO title field. So I included the translation in the description. So, why the rejection? Here is my description. Korean text says "Slippery" on glass walkway and observation platform in public park on winter day. Appreciate any help on this. Thanks.
  3. I'll need a clarification on this rejection. I just had a few clips rejected for "Foreign Text -- Clip contains large amounts of foreign text." Now I understand that you don't want descriptions to be in foreign languages. Any advice how I am to find a factual description for an editorial clip when I can't name the subject because it has a German name? One of the clip in question has the description/caption "BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 05: Establishing shot of the Berlin Reichstag. This is the seat of the German parliament." There are only 2 German words in that description and - surprise - they have no English translation. Or more correctly, they are the same in English. Any idea how to deal with this? The other clips affected are not editorial so I can work around this, although it would seriously help sales if I could use the name the building in the clip or the name of the town it's located...
  4. Hi guys, I've taken a trip to one of the local grave yards in London thinking to create a few stock photos (it also looks lovely in the autumn). Sadly the vast majority of grave photos were rejected as they contain text (sensitive information). What's the best way to combat this? The data is public (graves are in a public location) and are hundreds of years old in most cases. I'm attaching an example bellow Cheers Guy
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