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Found 4 results

  1. There are many ways to make your photo unique, and this is a very simple example. These technique is easy but requires a little patience on the field. Who is interested in a detailed explanation: https://www.rasicaphoto.com/-/galleries/blog/blending-images-through-time-turn-the-lights-on
  2. A strange question that I am sure that many have pondered over. Is it better to upload on an 'ad hoc' basis when you have finished processing or do you think that uploading in blocks of images is better? I do not know what impacts your visibility or exposure however, it does seem from peoples experiences that everything has some impact. Does anyone have a particular routine or strategy that they like? Let me know what you think.
  3. Anyone use this technique? If you don't here is a tip I thought was good. http://www.colesclassroom.com/back-button-focus-explained/
  4. I'm noticing, at certain panning speeds, a subtle stuttering to my videos. I'm sure it's a correlation of framerate, shutterspeed and panning speed, but how do you minimize this? I see it most in the middle of this clip, since my pan speed looks more like a bell curve than nice and steady: http://www.shutterstock.com/video/clip-15336229-stock-footage-juvenile-alligator-floating-in-a-gentle-spring-current-on-fripp-island-the-last-of-a-string-of.html?src=rel/15336241:0/3p I'm new to shooting video, and I'm enamored with the whole thing, even if my bug footage never sells. It's the same therapeutic process slowdown that the LuLa guys always talk about. Thanks in advance, Eric K.
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