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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all! I'm one of the new, "old" kids in town. I promise to behave... I shot this along with about 400 others at my sons football game. The computer seemed to have "fixed" the color for me and now it looks worse than it did to begin with. I'm wondering if anyone has any tips and/or critiques they could share. Also, I would Love to highlight that the ref's tattoo says Guardian ANGEL so it's the focal point crazy...stupid idea?? Trash the pic? Let me have it I've got skin like a crocodilehttps://forums.submit.shutterstock.com/gallery/submit/?type=images&edit=0&_step=image_informa
  2. Hi guys I understand that if I shoot a model with a tattoo that I need to get a property release from the tattoo artist too. I've just shot a bodybuilder who has a tattoo sleeve, and I have him posed so the tattooed arm is away from the camera. The tattoo in the background - is a property release essential in this instance? If getting a property release is not viable, I do have a MR so I assume I am ok submitting as editorial?
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