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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there I'm wondering how keywords should be formulated: * lower case or upper case (for names)? * singular or plural (for nouns)? * Which tense (for verbs)? * How are special characters (especially diacritics like ä,á,ø,ß) handled? For example, i get the same (or similar) results for the search terms: * "dog" * "dogs" * "Dog" * "Dogs" Note that the distinction between lower case and upper case may be important for words with different meanings: * "turkey" = the bird * "Turkey" = the country So, image search do
  2. Hi all, I'm a new contributor, an illustrator and designer. I have been searching about this for a while but couldn't find an answer. Q1. Since shutterstock limits keywords to 50, I was wondering if it is necessary to use obvious words like say your image is an illustration, to use "illustration" or "graphic" as a keyword? Seems kind of silly to use "photo" if the image was a photo categorised under "photos" I have looked at other illustrators and they seem to have used really obvious words like "illustration" and "vector", though I imagine if the image was already selected under ill
  3. I want to set image categories from Windows explore. I can set title and keywords, but I could not find property in "properties" of image. Is it possible to set categories of image from windows for shutterstock?
  4. Shutterstock, when we have such feature? It is quite irksome to fill tags in manual method, even when you use scripts and other automation stuff. I believe that this job must be done on Shutterstock side. Especially considering amount of earnings that we receive for providing awesome pix. ps Technology already permits such operations.
  5. I have edited some images in Darktable. Here I added some tags from "tagging menu" and added title and description from "metadata editor" menu, both found in right hand side in lighttable. After adding these metadata, I exported the JPEG files using "export selected" menu. In windows explorer, I can see the changes made in image properties. But when I upload images to Shutterstock, the don't show up and I need to enter all the details again manually. I want all tags, keywords and image description to be loaded automatically once the metadata is saved in the file since I want to upload them to
  6. Hi all. So I'm trying to upload and submit some images that I took in Bolivia, in Eduardo Avaroa National Park. For some reason, Shutterstock's uploader does not allow the keyword "avaroa" to be in the keywords of those images.... and if I search Shutterstock for "eduardo avaroa" I get a bunch of images that have the "avaroa" keyword. This does not makes sense at all... why such restriction? If people want images of that national park, the most obvious conclusion is that they'll search of the NAME of the place! I'm just curious if these sort of situations have happened wit
  7. Hello, We are excited to announce the release of our Advanced Keyword Suggestion Tool now for Android making submitting images from your phone faster than ever. The feature makes use of our advanced computer vision technology to find images that are visually similar to the one you are submitting, and suggest relevant and previously-successful keywords for you to choose from. The keyword suggestion tool is simple to use. After you upload your images, navigate to the Edit screen. When you click in the Keywords section, the suggestions will automatically appear. Review the suggestions
  8. When people search for a tag and it happen to be only found in your title and not in the keywords/ image tags, does your image still show up? Thanks
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