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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Sir : I hope anyone of the support staff is reading this because my problem is going to get me desperate. ☹️ My Shutterstock account has been disabled without any notice. I build a Black and white quotes Portfolio and in my account $40 USD Last two days, I tried to login into my account but got a message, that the combination of username & password doesn't match. So I tried the "forgot password" function and got the message, that my account has been disabled. Then I used the contact form to report the issue, I wrote in English, but I haven't got any response. I hope anyone can help me. Note: (This is my Second account). Only For Shutterstock Contributor Support. Because I can't login to an Previous account. Please tell me how to contact Contributor Support I want to get my account back & I want to get my money $40.If not possible, please, back my all upto 1800 work. My Account Reg on sardaradnan655@gmail.com
  2. I have signed up almost a week ago and have not yet received any feedback for my account nor have I received ANY feedback from the support staff on the emails I have sent them. Does ANYONE have an answer or help/info?? Kind Regards Louis from Elysium Productions
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