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Found 3 results

  1. If anyone doubts the way SS want to go slashing video prices with subscriptions, just try the process as a buyer... You go to a clip, add it to basket. The second you do that, this pops up: A huge popup trying to sell subscriptions, then in tiny writing below "discover our other plan options". Click on that you get ANOTHER screen: Another HUGE advert for subscription videos on the cheap. If that isnt your thing, the old clip packs are below that. Down from there the "Need a single 4k clip?" is mentioned *but its not even a hyperlink to do it*.
  2. Hello to all of you. I am new contributor here, My question is one of my image sold out on under subscription type. whats is subscription and how it is work, is i earn money on every month for that particular image which is sold out under subscription type ?
  3. Hi Folks, I've been on SS for over 1.5 year, just to put all my 'B' pictures on sale as well. I've been happy with the extra sales, selling pictures almost on a daily basis and every month I'd get about 5 or 6 on demands and 1 or 2 enhanced. But since August 19 it's only been the $0.25/pic subscriptions sales. Before August, there was never a month with only subscriptions. The lowest month was 4 demands and 0 enhanced. But now, for 2.5 months, it's suddenly only subscriptions. Does anybody recognise this, have the same experience, know what's going on or....?
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