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Found 3 results

  1. My referral just told me the viwers of SS were looking at the images twice a day ! even on weekend.She is new contributor and she has 410 images.I just wanted you to know.When i upload here they were not look weekend or before couple days as we know in 5 days.Interesting !
  2. Hi! after being a contributor for almost 2 years I wonder how do you submit seamless vector patterns? As for me - I always submit a tile which is arboard size, expanded and cut to a repeatable square + I put it into swatches panel. I am asking how you submit patterns - if I was a buyer I would probably prefer to have a pattern under a clipping mask with non cut elements, so that I can easily can make changes, but these are just guesses. My cut tiles are accepted and bought, but I am curious about other ways.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm currently trying to submit some new footage that I believe is perfect for stock sales. The content has a crisp, clear image, and is in 4K quality. However, when I try to upload the clip, it gets rejected for "Noise / Artifacts / Pixelation -- Clip contains excessive noise, compression artifacts, and pixelation " . But like I said, on my end the video is perfectly clear and crisp. There's no detectable noise, artifacts, or pixelation in the video, which leads me to believe that somehow my videos are getting compressed in a strange way when I upload the file. So what precautions can I take when rendering out the video file, and uploading the content? Currently I'm splicing the clips in premiere pro, and I render the clips in H.264 mp4 (matching the native quality and fps as the original clip), and then I use FileZilla for ftp upload. Is there a better format to be rendering my clips in to avoid strange compression post upload? I seriously have no clue as to why my clips would appear noisy or distorted post upload. Thanks for the help!
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