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Found 44 results

  1. A few weeks back I submitted a set of photos (18 in all). They duly appeared as "pending approval" on the site, but having not seen any confirmation / rejection emails since, I've just checked and they're nowhere to be seen. Where did they go?
  2. Hi, I have submitted AI eps vector file before, and I am wondering are contributor allow to submit PSD file? Does anyone experience uploading psd file before and what is the submission guidelines to submit a PSD file? As I have actually tried to search through the frequently asked question section, but I couldn't find any answer regarding this issue.
  3. Hello, sometimes i upload big batches of images, today i have uploaded 1,300. I submitted them yesterday to Adobe Stock and I have taken 20 minutes, in Shutterstock more than 2 hours. I think the problem is the thumbnail resolution, for example in adobe stock the thumbnail to preview your image is in a very low resolution, its a lighter system and this allows you to upload your photos very fast. I dont know how to resolve this, i have tested some alternative navigators and it continues going very slow, i click the images or attach the releases and it has LAG and its annoying. As Richard Whitcombe says, the sending panel is slow and clumsy, even clicking on the control / switch to use multiple images slows down the more you select, and this is what I mean. Its frustrating for me to select 100 images to send it. Please Shutterstock, try to review the submission panel to improve it because its a funnel effect for people uploading a big amount of images every week. Thank you very much and i wait for your feedback <3. ¿Anyone having this issue?
  4. Hello, I'm new to Shutterstock . I was trying to upload my vector illustration (created with Inkscape) and got an error of the EPS file not being 4mp, I resized the dimensions to 4000×3000 and still got the same issues and the size of the svg and EPS file are too small generated by inkscape . Pls help me out , how can I submit my artwork properly. 😓
  5. สวัสดีค่ะ ขณะนี้ Contributor website รวมถึงแอพ iOS และ Android ได้มีการให้บริการเพิ่มเป็น 21 ภาษา ช่างภาพและผู้ส่งผลงานของ Shutterstock จะสามารถเข้าถึงการใช้งานได้สะดวกมากขึ้นกว่าเดิม ทั้งนี้เพื่อรองรับต่อการขยายตัวของผู้ใช้งานที่เพิ่มขึ้นทั่วโลกของเราอย่างต่อเนื่อง มีภาษาอะไรบ้าง? จีนประยุกต์, จีนดั้งเดิม, เช็ก, เดนมาร์ก, ดัชต์,อังกฤษ, ฟินแลนด์, ฝรั่งเศส, เยอรมัน, ฮังการี, อิตาลี, ญี่ปุ่น, เกาหลี, นอร์เวย์, โปแลนด์,โปรตุเกส (บราซิล), รัสเซีย, สเปน (ละตินอเมริกา), สวีเดน, ไทย และ ตุรกี สำหรับข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับการเปิดตัวที่น่าตื่นเต้นนี้ โปรดดูข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้จากบล็อกโพสต์นี้ ขอแสดงความนับถือ พรรณราย
  6. For some reason several days ago keywords stop automatically being populated from images as it was before and it is significantly increased the amount of time for the whole process. Nothing is wrong with my images: all metadata (titles, descriptions, keywords) was properly assigned to images in Adobe Bridge. I even tested my old (previously successfully submitted images) - their metadata didn't proceed either, so it is obviously some bug on Shutterstock side. No matter if I upload via web or FTP - still no automatic extraction of metadata from images. Has anyone else experienced this?
  7. Hello Everyone, A few months ago, we announced upcoming improvements to the submission page. Today, we are releasing one of these new features called Status Flags, which will be applied to an asset highlighting when it is ready to be submitted. These new flags will appear as you add details to your assets as follows: Blue check mark - your image or clip meets the minimum requirements for submission Yellow exclamation mark - you may have missed a required field (like description or category), or one of your keywords is misspelled Illustration - you have checked the illustration box Editorial - you have checked the editorial box Releases (#) - you attached one or more model or property releases Note - you added a note for the review team Nudity/R-rated - you acknowledged there’s nudity in the asset This new feature will be rolled out gradually in the coming days, so all of you may not see the new experience at the same time. We hope this update will assist you and ultimately save you time when submitting content. As always, we thank you for your continued commitment and feedback as we work on creating a more positive experience. Thanks, Panny
  8. Hello there, I singed up yesterday and wanted to upload my first 10 images for reviewing. 4 images went thru and 6 of them had short description error/. After correction I couldnt upload them. In my profile it says: 4 images will be review within 3 days. Is this standart? Why not 10 photos, thus I have better chance? Also, can I upload the same images to the other stock sites, ones they were excepted on shutterstock? Thank a lot
  9. When you got a big batch of photos you want to upload, let's say that you want to start seeing results right away instead of in a week. Assuming that 80% or higher of, let's say, 150 photos are approved on Shutterstock, would you try to upload all the photos and get them all reviewed in one fell swoop, or do you upload batches of them, one at a time? When I uploaded my first 130 photos here, it took about 5 days to get them all evaluated, in which almost all of them were rejected. That's in comparison to 20 photos, which were reviewed in two full days. See, I don't know how the review system works within Shutterstock as a new contributor, but considering I want to try to get as most of the uploaded photos onto my portfolio as possible, which would be the fastest way? Submit all of my 150 photos in one setting, or upload 20 photos for now, have them reviewed, and after some approvals and rejections, upload the next 20 and so on? In the long run, getting 150 photos submitted and reviewed may be faster, but it's possible more time may be lost because of editing required in order to get rejected ones approved, or some photos simply can't be uploaded because I don't have permission to do so. I can't control how fast the photos are reviewed because it's not my role to review them to see if they can be put on my portfolio and up for sale. But I can control how frequent or big I upload them.
  10. Often new people are asking how do you sell or what do you sell. I have written a couple post on understanding your customer and the market but his is how did I learn as a photographer over the past year. So I have officially been submitting for 16 months and I wanted to put out some thoughts on how I went through the journey to get to a level of consistent sales. First you should know where I started from. In high school I learned photography before there was digital phototography and I think this is an advantage. When a roll of film cost xx, you only had xx on the roll, the roll was a set ISO, you had to wait for film to developed and if you did it yourself (I only did B&W) it was a significant investment in each image in time and $. So you learned to compose the shot because you didnt want to have to do it again. So I have to say I probably started with and advantage. In my early 20s I stopped using my old Ricoh 35mm and went to snap shot film. In my early 30s I started using snapshot digital cameras and by my 40s phone cameras. But basically I stopped doing photography and I never really learned digital photography. Also during that time I was in the military and have since retired. A few years ago I got a Pentax K-r for a project as I was working on in marketing and I started dabbling more and more and filling up hard drives. I never came to stock photography because I heard I could get rich nor was it because I had a portfolio I could sell. Rather I had been buying stock photography for about 10 years in marketing and knew that no mater how many pictures were out there, when you are doing a very specific search you were alway settling...FYI there will always be a need to hire photographers and we still do at work from time to time and even take our own too. So I started stock and what did I learn...I had a lot to learn. Story...the pictures that sell the best either have the ability to tell a story of their own or are used to tell a story. Knowing who I am tells me what to shoot...I am never going to shoot models for magazines. What I understand is my travel every week for work and life in the midwest. So I know those stories well and those are the stories I tell. I am not a chemist so I cant tell a chemical story. A think a good amature in stock should have a portfolio that allows you to know who they are to some degree. Yes some are, or commercial images are in there but they really should know how to show what they are experts in Quality of photography...I learned that quality resides in first taking a good image...technical and composition. A good book I got to help with this is Stunning Digital Photography by Tony and Chelsea Northrop. In college terms its a good 100 to 200 level text book. it has great examples and exercises and covers a range of things. I really started to learn digitize photography which is not photography. Since you arent bound by ISO you can do a lot more. Also I learned about equipment. I carry three cameras most of the time. A Pentax, a snap shot pocket camera (24/7) that shoots 20 Mega pixel and my phone or ipad. You can get images that sell with any of them but nothing will beat the Pentax for quality if you have the time. That said a good snapshot is great for indoors, quick moments etc...also less obtrusive in some areas where people freak out if you point a lense at them. I have also learned to take more images but delete them down to one or two. Quality of post processing...alright 16 months ago I knew the graphics artist at work could take a photo and make it functional (this made photoshop intimidating) and I was relying on jpegs right out of the camera...pray there is no dust. I only process on an iPad Pro so i started with a program called pixelmater not bad and low cost. What it is best at is you can also do illustration in it to fix or remove things. It wasnt until last spring that I jumped to Lightroom...wow much better. For years I thought adobe software was very complex and for full timers... Nope... a few YouTube videos later and I was in the swimming pool with Lightroom and photoshop. You can get very complex but becoming a basic or intermediate use is a mater of days with spare time. Coding the photos—or uploading; I have worked with databasing so I have learned to call it coding them in or assigning their database tags. Key wording can be tedious but if it is a good image with a story I have an idea of what I will be doing with it when I took it so I have learned to build a process and one that works. I have gone back and redone some. Where you sell—Know that different services have different audiences....SS is my primary platform as it has the highest volume of sales and seems to be the one I see in the market place the most. Sometimes I use it as a test bed. That is I may upload 20-30 here but only 3-5 on some others. But if it is selling here I will move it to others as the story is functional. Planned shoots...I always have one or two things on my list that I want to shoot. I live in midwestern United States so the past month has been images of harvesting corn, soybeans, wheat etc...Soon it will be people raking leaves. Did it last year but this year will be new styles etc. Also it makes me prepare equipment properly. Continuous learning...I am always listening to feedback and trying something new in photography or post processing. Even if I dont have a need for it learning it makes me better with my equipment and software Editorial is not a bad place for amateurs...true life is the easiest story to tell. And it is something that is hard for others to copy...literally so you can make a niche with editorial quickly. Wait a year...sound strange but I had a bit of surprise last year when i was chasing holiday stories but couldn’t sell much. What I have learned is that many seasonal things can sell as early as a month in advance...so many of the see better sales the second time around. Enjoy it...Learn to love learning and the community. Have fun in figuring out how to do that and surprise yourself with a bit of “wow did I do that?” There you go take it or leave it. At one point it was will I sell this week. Then will I sell on every day. Then how much will I make this month and how fast will that trend grow. Now I am tracking upward trends in daily sales and now I even have consistent weekend sales...which as an interesting bench mark. Every month I will break a single daily sale record. It is do able but you have to have a system that makes you better.
  11. Just a question. How do I submit my video content to my profile listing?
  12. Hey everyone. I submitted 7 clips in MOV format about three hours ago. They all were transferred successfully using the ftp.shutterstock.com connection, using Filezilla. None of those files are appearing in my contributor dashboard in the "Submit Content" section. Am I doing something wrong or is it the wait time that is very big until the video files show up for tagging and submit? It's the first time I'm trying to upload videos so I'm not sure if I'm doing everything correctly. Do I need to upload the files to a specific folder in the FTP server or is the root folder the right one? I uploaded to the root folder but I noticed that there is a "release" folder there also. Should I upload there instead? Any tips would be very appreciated, thank you! Best regards Rui
  13. Ever since the update, every time I go to submit a photo, it saves and then fails to submit because "Media not found or wrong state." What does this mean?
  14. Gets frustrating. I alone have made SS over a quarter million dollars on their share of sales (their 70%) yet rejections in last couple months are crazy. A couple weeks ago it was great and accurate, 99% approval. Before that 20-30% rejections for a couple months before and now this week back to 20-40% rejections on footage. Almost all are for noise, pixilization problems. All shot with Canon 1DX MK II and some from Canon 5D MK IV. Yet crap from cell phones and old GoPro are accepted by the thousands probably every day. So some hired help in Pakistan or India that reviews footage is a better judge of pixilization and noise than one of the first SS footage contributors shooting and contributing since 2005 with some of the absolute cleanest shooting cameras available. A real crappy new data entry page that has slowed down process by at least 300%. No full original file names viewable on edit screen or on all rejections. Now keywords like "swimming" is automatically deleted as not valid. If a simple wording fix is needed the footage is deleted and requires a full hour long upload when a 10 second edit would comply with editorial byline or whatever was needed. Please think about us as your suppliers of goods, make it easy for us to supply and figure out what you want. Years of good reviews and acceptance and since you started to contract it out it seems that they feel they need to have a large rejection rate to justify their work. Yes, anyone can go back and with pixel peeping can justify any rejection and could also go back and reject 90% of all approved footage on SS, millions of them. I've made tens of thousands of dollars on clips that were rejected here on one other site that accepted them. I'm loyal to SS but need a little loyalty back. I'm not a newby at this. Isn't there a point somewhere that we as submitters can be trusted? Do we have to make SS individually a half million dollars each before we have proven ourselves?
  15. Gotta be honest, I don't really get the submission quality control here. e.g. 1 One image I submitted was cropped so the subject was in the bottom left of the frame; this was accepted. I then cropped the same image so that the subject was on the other side of the frame; this was rejected due to lack of subject sharpness. Question: How can one be acceptably sharp and not the other when it's the same photo?! e.g. 2 I submitted a sequence of flower pictures. It was the same shot each time except I did a number of colour variations. A couple of them were accepted, but the rest weren't as they were deemed too similar to the first. Question: How can it be that a yellow flower is too similar to a blue flower, but a red flower isn't?! Question: Is the QC carried out by robots? I'm not bitter or anything. On the contrary when I first started it was really useful to get technical feedback, and it was good to have something to aim for. Recently it seems the feedback just doesn't make sense. Cheers
  16. My image 1092321152 got rejected with the reason "Too many keywords". Why was it allowed to be submitted in the first place then? Don't you check the keyword count? I didn't get an error that it had too many keywords when submitting it. Now I have to go back and deal with re-uploading it since you don't allow editing of rejected images. This is PITA of a user experience, to be honest. Please investigate
  17. How does anyone literally manage to submit Thousands of images daily? One photoshoot of close to a hundred (just a hundred) nearly took me all day - to shoot the photos (which were still super quick in my opinion) - post process, (very minimal at that), and update metadata and captions. Some of the captions I copied and pasted but added a few extra words for unique groups. So, what am I doing wrong?, because it's obviously something! HELP pLEAsE!
  18. Good day. I've read through the comments on previous messages. It seems like approvals on Editorial work is still a major issue. On average it takes 4-7 days to approve. I'm a Photographer and Journalist Artist but I mostly do illustrative work for editorial, which means I create work for current News (not photos where I don't have release forms). This delay in approvals is really affecting my sales. My work used to sell as the stories are happening on CNN, BBC etc. because my images used to be approved on the same day. With this delay I'm starting to really worry. Once my images are eventually approved, some sell but way way! less. Please Shutterstock, please can someone sort this problem out. It's really is a major concern for me. I do have a suggestion though; Shutterstock has Commercial or Editorial sections. My suggestion is to have a button for (priority review - in the news) or a section entirely for Current News events. Whereby reviewers know that these images need to be reviewed quicker (only 'current' newsworthy images). I just hope Shutterstock realises how much they (and me) are losing simply because reviewers are either flooded with Editorial images or Shutterstock's system of reviewing simply doesn't care for with current events. I love using Shutterstock, I've always had a good experience with reviewers. I would like to keep my positivity up. Come on guys, sort the problem for Editorial approvals. What does everyone think of having a priority review system? Regards, Sergio Lacueva
  19. Hello everyone, I am having some rejection issues getting my vectors up on Shutterstock, I recieve the following rejection reason over and over: "Artboard -- Vector is overlapping artboard bounds or is too small on the artboard, or there is more than one artboard in the file." Admittedly the first submissions were incorrect by having a raster background and having the background overlap the bounds of the sheet. Even though these errors have been corrected I kept getting the same rejection message. After closer inspection I noticed that one of the masks was extending beyond the sheet and fixed that as well. Unfortunately I keep getting the same rejection message. I double and triple checked for overlapping bounds and there are none. I checked all my curves and objects and everything appears to be contained within the sheet. Vector is not too small on the artboard and there is only one artboard. I have attached the ".jpg" file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  20. I am trying to find out more about submitting photos of artwork (paintings, sculptures, installations) taken in art museums. First of all, is it allowed to submit them in the first place? If yes, are they supposed to be submitted as Editorial (with date and location)? Second, is there a difference between classic and modern art? For example, if the artist is still alive, I assume it is not allowed without that artist's permission, since this would clearly be a copyright violation. What happens with the classics - for example, is it allowed to submit a photo of a Van Gogh painting in the National Gallery? Does the frame of that painting fall under any copyright laws? I appreciate any help in finding answers to the above - I wasn't able to find this on my own. Thanks!
  21. I have faced submission failed while try to submiting phots
  22. 1) Model Release (Adult & Minor) Model in same Image. Can any body please tell me that if the adult & minor in same/single image which model release form i want to attach while uploading. 2) Batch Submission. Using the current submission method i can't able to submit my images in single batch (of more than 1). If i use the multi select option also, the images was splitting into single's while viewing in "pending for approval"status column. If any body can experienced this query please let me know...
  23. The new image submission format is challenging for me, especially with multiple images. I want the old method back. It must be me, but it is clumbsy, and the copy does not work, and the suggested keywords really miss the point. Then the misspelling check is worse than ever. Is anyone else having issues?
  24. I just now got the new content editor and I was trying to submit two images. I entered the Description, Category and keywords for each image. No model release, since there is no person in the pic. I am trying to submit the image but consistently getting this error: I have seen many times, there are no errors being highlighted by the content editor in the metadata section. How to I unblock myself?
  25. I am not sure if it has been discussed here before. Feel free to redirect my question to an older thread. This is my first post in this forum. When an image is rejected for whatever reason by Shutterstock, we have to start all over again to submit the image with corrections. If the metadata, title, category or the image itself was not right, there should be an easy way to just fix the error instead of starting from scratch. If keywords were wrong, just let me resubmit the image with a corrected keyword. If title wasn't appropriate, let me just correct the title and resubmit, without having to upload the image again, selecting the 40-50 keywords again. I feel this is the most important feature that should be available in any stock photo website. Have others felt the need? Does shutterstock team have it in their list?
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