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Found 3 results

  1. Italy is rich in monuments, constructions, statutes, squares, artifacts from many centuries ago, think of the Colosseum, the Mole Antoneliana, San Pietro, the Arena di Verona, Selesta, Selinunte, we could continue writing a book. These buildings date back to millennia ago, they are public works, a World Heritage Site ... and there are those who still insist on requesting their release. Doesn't that sound funny to you? obviously the images refer to the exteriors, certainly not to the works of art kept inside. In fact, the latter cannot be photographed.
  2. I've recently been on a trip to Skopje and in center of the city they have hundred statues, fountains, landmarks, memorial buildings, and while for some of them i understand, some are maybe even forbidden to submit so ill avoid submitting those that are direct landmarks to place, some of them are just known places so based on previous experience those are going in editorial. But they also have a lot of statues that are just statues, they are unknown people, there's no history tied up to them, there are also animals like tigers and lions. Some of them are just isolated statues, some of them are grouped statues with multiple people and/or animals, some of them are on the bridge, so i have wide shot of bridge with statues, some are making fountain. Some of them i just shoot partially like only shield of a warrior closeup, or spear, or helmet. So how do you submit these kind of photos, are they editorial or not, or are they even forbidden to submit?
  3. Was wondering if this kind of pictues, due to a RAW processing, and subsequent few adjustments on Photoshop, is related as publishable by the Shutterstock's critic system. Since I had my first 3 rebutted with "excessive noise correction/clarity effect" or "soft focus" issues, I was wondering if maybe the excessive editing (even if it's relatively limited) is compromising what could be, I believe, decent shot. Thank you for spending your time helping, hopefully, a fellow contributor to this community!

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