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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone! Two weeks ago I bought a Sony a5100 with 16-50 lenses (Model SELP1650), but when I started filming I noticed shadows around the image. I researched forums about the problem, and saw that it could be an effect called 'vignette'. I shoot with the setting 1/80 F5.6 and ISO around 400 to 600 (with 3 lamps of 60w in a room of 3 meters by 3 meters) and I was recommended to set the camera to 1/60 F11 and a higher ISO (around 2000) I put this setting, but with the ISO increased, the image is very saturated. Is there any other solution to remove these shadows? The camera is very good, and the focus is fast, but this problem with "shadows" (or "vignettes") is putting an end to my filming. The image below is part of a shot on a white wall Configurations: 1/80 F5.6 and ISO around 400 to 600 (with 3 60w lamps in a 3 meter by 3 meter room)
  2. COMPREHENSIVE TEST OF PORTABLE LARGE SENSOR DEVICES: 1/1.54", 1/1.33", 1/1.2", 1" https://spacedrone808.blogspot.com/2019/12/xiaomi-mi-note-10-8p-pro-vs-huawei-mate.html WHY I DON'T CONSIDER 1/2.55" SENSORS? I'LL SHOW YOU WHY: 1/1.2" NOKIA 808 SENSOR 1/2.55" XIAOMI MI MAX 3 SENSOR
  3. Good morning to all community! I'm Davide I'm new on Shutterstock I have a Sony Alpha 6300 but I have a huge number of Canon lens because my last camera was Canon perhapps. I listen talk so good about Sigma MC-11 adaptation system but I'm interested on Viltrox EF-NEX IV or Viltrox EF-E II. I know the Viltrox are different products but I don't who chose do you have some ideas?
  4. Howdy all, I'm looking into possibly getting a compact for travel purposes. I keep coming back to the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 V. Good for stock? Any issues with it etc?
  5. I am shooting in aperture mode and I notice that my aperture setting changes to some random value as does the ev compensation setting. This only seems to happen when I am walking around with the camera slung over my shoulder. I have sent the camera in to Sony and am waiting for their evaluation. Does anyone else have this problem?
  6. Hi all, I'm back looking for your expert opinions and advice yet again. I've started shooting weddings, and I'm looking to expand into this side of photography much more and so will need to invest in some more gear. I shoot Canon full frame but another wedding photographer friend of mine, who has been shooting canon for the last 12 years, said that she will most likely jump to mirrorless next year and will invest entirely in Sony. I've done some homework. Read a tonne of stuff. Now my head hurts and I'm just going round in circles. If I'm gonna invest in new gear - and I need to - I still can't decide whether to upgrade to the 5Div or whether to go Sony A7r ii? I'd love to hear your advice. best wishes, jennie
  7. Hi, I had the unfortunate incident in the weekend when my D3300 was dropped and no longer works. As unhappy as I was at the time I realized how much I enjoyed shooting with it. Instead of looking to buy the same camera I am seeing this as an opportunity to upgrade.! I had only owned my cameras for a few months so still exploring. I had bought a couple of lenses (35mm Nikon prime, Tamron 70-300mm) so not spent any mass amount on them but my question is this, as I have been looking into upgraded version, either D5500 or D7100/D7200 second hand I am trying to keep the price under £1000 and as I have not spent too much on lenses might also consider moving to Canon or Mirrorless and sell the lenses I have on ebay . At the moment I don't have a particular subject for what I shoot. I am not into Weddings or Portraits, nor did I find myself climbing high mountains to get that great scenic shot (not yet anyway). However, Scenery/Landscapes do attract to me so will probably continue with that. Street photography I would feel awkward taking photos of random people and can be quite frowned upon in the UK. I would like to take the camera with me on city break holidays as I have a few trips lined up for later this year. I keep finding myself watching reviews on the Mirrorless cameras but I think the low battery life would be quite frustrating. Also, the size of holding a bulkier DSLR feels more like you have a decent piece of kit in your hands. Tough choice really so wondered if anyone has any advice ? Is Mirrorless worth the switch for a Amateur photographer ?
  8. I am considering to buy the A7S II for footage shooting but the price looks so high. Anybody is using it and can give some comments? Thanks ka .
  9. Hi I was wondering to get the new Canon 5d IV, it was 4k which I was expecting to and almost seemed perfect until I saw several crops compared to Nikon 810 (amazing 100% crops) and Sony A7R II (Almost so amazing as 810). I saw a significant resolution and definition between canon IV and the both mentioned, very obvious. Actually From 5d II to IV I did not noticed a really noticeable difference that justifies the extra high price of the MK IV. Since I was waiting like crazy for a Canon series with 4k I though the dream was here, but after the first 100% crops, I became in an internal war with myself. i'm talking abut switching my gear and all my existing Canon good lenses all of them MK-II zooms and f 2,8 which focus very well even in darkness, into a new Sony FF system which all of their zooms are f4 and... the worst. On the Dpreview conclusions is clearly listed between the CONS this: Lock-on AF still remains unpredictable and often unreliable Camera focuses stopped down in AF-C, often crippling AF at small apertures or in low light Eye-AF and Lock-on AF not available with 3rd party lenses, nor in video I always focus with the center AF point, then I move my camera to the shooting right frame and shoot. I don't want to change this in my new system. Will it be possible? AF performance is a main feature that I should be sure of. I know... "rent a Sony and test it" that should be the point, I will do it. But first I want to know if there are some people here with a Canon 5d III and contemplating to renew their gear and wanted to hear their feelings, brainstormings, tests, points of view. I have a good advice by a experienced friend here that has PM me suggesting to don't ask to others but test it for myself. I can understand that point, I don't have now an easy place to rent a A7R II in my living place and don't have any friends nearby to borrow me. I will find a solution to rent it and I will do, but in the meantime I'm here a little against my friend's advice.... I'm a bad boy.... not a bad really but a messy one... for sure. P.S another reason to switch is lightweight, for certain travels that I need go lightweight I'm going now with Canon 5D-III with pancake: 1.130 grs. An A7r II with Sony 35mm f2.8 will be 745 grs. That means almost 400 less grs. (exactly 35% less weight a third less for those that think in pounds) That would make me forget about getting a secondary travel friendly APSC camera which I was looking for last month... both in one FF and lightweight
  10. Hi Im new here! Just went from using Canon DSLR to mirrorless Sony A7 II. cant say I enjoy the huge lack of batterylife, but looking forward to getting use to the Sony camera what are your opinion on mirrorless/DSLR?
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